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General Hospital Fan Fiction

"Shadows of Adela"
Part 2
By Camille

Sonny Corinthos was in his home office, pacing impatiently.  Kate was late, and she knew how he hated being kept waiting, especially when he’d planned a surprise for her tonight during their dinner at the No Name Supper Club. Whatever was keeping her, it had damned well better be important! Important as in life-altering, not important as in a deadline for that magazine of hers!

As he swilled his glass of wine in his hands and watched the minutes pass on the clock, the expression on his face grew darker and more intense. Just when he had exhausted what little patience he had left, he was rewarded by sounds of Kate’s arrival. He heard her voice and that of an unfamiliar female, and it dawned on him: Kate’s friend, Marisol, was arriving today in preparation for their wedding! She was going to be Kate’s maid of honor; Kate had insisted, she’d have it no other way. And since he’d wanted to make her happy in any way he could, Sonny had agreed quickly enough..... Kate had said she was a Latina, and a writer..... a dangerous, and temperamental, mix, but he was willing to bet that she’d be a looker.... He sighed, thinking he’d have to take her to the No Name with them, even though this was one night he really didn’t want a third wheel with him and his Kate, even an attractive, intelligent, best friend of Kate third wheel.... He sighed. Maybe this Marisol would be tired from her trip here and want to make an early evening of it, he thought hopefully.

He carefully placed a friendly smile on his face, as he prepared to welcome Kate’s friend; but his smile faded when he saw Marisol enter his office with Kate, and he looked as though he had been slapped. Marisol was a mirror image of his mother Adela when she had been young.

“Sonny, this is Marisol Perrini, “ Kate said softly, as Marisol and Sonny stared at one another awkwardly. 

Sonny struggled to overcome his shock, as he tried to tell himself that he was overreacting, and that she didn’t REALLY look as much like his mother as he thought.

Marisol looked uncomfortable and glanced helplessly at Kate, not knowing what to say. Kate came to her friend’s rescue, saying softly, “Marisol was born Ava Marie Woods, Sonny. She’s Adela and Deke’s daughter. Your half sister. Say hello to her.”

Sonny looked from Kate to Marisol/Ava in stunned silence. At last Marisol spoke quietly, “Kate asked me to come, Sonny. I did it for her, not for any other reason. “ She turned to Kate and added, “You see; I told you this was a bad idea.”

“I should go,” Marisol said to both Sonny and Kate. “It’s been a long day for me, and I want to get settled in at the hotel and have a hot shower and a glass of wine......and you two need to talk.”

Marisol turned on her heel to leave and turned back to look at Kate. “Call me tomorrow and let me know if my services as your maid of honor are still required.  And just so we’re clear, Kate, it IS all right to tell me you’d rather I didn’t stay. I don’t want to ruin your wedding day.” Marisol left quickly, leaving Sonny and Kate staring at one another...

“You KNEW she was Deke’s daughter, and you invited her here for our wedding?!” Sonny asked Kate.

“I KNEW that she is the best friend I have ever had in my life, and that she is your half-sister.  Somehow I thought you might actually be pleased to see her, get to know her, and see the success that she has made of herself. She had it hard, just like you did, Sonny. It wasn’t only Adela that Deke took his rage out on; she was his own daughter, and he abused her. And I know that you loved your mother, but she never lifted a hand to stop him......”

Sonny glared angrily at Kate, his dark flashing eyes warning her to stop. But Kate placed a hand on his arm and forced him to meet her gaze. “No, damn it, Sonny! You ARE going to listen to me! Whether you like it or not..... Don’t you want to know what happened to Marisol after her father was killed?” she asked, and he blinked at her questioningly. “Thought that might get your attention...... After Deke died, Social Services took Marisol away, until a social worker could determine whether Adela would be able to provide a proper home for her.  Adela LET them take her away, did not attempt to get her back, or even see her, or find out how she was..... So before you condemn Marisol for her supposed crime of being Deke Woods' biological daughter, couldn’t you please get to know her? For me?” Kate asked him. “She was just as abused as your mother was, but the difference is that Deke was her father, and she was just a little girl.”

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