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General Hospital Fan Fiction

"Autumn in Oyster Bay"
A Love Story
Chapter 3
By Camille

A short while later, a decidedly dressed down Ned and Jax appeared at the edge of the lake, towing a large cooler of icy bottles of imported beer, French and Italian wine, and Perrier sparkling water. There was a rock-lined pit, in which clams and oysters were roasting in half-shells. There were also small whole grilled fish, as well as roasted corn still in the husks.

Izzy waved them over and slipped an arm around the waist of each man, kissing each on the cheek in welcome. “Decided to join the party after all, huh?, she grinned. “Are you hungry? Or maybe you’d like a dip in the lake first, or a tour of my farmhouse?”

“Tour,” said Ned and Jax in unison.

“Good. It’s always nice when everyone is on the same page,” she grinned, leading them towards the house in the distance. “Besides, skinny dipping is MUCH more fun after dark, and after a few drinks,” she added mischievously, winking at her cousin Ned.

Once Izzy unlocked the door and they followed her inside, both men were overwhelmed by what they saw. “It’s my own version of farmhouse retro chic,” she said. “But I wanted to take advantage of all the great views of the lake.”

“You certainly have done that,” Jax complimented her. He was already thinking of what he could bring her as an impromptu housewarming gift.

“Thank you,” she smiled. “I want this to be a haven. A place where I can entertain, when I want, but also where I can create and feel uninhibited as an artist.”

She opened the glass sliding doors, and the threesome stepped out onto a large driftwood deck overhanging the lake. There was a large easel and art supplies scattered everywhere, as well as a partially completed painting with a tarp draped over it. “Sorry about the mess. Just step over it,” Izzy told them, waving a hand carelessly. Jax did, resisting the urge to have a peek at whatever work in progress lurked beneath the tarp.

Izzy leaned forward onto the rails of the deck and smiled, taking in the beauty of the lake at autumn. “So peaceful. Makes you want to stay here forever, doesn’t it?” she said wistfully.

They stayed on the deck for another few minutes, Jax taking in the lake scenery somewhat, but taking in the scenery of Izzy much more.

“Well, I’ll show you the loft next, if you like. That’s where I sleep,” she said, as they climbed the stairs.

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