General Hospital: Night Shift Best Lines Tuesday 10/7/08


Favorite Lines Chosen By Gisele

"Truth and Consequences"

Kyle: Oh-ho-ho! All right there, Evel Knievel. Let's get you back in the bed.

Eric: I cannot wait to hear you say that in a non-medical setting.

Robert: I'm sorry for all the time we spent apart.

Anna: Don't go soft on me, Scorpio.

Robert: No, I'm serious.

Anna: Would you have done it any differently, really?

Robert: No.

Anna: Well, then. Dot, dot, dot.

Robert: Your hair...

Anna: What about it? Don't mess it up, ok?

Robert: Reminds me of a--of a-- of a mane.

Anna: What, like a lioness?

Robert: Hmm, more like a horse.

Anna: You know, all I have to do is pull out one of these tubes--

Robert: It's beautiful.

Anna: Thanks.

Robert: I'm...I'm gonna hate myself for this.

Anna: What?

Robert: I always thought... after the final mission, we would have found our way back together again. Some remote place, bucket of Mai Tais. Just... be old and gray together.

Anna: Yeah. I never doubted that for a minute. Not for a minute.

Robert: Who would have thought...

Anna: [Sighs] We'd run out of time? [Sniffs] Ok, so... screw the Mai Tais. We don't have those. But, um, this is our beach chair, ok? And right out there is our ocean. It's so beautiful, huh? And hell, you know, you're already gray, so... we got that part.

Robert: I love you, Anna Devane.

Anna: I love you, Robert Scorpio. I love you so much.

Anna: Honey... you've seen the best and the worst of me, and you've never turned away. If there's one person in the world you don't need to hide from, it's me.

Robert: I can't do this. I... I can't win this one. Every...hero has his moment. And I think my time has run out. [Sobbing]

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