General Hospital: Night Shift Best Lines Tuesday 9/9/08


Favorite Lines Chosen By Gisele

"Pay It Forward"

Robert: No man should have to go through this. You know I crap in a bag. They push and prod me 24 hours a day. I was cut open and gutted, just like a fish.

Toussaint: Yeah. Well, life deals you changes. You just got to find a way to roll with it.

Robert: It's just so humiliating.

Jagger: Actually, we could get organ's watch involved. It might help them ease up on GH a bit.

Patrick: Ok. Does that mean you're going to stop smelling me sooner?

Robin: Really. I think you need to get out of here. I think you need to get away from these machines. You need a home. And you've rescued me plenty of times. And here I am...all grown up. A doctor even. But even with...even with all the research in the world I'm just...I might not be able to cure you, you know. But I can love you.

Robert: Sweetheart, I really appreciate...

Robin: Dad. I need you.

Robert: All right.

Robin: Really?

Robert: It might kill me before the cancer does but I...

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