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General Hospital Fan Fiction

Winter of Resentment
Part 6 ~ Devil's Grin
by Kimberly

Sonny's bedroom door shook as Max slammed his fist against the mahogany frame.

"Boss?" His voice was edgy and laced with panic.

Sonny slid into yesterday's pants and pulled a revolver from his nightstand. He removed the safety and bolted to the door. As he snatched open the door, he was greeted by Max's pale stricken face.

"Something happened at Kate's. The cops have the place surrounded. I tried...."

Sonny didn't wait to hear the rest. Barefoot and shirtless, he bound down the stairs and through the front door. The siren lights cast an eerie glow against the manicured lawn. Kate's entry door was open, and Sonny could see the flurry of activity within. Alexis stood by the banister, her eyes red and swollen. Mac eyed Sonny cautiously. As Sonny quickly approached the entranceway, Mac shouted a warning "Sonny, put down the gun."

He watched Sonny glance down at the gun in confusion. Mac moved swiftly and removed the gun from Sonny's hand. It wasn't difficult; the gun practically fell out of Sonny's palm as he watched the coroner remove Kate's body from the house.

The hospital waiting room was quiet. Mike sat on the couch looking vacantly into a cup of cold coffee. Jax, Alexis, and Diane huddled in a corner. Carly stood alone by the window. She pressed her forehead against the glass. God, she wished Jason was there, she thought. She wasn't good at condolences.

Patrick entered the room and addressed them all at the same time. "He is in shock. We had to give him a sedative. He will be sleeping for a while, but I'm not sure what condition he'll be in when he wakes up. I'm suggesting that someone stay with him."

Mike spoke up quickly "I'll stay." When Carly started to protest, Mike added, "He's my son. I'll stay. You are going to have to go home and explain this to Michael and Morgan."

Mike was right, Carly thought. Carly glanced at Jax as he was walking towards her. He held her hand and looked into her eyes. "We'll do this together."

It wasn't easy traveling through Costa Rica. When the jeep stopped at the airport, Jason hopped out of the SUV without a backwards glance and walked to the ticket counter. He clearly stood out in the crowd; and if anyone thought he was an easy target, one look into his empty blue eyes would change his mind. His contacts in Costa Rica made sure that he passed through security checkpoints quickly and quietly. He arrived at the assigned gate with thirty minutes to spare. He found a vacant corner and with his back against the wall, he took a seat. As he relaxed, his mind instantly thought of Liz. The last time he was with her, they were making plans for their life together. He had Spinelli order the latest security gadgets. Once they were delivered to the coffee house, Max had instructions to install them as soon as possible. They would wait until her house was secure before he moved in. Once people found out that they were living together, he knew that her friends would pressure Liz to change her mind and end their relationship; Sam and Carly would go to great lengths to keep them apart. Jason knew he couldn't let Carly and Sam jeopardize his happiness. He would have to take measures to keep them away from Liz. He closed his eyes and let out a deep sigh. Liz was the best thing that ever happened to him. Whether she knew it or not, that night of passion leading to Jake's conception was his own private fantasy come true. Now that Liz was ready to become a family, he knew that nothing or no one was going to come between them.

He missed her; her smile, her laugh, the way she frowned when she disagreed with him, her single eyebrow raise when she challenged him, her soft kisses, silky skin, her scent of exotic promises, her moans of pleasure and the way she clung to him when they made love.

"Magazine, sir?" A petite blonde rolled a cart of magazines in front of him. "They are complimentary. The flight has been delayed. Please feel free to have a magazine, snacks and drinks at the lounge."

Another delay, Jason thought as he clinched his teeth together. Before he could decline the offer of the magazine, he glanced at the cart and noticed Kate's picture on the cover of the latest issue of Couture. Murder was the caption. He glanced at the teleprompter. The delayed status sparkled like the Devil's grin.

Sam awoke to find Diego grinning at her. "Remember me?" he whispered.

Before she could scream, the smell of chloroform filled her nostrils. Diego stared down at her limp form. This would not be a quick kill. He wanted her to suffer. He had plans for her. Wicked plans.

The Devil's grin paled in comparison to Diego's.


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