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General Hospital Fan Fiction

"Spring Flowers"
Part 9 ~ Extended Family
by Kimberly

"Mr. Jason Morgan." Alfred announced.

Nikolas folded the newspaper and placed it next to his coffee cup as Jason stood in the doorway. There was no point in asking Jason if he wanted anything, Nikolas knew he would decline anyway. There would be no pleasantries or small talk. Nikolas could tell by Jason's vacant eyes that he didn't want to be there.

"Thanks for coming." Nikolas didn't expect a response so he continued, "I need to ask you for a favor." Nikolas leaned against his desk, picked up a letter opener and started to twirl it in his hand as a distraction. If Jason decided not to help him, he knew it would damage what little sanity he had left. "I've been having strange dreams of Emily." Nikolas watched Jason raise his eyebrows. "Don't worry; the doctors confirm that the tumor is gone, but these dreams are very stressful for me." Nikolas paused, gently tapping the letter opener against his leg.

Jason watched Nikolas openly. Nikolas was not a man prone to fidgeting, so Jason knew that Nikolas was down to his last option. Jason stepped into the room and said softly "What can I do to help?"

Nikolas looked at Jason and was a little shocked at the change in demeanor. Jason's eyes softened with concern and after all of these years, Nikolas saw a glimpse of the brother that Emily loved so dearly.

"I've asked Lainey to hypnotize me to see if these are truly dreams."


"Or maybe memories." As he spoke the words, Nikolas watched Jason's eyes harden, and if he wasn't mistaken, lighten.

"Are you telling me," Jason asked slowly "that you remember more about Emily's death?"

"Maybe. This is why I need your help. Lainey would like someone from my family to attend the session. Both Sam and Lucky are out of town and Alexis is......."Nikolas paused. "Alexis is Alexis," he shrugged. "I was wondering if you wouldn't mind coming to the session."

Jason nodded silently and Nikolas smiled inwardly.

"Great.  I'll ask Lainey to call you with the details. Will it be ok if she called you at the penthouse?"


"Good. Thanks for doing this."

Jason turned and left quickly. If Nikolas had not felt the coolness of the letter opener, he would have thought that he dreamt this too.

"I can't believe that you gave Jason my mother's ring to give to that Webber girl." Tracey's early morning tirade had no effect on Edward.

Edward slathered strawberry jam onto his croissant. Biting into it, he smiled at the sweet sticky taste.

"Are you even listening to me?" She continued, "I am seriously thinking of taking her to court to get it back."

"Who are you taking to court now?" Monica asked as she entered the dining room.

"Elizabeth Webber. Jason had no reason to give her my mother's ring. He denounced this family a long time ago. He has no right to come in here and take anything."

"He didn't take the ring," Edward interjected. "I gave it to him when he asked. He's obviously in love with her. It took a lot for him to come and ask me for anything."

"I think he finally found some happiness," Monica added.

"What is wrong with you people? Can't you see the scam that she's running? She is going to trap him into having a child and then take us for every dime."

"It wouldn't hurt for Jason to have a son," Edward blurted. He looked up sharply to see if Tracey noticed his divulgence. If Tracey noticed, she didn't show it.

Monica noticed Edward's panic and realized that he knew about Jake. Monica smiled brightly at Edward and nodded slightly, signaling Edward that she also knew about Jason's son.  She poured herself a cup of coffee and sat down next to Edward. Slathering strawberry jam onto toast, Monica bit into the sticky treat and reached out to touch Edward's hand. Tears of happiness outlined his eyes, and Monica wanted to scream with joy.

Tracey, still in the height of a tantrum, missed all the subtle signs. Tracey continued to rant about filing police charges on Jason and hiring a lawyer to sue him for the value of the ring. She didn't notice that Edward and Monica took their breakfast into the living room.  Ring or no ring, Jake was the true legacy of the Quartermaine family. Too bad Tracey didn't know it.


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