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General Hospital Fan Fiction

"Shadows of Adela"
Part 8
By Camille

Some time later, as Kate and Sonny lay curled intimately together in his bed, Kate kissing his chest and tracing hearts on him with her fingertips,  she smiled up at her darkly handsome fiancÚ.

"Thank you."

Sonny looked down at her,  clearly puzzled. "For what?"

"For going to see Marisol. I know it wasn't easy for you, especially after hitting her.  But I thank you for making the effort. I think it is the reason that she will stay in town to attend our wedding,  and it means that I still have a chance of getting the two of you to reconcile and behave like the siblings that you are."

Sonny's expression became pained, and darker, but he was not angered by her remarks. He just hated getting her hopes up about something that would probably never happen. He put an arm around her waist, and squeezed lightly. All he said was, "Thank you."

Sonny knew in his heart of hearts that he did it mostly for Kate. But he also did it for himself and his sister, because the truth was, he had been horrified when he had seen Marisol's bruised and battered face. She had looked so very much like Adela,  after having suffered a beating at Deke's hands.  The terrible difference with Marisol  was that her injuries  were from his, Sonny's, hand.  Maybe Marisol was right; maybe he really was no better than her father. He began to wonder about Marisol's life, both when she had lived in the violent world of Deke and Adela Woods, and also when Social Services had placed her in foster care after Deke's death. He made a mental note to have Max head up a thorough investigation.

His thoughts were interrupted when Kate shook his arm. "Hey you!" she said warmly and kissed him. "Earth to Sonny ... I thought this was a no business evening," she added and pouted teasingly.  She yelped in surprise as Sonny flipped her over onto her back in one quick movement and began to make passionate love to her!

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