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General Hospital Fan Descriptions and Photos!

Studio Tour
By Stacey

Hi, I just returned from LA; a couple of friends and I bid on a studio tour with Real (He does a lot of tours to raise money for children's cancer organizations). We were on the set on Friday, so those scenes will air on Oct 18th. 

They tape about 3 weeks in advance....I saw one very cute scene between Sonny & Carly...they had taken Michael to the park....I think it was after him going to pre-school...just a cute moment of Carly taking pics of Sonny & Michael. It was cute, at the end of the scene Maurice asked the little actor if he was having fun yet - as he was looking rather dour...the little boy said no! Too funny...had to be disappointing to hear he was going to the park then see the small GH version with a swing! LOL. His brother was in the green room with us and when he saw Sarah on the monitor called her "mama". His father corrected him that it was "Carly Mama". Steve Burton has finished taping and Sarah is still there so that is great news! As that means Carly didn't leave with Jason. There are some explosive developments in Luke's trial coming up (big scoop though I can't be specific), Liz and Lucky grow closer, they are definitely going towards a love story with Zander & Emily (so glad as I just love them!). 

We saw Jacob & Robyn (Maxie). He was running lines with her as they had some scenes together (very cute). They are going to show Maxie's crush on Lucky coming up. Robyn (Maxie) was laughing as she remembered when Maxie dressed up as a worm several years ago as she had a crush on Lucky and thought he would be impressed with this choice since he was doing the worm farms. I talked to Chad (the new Zander) he is an absolute doll...just adore him! 

Stuart and JJY were hanging out in John's dressing room with the door open...and as they saw us pass they stuck their heads out to saw hello...both great guys. We had lunch in the commissary and saw many PCers walk by: Julie, Nolan, John Lindstrom, Kimberlin, etc. After lunch we were taken up on the set. 

First up was a Lucky and Maxie scene in the boxcar. First let me say how gracious and kind everyone was. One of the electricians (84 years old) kept coming over and teasing us, asking us to fetch something or do something (he was kidding of course). They are all so very professional, yet there is an air of humor and good nature as they all go about their work from the stage manager/director/crew/camera people/props/actors. Its amazing how many people it takes to put this all together. There is someone there putting together their outfits making sure everything is in place before a scene. They talk a Polaroid snapshot of each actor in their outfit for the day. There is a hair person who fluffs the ladies... The director is upstairs in a booth and occasionally you hear him (Scott?) over the loudspeaker...though often he would come down and talk to the actors who were beginning to tape a scene and talk about motivation. The boxcar they said was a particularly difficult place to set up a scene as the opening is so small and to angle in several different cameras, the two boom mics (without creating shadows on the walls)...they have branches with leaves on them hanging in front of lights to create the effect of the leave shadows on the walls. It was very intricate process of getting the camera angles just right, then had the actors block, they had to know exactly where to stand for lighting/camera, then remember all their lines! Its amazing they get done as much as they do and remember it all! I know as I stood there watching I realized just how many people go into making "MY SHOW" and I felt pride that they all work so hard to get everything just right.

We watched Zander & Em do a couple of scenes, the young actor playing Chad came over to us during every break talking to us - he was soooo sweet and very kind! I'm really enjoying this young couple and was glad to see he was still around. We also saw a scene at the Nurse's Station which I've always wanted to see done....there were three extras who pretty much continually walk back and forth to give the impression of a bustling medical time there is a scene there watch and see the same people walking back and forth. This is all highly choreographed. Stuart was in the scene and he too came over and joked with us during breaks. When Amber joined him in a scene they both broke out in one of the songs sung at a Nurse's Ball together. They are true entertainers! All of the camera guys have their names on their had Quartermaine under his name...Stuart came over to him and called him "son" (trust me the guy was NOT related). Stu calls Leslie, "Lester". 

Real came up on stage and invited us to go over to an airplane set to take pictures with him. One of the crew came over and offered to turn on the lights (very nice!). Real put his head on my shoulder and pretended to fall asleep as we each took our pic with him. With the lights on and Real at my side, I could almost imagine being surrounded by cameras! It must take an enormous amount of energy for these actors to be on! From the time they arrive, go to hair/makeup, then wardrobe, and then on the set they are surrounded by people.... all focused on their performance, appearance.....lot of pressure if you aren't feeling well or are having a bad day! 

Real was getting ready to do his scene and when he saw Marisa (Gia) come up on the set he joked that he couldn't work with her on the set. He said it very seriously and pointed over towards our direction as she was standing just behind us. They didn't know he was kidding at first and wanted to know who it was, and looked over at us...I had a feeling that we could have been tossed at any second. Then he clarified that he was teasing Marisa. 

For anyone thinking about bidding on a studio tour, I highly recommend it! This was a great experience and well worth the money spent and it goes to a great cause! Two interns helped us, Erin and Coltin (?) and there were wonderful! Real is so warm and and kind, making sure that the tour is a memorable experience. He entreated the intern to "take good care of us" making clear that this was important to him, and they sure did! (We had already had lunch with him on a separate occasion. We had tried to do the studio tour the day after the GH luncheon - probably the WORST day of the year to go to the studio. I don't recommend doing a tour that day! Since there were so many people on the set that day, after we had lunch with Real/Lisa and Jonathan! we offered to reschedule the tour which worked out great for us). 

I'm really looking forward to the coming weeks as I think there are going to be a lot of good stuff in the next 2 weeks! 

Stacey : )

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Page updated 5/23/12

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