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General Hospital Fan Fiction

"Autumn in Oyster Bay"
A Love Story
Chapter 2
By Camille

As soon as Izzy disappeared from sight, Jax leaned forward and smiled at Ned.

“So..... tell me about cousin Izzy,” he said drily.

Ned waited until one of the servants had refilled both of their glasses and disappeared into the background before answering his friend’s question.

“Izzy is a distant cousin on my grandmother Lila’s side. Her branch of the Morgans was old money, at one time, but they lost it during the ’29 stock market crash, and never really recovered it fully. Izzy , however, made her own fortune in public relations. She is nothing short of brilliant! I swear, Izzy can put a good spin on ANYTHING. But about a year or so ago, she gave it all up, to pursue her dream of being an artist. She’s pretty damned successful at that, too, because galleries around here are clamoring for her works. She bought an old farmhouse on the lake not far from here, and she’s restoring it. It’s breathtaking now, but Izzy says it’s still a work in progress.”

Jax’s blue eyes flickered as he listened to Izzy’s story.

“You like cousin Izzy?”

“My favorite cousin,” Ned acknowledged to Jax. “I admire her for having the courage to follow her bliss, and to succeed at what makes her happy.”

“An admirable trait,” agreed Jax, as the two men clinked their cocktail glasses together lightly.

“So...... I take it you wouldn’t be averse to going to the clambake?” Ned grinned.

“You are correct, sir,” Jax answered, and also grinned.

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