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General Hospital Fan Fiction

Winter of Resentment
Part 5 ~ Chill of Death
by Kimberly

Nikolas could feel the seizure shake his body violently across the floor. He could hear Liz's voice in the distance but could not focus on her words.

He could see her. He could see Emily struggling with her killer. Emily struggled to kick her attacker, but the ball gown hampered her efforts. Frantically, she reached behind her to grab at something; anything. With her last breath she reached behind her and pulled off the killer's mask. Nikolas knew that face. As Liz's voice became stronger, he saw something else from that night, another masked man and a syringe.

"Nikolas." Liz's face came into focus "Nikolas, I'm right here, Stay with me."

Nikolas grabbed her hand tightly. He only had strength to say one word, "Diego."

"Are you sure, Elizabeth?" Mac asked gently.

"I'm sure. Diego has to be the text message killer."

"Elizabeth." Lucky moved to stand behind Mac." Diego has been dead for some time now."

"I know what I heard. Two weeks ago, Nik had a seizure and claimed he could see Emily's murder. I think the same thing happened again but this time he saw the killer." Liz could see the doubt in Lucky's eyes. She turned to Mac. "Mac, I wouldn't have come to you if I wasn't sure."

"Well, we can't be sure until Nikolas comes out of surgery." Lucky chimed.

Liz ignored Lucky's words and reached out to touch Mac's arm. Looking directly in his eyes, Liz softly said "Please Mac. If I'm wrong, I'll apologize to everyone, but you have to warn Sam and Maxie. If anything, Diego wants revenge on the people that harmed him in any way."

Mac could see the conviction in her eyes. He wouldn't risk losing another daughter. Mac nodded slowly. "I'll explain the situation to Maxie and Sam," he stated, "but other than that, I want you to keep this to yourself at least until we can talk to Nikolas."

Liz kept silent. Jason was away on business and wouldn't be back for a few days. This was information that couldn't keep until then. She walked briskly out of the police station. As she headed for the coffee shop, she was oblivious to the masked figure lurking behind her.

"Liz?!" Sonny stepped aside to let Liz into the office. "Uhh? Jason won't be back for a few days."

"I know." She removed her gloves "I came to see you."

"Me?" Sonny said cautiously.

"I need to let you know that Diego may be the text message killer."

Sonny waved his hand in a dismissive manner. "Diego's dead."

Liz gave a sigh and spent the next several minutes explaining her theory to Sonny. When she was done, she walked to the door. "Sonny, I just think this is too important to be ignored." She could see the impatience in his face.

He nodded anyway. "I'll have Max look into it."

Sonny waited until he heard her exit the coffee shop. He grabbed his coat and turned off the light. He had a dinner date with Kate. He would talk to Max in the morning.

Kate rolled onto her stomach and let out a small yawn. After a light dinner, she spent most of her night making love to Sonny. He was an attentive lover, always leaving before the morning staff arrives for work. This small gesture let her know that he valued her reputation. As she turned her face into the pillow, she could still smell his cologne. She was just about to drift off into sleep when she felt something strange on the back of her throat. When she moved to look around, the rope found a home at the base of her neck. She tried to yell out, but the rope toughened around her throat forcing the air to explode in her lungs. As she started to struggle, her vision became blurry. Her last thoughts were of Sonny. She wished she had let him stay.

As her body fell limp, Diego tied the rope into a bow. A finishing touch for the fashionista. Shame, he thought, she was a beautiful woman. Too bad she fell in with the wrong crowd, he thought. Diego crept down the backstairs and over the stone wall. Glancing at Sonny's bedroom window, he sent him a text message.

"You should have listened to the pretty nurse."


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