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General Hospital Fan Fiction

"Shadows of Adela"
Part 1
By Camille

Kate Howard, soon to be the next Mrs. Sonny Corinthos, was busy badgering her assistant Maxie Jones into meeting a deadline for the next month’s issue of Crimson.  She was so involved with overseeing that particular operation that she did not notice that she had a visitor. Her visitor stood patiently for a few minutes, but when it became apparent that her arrival had gone unnoticed,  she tossed a manila envelope onto Kate’s desk, where it dropped with a resounding thud.  Kate jumped at the sudden, unexpected noise, and turned around angrily, prepared to ream Maxie up one side and down the other for interrupting her,  but when she saw who had arrived, her lips curved into a smile. “Marisol! My God, you really came, after all..... I didn’t think you would,” Kate said to the elegantly dressed woman before her, kissing her on the cheek. “I didn’t think I would, either.  But here I am, “ Marisol replied. “Thank you”, Kate said softly, “It means a lot to me that you came for my wedding, and I know that it will mean a great deal to Sonny as well.” A skeptical look crossed Marisol’s face, and one perfectly arched eyebrow was briefly raised... “If you say so, Kate.... But I am glad it makes YOU happy.  You are the bride, after all....and my best friend in the world, and the reason my writing career got off the ground. “ Kate smiled, and grabbed her red snakeskin clutch.  She took Marisol by the arm, and said,  “Let’s get out of here and have a glass of wine, shall we?  I’m done here for the day.” “I’ve booked a suite at a hotel here called The Metro Court... maybe you could show me where it is?” Marisol asked. “I came here straight from the airport.” “Maxie,  I’m gone for the day. See you tomorrow," Kate said as she and Marisol walked out of her office past her stunned assistant.

Kate and Marisol settled themselves in a secluded cove of a booth in the Metro Court restaurant, and as if by magic, two chilled glasses and a bottle of icy Chardonnay from Marisol’s favorite French vineyard appeared before them. “Does Sonny know that I am coming, Kate?” Marisol asked her friend.  “Because I don’t recommend surprising him with this on your wedding day.” Her dark eyes regarded her friend coolly over her wine glass. Kate sighed.  “He knows that my best friend, who’s a freelance writer, is coming here to be my maid of honor.  I told him you were Marisol Perrini. That is who you are to me now, just as I am Kate Howard and not Connie Falconeri.” “Somehow I doubt that Sonny will see that, Kate.  I think he will see me as Ava Marie Woods. The daughter of his beloved mother and hated and despised stepfather, Deke Woods.  I am begging you, as your friend, tell him before the wedding gets any closer. Then, if need be, you will have time to find another maid of honor. " Marisol replied. She drained her glass of its remaining contents, and refilled it.

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