General Hospital: Night Shift Best Lines Tuesday 9/2/08


Favorite Lines Chosen By Gisele

"Listen to My Heart"

Robert: You are such a vicious little bastard. You know, the -- they want to -- they want to cut open my gut. [Robert sighs] My heart is where I feel. My head, where I think. But my gut... that's my real compass. That's what keeps me alive.

Mac: Hey. Hey. Look at me. Listen to me. Nothing's gonna happen to you. All right? You're my big brother. You're invincible.

Robert: I don't feel that way much at the moment.

Epiphany: I am so not surprised. Mm-hmm. Patient is complaining of pain in the groin and buttocks, with a burning down the leg.

Claire: Sciatica. Could be [Indistinct]. Ok, take off your pants.

Ryan: Me?

Claire: I would never dare ask Nurse Johnson to remove her pants, so, yes, that leaves you. How'd you pull the muscle?

Ryan: Uh, doing the pigeon.

Epiphany: Is that like the Macarena?

Ryan: It's a yoga position. It's been hurting ever since class.

Claire: And how long?

Ryan: What? In inches? Ow!

Claire: How long since you hurt yourself?

Leo: I want to know something. How did you know? About Grace? That this is the one?

Larry: Uh, Grace is the first girl I ever met who didn't want to change me. I mean, she looked at me in all my arrogant, stubborn, sarcastic ways and--and she was like, "Ok. This is who you are." I looked at her and she can be a handful. And I realized I wouldn't change a thing. That's how I knew.

Leo: You're one of the most fascinating women I've ever known. You're brilliant and stubborn and sexy and... every time I come to work, I can't wait to see you. Say something.

Saira: You are so not my type. You're arrogant and obnoxious and sometimes you are just plain mean. When you're good, like today, you just... it gets to me. I--I feel... I feel alive and challenged when I'm around you.

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