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General Hospital Fan Fiction

"Tangled Webs"
Part 5 ~ Beautiful
By Kimberly

"I'm hideous!" Maxie screamed.

"Stop it!" Robin snapped back.

"Ughhh! I look like a piece of licorice." Frustrated, Maxie grabbed at the red fabric.

Robin couldn't help but laugh at Maxie's comment.

"It's not funny." Maxie pouted. "You're no help. Why did you come here? You were supposed to help me get ready, and all you can do is laugh at me. I didn't need you here. Georgie and I could have done this all on our own." She glanced at her sister for agreement but instead was greeted but Georgie's confused frown.

Trying to maintain her composure, Robin reassured her cousin. "Maxie, you've tried on ten different outfits. You'll look great in anything you wear. Plus, Johnny will be here in 20 minutes."

"This is why you need to help me," she shouted as she flung the red dress over her head. "Help me look in the closet."

For every outfit that Robin picked out, Maxie was quick to find fault. After 10 minutes of throwing clothes across the room, Maxie felt a small tap on her shoulder. Tears came to Maxie's eyes as Georgie held out a cognac colored strapless A-Line, evening dress in one hand and matching cognac pumps in the other. Trying to keep her tears at bay, Maxie took the dress and shoes from Georgie. The room was silent as she tried on the outfit and when she turned towards the mirror, she found Georgie standing in front of her.

"You're beautiful," Georgie whispered.

Forgetting about everything else, Maxie hugged Georgie tightly and let the tears run down her face. Robin joined in and together they embraced until they heard the doorbell ring.

Although she kept Johnny waiting for 30 minutes, the look in his eyes confirmed that he wasn't disappointed. Not trusting himself to speak, he extended his hand and escorted her to his car. Timidly, she glanced over her shoulder to see Robin and Georgie standing in the doorway, arms linked and smiling. Tonight was already the best night of her life. Anything else was a bonus, she thought.

Just as she suspected, Johnny doesn't disappoint a woman. Taking the scenic route, he drove through the mountains to a small Greek restaurant that was nestled between a babbling brook and a meandering country road. They enjoyed their dinner while gently teasing each other on their lack of knowledge regarding Greek mythology. Careful not to ruin her make-up, Maxie made sure the conversation steered away from Georgie. The last thing she needed was to start crying again.

Sensing that Maxie wanted to keep the conversation light, Johnny followed her lead. In truth, Johnny couldn't even recall the conversation. Maxie had a way of keeping herself entertained; and as she rambled on, he took the opportunity to let his eyes drift from the nape of her neck to the crest of her breast. He watched the way her hand caressed the fork and the way her lips parted to sample the wine. He was relieved when she declined dessert. Settling the bill quickly, he decided to change his plans. Instead of taking her to a Jazz club, he headed towards his penthouse.

Although she remained silent during the ride back to Port Charles, once Johnny opened the door to his penthouse, Maxie hesitated.

"I thought we were going dancing?"

Sensing her withdrawal, Johnny walked into the living room and grabbed the remote. "We are," he said as the room filled with Jazz music. "Come and dance with me," he invited as he shrugged out of his suit jacket. Facing her, he opened his arms. His body was like a magnet, and even if she wanted to, she couldn't fight the attraction. Closing the door behind her, she walked easily into his embrace. 

After the third song, he stopped resisting the urge to feel her skin. He kissed her lightly on her earlobe; and when she didn't resist, he continued to kiss her on her neck and shoulders. He stepped away to look into her eyes.

"You're beautiful," he whispered.

Of all the millions of words that Maxie's heard in her lifetime, she decided that those two words were the best. Emotions of happiness and joy, passion, danger and curiosity ran through her body, each taking a different path. As he kissed her lips, all of the emotions crashed together, sending a wave of tingling sensations across her body.

Maxie wanted to feel everything, the joy and happiness of hearing Georgie's words and the passion and danger of being with Johnny. As Johnny moved her towards the sofa, she didn't struggle. She wanted to be with him, especially tonight.

Out of all the emotions she was feeling, out of all the times she's been with a man, tonight was different.

Tonight she felt loved. She felt beautiful.


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