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General Hospital Fan Fiction

"Warm Spring Nights"
Part 5 ~ Wrong
by Kimberly

"So, what do you think?" Alexis asked Diane.

Diane thought carefully as she walked behind her mahogany desk. She was Alexis' best friend, and she wanted it to stay that way. But she also knew that lying to Alexis would cause more harm than good.

"Alexis, let's think rationally. Mac is the Chief of Police and a great parent."

"Let's not forget that he was involved in many capers with his brother and Luke Spencer."

"Oh God, Alexis," Diane interrupted. "What was that? In the 80's, 90's? Who didn't think they were a superhero back then? The point is, Mac became an exceptional parent once Robin, Maxie and Georgie were around," Diane said quietly. "You are talking about a father who raised three children to become great women. One is a doctor; one is working in the fashion industry, and one died before her time. Besides his niece Robin, none of these women has a biological link to Mac, and still he is a great parent. Do you have anything that would discredit his parenting ability?"

Alexis thought for a minute. Maxie was always in some sort of trouble, surely she could use that in her defense. "What about Maxie? She is no saint."

"True," Diane confirmed, "But she also survived heart transplants with Mac's help. No jury is going to blame Mac for Maxie's wild ways. All she has to do is say that Mac warned her about her errant ways."

"It sounds as if you are telling me that I don't stand a chance," Alexis shouted.

Remaining calm, Diane sat down. "Alexis, did you ever think of another option?"

"What other option?" Alexis countered.

Diane sighed deeply. "Maybe you should marry Mac."

"What?" Alexis shouted.

"Just listen to me. You've tried marrying for love. Where did that get you? Maybe if you married for your children, you might be happier."

"You're wrong," Alexis shouted as she walked out of Diane's office.

"This is wrong," Tracy yelled at the young nursing student. "I asked for Elizabeth Webber's personal information, not her nursing credentials."

"I'm sorry," the young nurse stammered, "I'll get you her personal information right away."

As the nursing student hurried away, Tracy gave a silent applause to her acting ability. Epiphany couldn't be on duty 24 hours a day. She just needed to find a time when Epiphany was off duty. Before the young nurse could come back with Elizabeth's address, Tracy spotted Lucky coming out of Luke's room. In an instant, her plans changed. In actress mode, Tracy walked quickly in Lucky's direction. Intentionally bumping into him, Tracy said innocently, "Lucky? How are you? When did you get back in town?" Without waiting for a response, she continued, "I was just going to see your father."

"He's sleeping. He is so excited that Monica said he could go home next week."

"Yes. I know." Tracy lied. "Listen, can you do me a favor? Can you ask Liz to call me? I need to know if she needs me to help her."

"Help her?" Lucky asked.

Tracy gave a crooked smile. The Spencers were just as dumb as they were impulsive. "Yes." She said innocently. "I need to know what I should do for the wedding. You know how crazy it can be when you have to deal with caterers."

"Caterers?" Lucky's voice started to take a harsh tone.

"You know how crazy wedding planning can be," Tracy goaded.

Lucky shook his head absentmindedly, "Wedding?"

"Oh, come on," Tracy said innocently. "As Jake's father, I'm sure that Liz told you that she was preparing for her wedding to Jason."

Yes! Tracy exclaimed internally. She could see Lucky's face turn red with anger. Trying to remain calm, she added, "It will be so great to have Liz as a niece- in-law. Edward would love to have Cam and Jake as great-grandchildren." If she cared, she would have pressed the emergency medic button that was on the wall. Instead, she watched Lucky internally explode.

There was no need to ask him where he was going, Tracy thought as she watched him rush away. Yes, there was nothing like delegating tasks, she reflected. She didn't have to worry about a prenup. Lucky was sure to ruin any plans that Jason and Liz had.

So happy with her deception, Tracy walked away from the nurses' station before the young nurse returned.

Breaking one of the Quartermaine's cardinal rules, Tracy forgot to tie up loose ends. It would be lesson that she would not soon forget.


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