General Hospital: Night Shift Best Lines Tuesday 9/30/08


Favorite Lines Chosen By Gisele


Robin: Ok, so, Dad, I just put some soup in the microwave for you. It's not gourmet, by any means, but it is organic. And the nurse should be here in an hour or so. Oh, and, Dad, I cannot get anymore complaints about you wanting more and more sponge baths. So, I got a new nurse. I'm sure you'll love Richard.

Anna: Robin called me.

Robert: Oh. Aw.

Anna: [Sighs] You know what's so funny? While I've got my dancing shoes all picked out, she's actually worried about you.

Robert: Yeah. She's like that.

Anna: I, however, know better. You have died plenty of times, and we still can't get rid of you.

Robert: That's 'cause I know you would be devastated.

Robert: Oh, you gotta love doctors. Especially the one our daughter's running with.

Anna: He's a good guy.

Robert: She has horrible taste in men.

Anna: Well, she takes after her mother.

Robert: [Laughs]

Anna: Everybody's really scared for you.

Robert: I'll tell you the truth. I'm scared, too.

Robert: Well, the important thing. Will it be... Scorpio or a -- or a Drake?

Anna: Or a Devane?

Robert: Why would it be a Devane?

Anna: Because it has class.

Robert: Ahh. It'll be a classy bastard, then.

Robin: Dad!

Anna: No, no. She might get married.

Robert: Pattycake?

Kyle: Look. I know that, in my head, being gay doesn't make me any different... any less worthy of having a life or--or being in love. But my heart keeps saying that, uh... that I'm just never gonna be enough.

Eric: Enough for what?

Kyle: I don't know. Enough for my parents, maybe? So that they'll accept me or--or not be ashamed. Or maybe for the world? So that people will think that I'm ok, that I'm--I'm just as good as everybody else. I don't know. I guess I just never make it about me, because it's just easier to be about everybody else. God! And it's real professional to cry all over a patient.

Kyle: [Sniffs]

Eric: I like it. It's honest.

Kyle: Well, honestly, I'm a mess.

Eric: Everybody is. Kyle... you are enough.

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