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General Hospital Fan Fiction

"Warm Spring Nights"
Part 8 ~ Heartbeat
by Kimberly

Milo stood by the mantle and watched English as she opened the door to Elizabeth's house. Once the door closed, they stared at each other intensely. Milo felt tightness in his loins and knew that the time had come to end this silent war. English stared at Milo and from his determined eyes she knew he wasn't going to back down. As English circled the couch, Milo kept a respectful distance. Slowly he reached behind the small of his back for his gun. As he pulled his gun and aimed it at English's face, he noticed that her gun was already drawn and aimed at his heart.

His eyes let her know that he was ready to die and take her with him. Her smirk let him know that she wouldn't hesitate to pull the trigger. He took two steps toward her, and she mimicked his actions and took two steps toward him. For a moment, their hearts beat in unison.

"What the hell is going on here?" Jason said through clinched teeth as he opened the front door. "Put the guns away. NOW!"

The guns remained in position and neither of them wanted to be the first to relent.

"NOW!!" Jason repeated.

As they heard the children run towards the door, Milo and English quickly put the guns away.

"English, English! Look at my new motorcycle." Cam squealed.

English smiled brightly at the little boy. "How cute," she exclaimed. Turning the bike over in her hand, she read the childish writing on the wheel of the motorcycle. "Cake?" she questioned.

"Yes, for me and Jake," he explained.

"Ok, Cam," Liz said as she entered the house with a sleeping Jake in her arms, "It's time for bed. You can tell English all about it in the morning."

"Awww," Cam pouted.

"Listen to your mother," English whispered to him. "I promise that I'll be here in the morning."

Smiling shyly, Cam let his mother lead him upstairs to the bedroom.

Once they were out of earshot, Jason said tensely "I don't know what is going on here, but it needs to be fixed. I don't plan to lose either of you, so you both need to find a way to work together. Does someone want to explain what is going on?"

The room remained silent and before Jason could continue, he could hear Liz's footsteps on the stairs. "Well, it seems as if Cam wants you to read him a story," Liz said to English.

"Sure." Giving a cold smile to Milo, she walked up the stairs and out of sight.

"Well, Milo, you can leave." Jason stated. "I trust you won't be back." It was a statement laced with danger. Milo nodded in agreement and left quickly.

"Did I miss something?" Liz asked.

"Nothing that can't be fixed," Jason held the door open. "Ready for another night with me?"

"The question is, if you're ready for another night with me." Giving him a bold wink, Liz walked over to his truck.

He could feel his heart beating faster, and he enjoyed it.

Lucky could feel his heart beating heavily in his chest as he watched Liz climb into Jason's truck. He watched Jason exit the house, start the truck and slowly drive away. Lucky counted to twenty before he started his car and followed them. Jason parked in the reserved section of the MetroCourt parking lot. With disgust, Lucky watched Jason walk around to the truck and open Liz's door. When Liz didn't get out of the truck, Lucky thought that she had come to her senses and decided to return home. With the passenger door opened, Jason just stood there frozen. He stood there for what seemed like an eternity. All of a sudden, Jason licked his lips, leapt into the passenger side, and closed the door quickly. The tinted windows didn't allow Lucky to see much, but he could make out Jason's frame as he made his way to the back of the truck. Lucky waited 20 minutes but when they didn't exit the truck, he knew what they were doing.

"Slut!" he murmured to himself. She would regret this, and he knew just how to make her pay for her deceit. He started his car in a huff and drove away.

Jason didn't expect Liz to start undressing in the truck but this was the prime opportunity to let Lucky know that Liz was all his. Yes, he knew Lucky followed him to the MetroCourt, and it give Jason some satisfaction that Lucky knew that Liz was his in every sense of the word. As Liz enticed him with her body, he kept his urges at bay until he heard Lucky start the engine of his car. Rolling Liz onto her back, he took the opportunity to peer out the tinted windows and watched as Lucky drove away. As he watched Lucky's car disappear, Jason entered Liz slowly, and as she arched her body to meet his, he found his release quickly. As his heartbeat slowed, he realizes that danger was a definite aphrodisiac.


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