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General Hospital Fan Fiction

"Shadows of Adela"
Part 3
By Camille

Sonny was silent as Kate rhapsodized about Marisol’s childhood, but his dark eyes flickered dangerously and his fists were jammed into the pockets of his trousers,  as he attempted to control his rising anger and allow her to finish. His silence was a true sign of his love and respect for Kate, for he never allowed comments about his mother, ESPECIALLY ones like he was hearing come out of his fiancée's mouth at the moment. If he didn’t love her, wow, would they be having a huge argument right now!

Kate stopped talking, and was silent for a few moments.

“Are you done?” Sonny asked. “Because I have something special claimed at the No Name for us tonight.”

Kate shook her head disbelievingly. “No. Marisol gave up a writing job that she really wanted to do to come here for our wedding. She did so at my request. She is our guest, and I am not deserting her. I owe her that...... so unless you are willing for her to join us for dinner tonight, I’m afraid I’ll have to pass.”

Sonny scowled, his face darkening with anger. “You can’t seriously be planning to make her a member of our wedding party,” he began.

“She already is. I believe I made it quite understood that I asked her to be my maid of honor,” Kate answered calmly.

“But you neglected to mention that she was my....sister. So I’d say it’s something we still need to discuss.”

“Sonny, I want Marisol to stand up for me.....for us. If you can’t accept her as maid of honor, then maybe I won’t be needing one at all.”

“What’s that supposed to mean?” Sonny hissed through clenched teeth.

“It means that if you can’t be civil to your sister and my best friend, then maybe you aren’t the man I thought you were, and maybe we shouldn’t be getting married after all,” Kate replied, through teeth that were equally as clenched as Sonny’s were.

“This is one time that you are not getting your way, Sonny Corinthos.,“ she began, then she softened, and put a hand on his sleeve. “Sonny, why are you being so difficult and unrelenting, about this? She’s your sister, for God’s sake! And she’s my best friend.... I don’t want to give either of you up just to have the other.  Can’t you PLEASE just do this one thing for me?” she begged.

Sonny sighed, then he traced Kate’s jaw line with a fingertip and kissed her.

Kate smiled, knowing she had won the first round. The first of MANY, she realized, but it WAS a start..... She gave Sonny a big hug and a kiss. 

“My turn for a favor,” Sonny grinned, wrapping his arms around his fiancée tightly, and holding her against him so that she couldn’t wriggle away. “Just the two of us tonight at the No Name. No Marisol, or Ava, or whatever the hell she calls herself. I really do have something special planned for us.”

“Well.... I guess it would be all right. She DID say she was tired from the trip here and wanted to relax and unwind a little tonight,” Kate replied; she was putty in his hands when he looked at her like that...... “I’ll call the hotel and send up a bottle of her favorite wine for her to enjoy.”

Meanwhile, at the Metro Court, Marisol checks into her suite and is pleased to find that her luggage has already arrived, along with a bottle of her favorite Chardonnay and a fruit and cheese tray and some flowers, courtesy of Kate. Marisol kicks off her shoes and enjoys a glass of wine and a bit of cheese before stepping into the shower.

Sonny plied Kate with Mango Bellinis made from her favorite French champagne in the backseat of his limousine on the way to the No Name, his dark eyes indicating his appreciation of the sapphire blue satin number she’d changed into for the occasion.  They shared a lingering kiss before exiting the limo via the door that Max had opened for them.

Meanwhile, Marisol sat at the bar of the No Name, swilling a mojito with its sugar cane garnish, having no way of knowing that she’d chosen a club which just happened to belong to her brother. After her shower, she’d decided to dress and explore a little of Port Charles by night on her own. Dressed in a short, figure-hugging black cocktail dress, a fragrant white gardenia blossom from the bouquet that Kate had sent her tucked behind one ear, she was beautiful and every inch the incarnation of Adela Corinthos Woods.

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