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The General Hospital Fan Events Pages

General Hospital Fan Descriptions and Photos!

These were questions submitted by fans and answered at the 1999 GH Fan Luncheon.
Thanks to Stacey for the list!

Rachel - What is the most significant change that you've experienced over the years at GH? 

The size of the cast. We started out with what 8 people? Maybe 6? And now how many? We didn't have our own dressing rooms. We did our own hair, we didn't have a hairdresser. We were in black and white. 

Real - How are you preparing for the 1999 Ironman? 

I am training hard, a lot of biking, a lot of running, swimming. I swam a mile this morning before I came here and biked 20 miles. After I leave here, I will go bike another 100 miles and go swim another mile. My main inspiration (as most of my fans know ) is my brother who I carry on my wrist 24/7. That is mainly how I get through my training when it starts to hurt and I don't want to do it anymore, I look down at my wrist and think of what he is going through. I've chosen to do the Ironman one day this year and he is doing the Ironman every day of his life. When prompted by Brad Maule on how fans could help - Real responds: You can go to my web page We are raising money, my brother and I decided to bring awareness to cancer for the research (for children). We are raising money with the help of our wonderful cast, people have given me tours and lunches, and phone calls - people who I know don't even usually do things like that. The outreach has been amazing, within two weeks we broke the $10,000 mark. 

Sarah Brown -Who does Carly really love? 

Jokingly she responds: Reginald. I don't know, she might still be carrying a torch for Tony (she says seductively to Brad). He jokes back that if Carly is carrying a torch, that he doesn't know where she will put it! Sarah continues: The only person Carly really loves is herself. Steve Burton cracks: "Thanks, Sarah!" Then she says to Steve, "Well your the obvious choice". Steve responds, "Sorry Billy!". Brad chimes in with "It's my baby!" Steve quips "Because he (baby Michael) looks so much like me". Brad admits "He doesn't look like me:. Steve retorts "He doesn't look like any of us anyway. The kids like Opie." 

Steve Burton - Is it true that you and Maurice Bernard can't get through a scene without laughing? 

The majority of the time, yes. Is that it? 

Lisa C. - Tell us about your screen play? 

Oh no, are there any children in the audience? Who asked that? My screenplay is called "On the Brink of Bliss and Insanity". It's a comedy about sex, drugs, sex/religion, sex/crime, love and happiness. Brad quips: "Or backstage at General Hospital. It's a great little independent, six character piece. I guess its more of a comedy than a romance or so I've been told. I've had some really good meetings and I have every intention of making it. I actually thought it was a big huge deal that I wrote a screenplay. Then after I wrote it, I discovered every actor in Hollywood has also written a screenplay so that has been one of my really interesting discoveries. I need about 1.5 million dollars to make it, so let's rally people! 

Leslie - Does Monica want to remain chief-of-staff of the hospital or does she want Alan to come back to that job? Helena1902 

No, I don't know. Monica wants some sort of a life out there in Port Charles. Stuart Damon: Brad acknowledges - "Congratulations on your Emmy! He was so difficult on the set after that, oh you wouldn't believe (kiddingly). Tell us how you felt when they announced your name at the Emmy's. "Well I always dreamed it would be wonderful but it was beyond all expectations. It was more than I ever dreamed it would be and it still is everyday I look at it." Stuart has to leave, Brad comments, "Nobody appreciates the fans or the Emmy or all that more than Stuart does...except for the other 40 people on the set." 

Mary Beth Evans -When is Katherine going to destroy Stefan? u Kirstie 

Maybe today, give me a minute. No, I think it is a slow process. I have to think of just the right way to do it, a taller building maybe. 

Nancy Lee Grahn - Alexis has a lot of chemistry with Sonny..why won't she represent him and become the mob's mouth piece? Lee Trueblood 

I don't know, Steve and Maurice have so much chemistry I don't think I would measure up. My intention is to work my way through the entire male cast. I love working with Maurice, I don't get to work with him enough. I think it is okay to say we do have some stuff coming up. I do love working with hi. 

Ron Hale: What type of woman is Mike looking for? 

(Someone is heard to say, "Any woman!") Ron jokes, "warm, alive, breathing. I figure after 4 1/2 years maybe Mike is ready. I don't know. When asked who on the cast he would like to be involved with, he smiles and says "All of them!". Leslie calls him over (very seductively)..."Mike". He laughs, "It works for me!". 

Vanita - Brad congratulates her on her new baby boy. Tell us about your baby!. He is a beautiful baby, I love motherhood so much. It broke my heart to leave him today. (one of the cast members prompts her to tell about the baby's hair). I don't have a lack of hair myself, my son has a lot of hair on his head. He is wonderful. I'm looking forward to coming back to work, hopefully I will be able to bring my baby to work. 

Patricia Healey: It looked like Tammy and Mike were going to get together at some point. Can we expect to see anything between them soon? m 

"The counter at Kelly's. I don't know, really don't know. I'm having fun, we'll see. In the meantime, I will keep pouring coffee, listening and giving advice." 

Rebecca Herbst - Tell us who Liberty is? 

Liberty is my middle name, Rebecca Ann Liberty Herbst. My parents call me Liberty. My dad wanted to name me Liberty for my first name but my mom was like, "I don't think so." So my parents call me that. Brad also asks her: Could you tell us what particular little creature that you sometimes pick up off the street and raise. I have squirrels at home, I have two of them. One is 2 years old and one is 2 months old. I know the human society says we are supposed to let them go but I don't. 

John Ingle: How many more children does Edward have? Kirstie 

Help me! I don't know. I have David Lewis' phone number, I'll go get it and we will call him. I don't know. Jimmy Lee, keep 'em coming folks... (Tracy, Alan, Bradley Ward are called out). 

Anne Jeffries: Tell us about one of your favorite movie roles? 

I did so many, I did about 54, mostly B movies. Of course there was Topper, everbody loved Topper. Most people ask me, "What happened to you as Amanda Barrington? I said, well you know sometimes I float in and donate $500,000. I think I went on a world cruise and I think it was the Titanic. Anyway, its nice to see you all here today. I have a special fan here today, Pat where are you? I have some special gifts for your little children so be sure to see me afterwards. 

Stephen Kay - Now that you've written the Mod Squad, what is your next project oh great wonder? 

I am going to direct a movie called, "Get Carter" with Sylvester Stallone. 

Shell Kepler: How are all of your extracurricular activities going. 

Is that a loaded question today or what? It's going lets just put it that way. I'm still designing, I'm negotiating doing my second book for Oxmore House. 

Wally -You deadbeat dad, when was the last time you saw your daughter Brook Lynne? 

I've never heard of her. I swear to you it's always off camera. Every time I leave the gatehouse, I go and call and talk to my little girl, Brook Lynne, you just don't see it. I think it is safe to say that she is coming for a visit. I mentioned that last night at the Q&A and Lois (Rena) who was sitting next to me couldn't believe it. Now how long is she going to stay, I don't know. A week? That is all I get. Anyway she will be back. I think she has aged a few years, she'll be 12, you know how it is in soap opera time. I really miss Brook Lynne. I probably haven't seen her since she was born and even then I only saw pictures. Oh, Wendy just informed me that I do see her. Wendy: The writers do believe you see her regularly. We apologize if we don't show it regularly or even refer to it. But we are aware of it and she is coming for a visit. He is not a deadbeat dad, just very busy.   Wally: Everywhere I go the first thing they say is when are you going to see your daughter? 

Jon Lindstrom - (asked at GH luncheon) Are you still touring with The High Lonesome? 

The High Lonesome is no more. I got tired of hauling my drums around. First of all, thanks to everyone who came to the Port Charles thing Friday night. Sorry I had to leave early but I had someplace to go. I will stay here this time. The High Lonesome accomplished everything it really wanted to accomplish, we cut a record, we were on the radio, toured around, and were heard and liked and loved by a lot of people. We thank you all for your support, rock on - like Wally did! (refering to previous evenings concert). Brad teases: I understand you sold well under a million records. Jon: We were just this shy of platinum. 

Brad Maule: When is Tony going to give up on Bobbie? Kirstie 


Stephen Nichols - Can you tells us about the part you are playing in "The Big Knife"? 

It's a Clifford Odets play, one of his less celebrated plays. It was done in 1949 in New York and the critics panned it. But, I think people missed the point at that time. It was made into a movie with Jack Palance, Rod Steiger and Shelley Winters. The movie wasn't so hot. But it's a wonderful script about a movie star in the late 40's who is in a pickle. His wife wants to leave him, he signs a new contract and the studio has him by the he is backed into a corner. Its a very interesting play with a great group of actors to work with. We are opening mid September at the Egyptian Theatre in Hollywood so I hope you all come out. 

Robyn (Maxie) - What do you like to do when aren't working and have all your homework done? 

I like to do a lot of things in my free time. I've been sailing this summer, in my 8 foot boat, one man, one sail. I've been to a few regattas. Brad teases, "I have a 5 1/2 foot boat. Do you blow yours up?" 

Michael Saudedo - You and Maurice Benard really seemed to click from the beginning. Had you watched GH at all before and seen Sonny onscreen to get a feel for how your character was going to react to him? 

Actually, I had watched GH before. Then when the auditioning process started I started watching GH again. Brad queries "so are you a fan of GH or just started watching once you got the job?" Michael responds " GH is probably the only soap I had watched." Brad asks the audience, "Do you know that this child sings? He is going to be the next big hit?" 

Colton Scott - Are you going to keep your night job now that your GH's newest heartthrob? 

Yes, I am. I made a promise to one of the owners there, (Wesley Snipes is one of the owners) if I did book GH I wasn't going to quit. (audience yells "Where?") I'm a manager of a restaurant called China One on Santa Monica Blvd. So that is what I do every night. off set. 

Tava Smiley - Tell us about your dress for the Nurse's Ball? 

Oh my..did you all see that dress? Bob Miller is amazing and I've been so lucky that he has made me a few dresses that he has created and had the lovely seamstresses sew for me. That dress, I don't know if you could tell but it was all sequined all around the top, then it was short and the back had a little opening. Then the skirt part of the dress was a white skirt. They had to hand glue all the little sequins underneath the gauzy piece that went on top. 

Julian Stone -Tell us about your experience on Lois & Clark when you guest stared. 

It was great, it really was. It isn't every day you get to fight Superman. If any of you saw the episode, I was actually kicking Superman's butt bigtime till Lois stuck her foot in and helped him. I think Patrick Sullivan is actually more of a super hero than superman, but that is my claim to fame anyway. 

Amber - Emily has had a lot of life experiences for a girl so young. What have you learned from Emily and what do you think Emily could learn from you? GHAddict 

Oh, there is a lot. I've learned from Emily not to do drugs. To not mouth off at your parents and have lots of affairs. Other than that I don't really know what I could learn from Emily. I am very studious they say (meaning the cast), I study very hard. Brad also asks her, "What is new on you?" Amber I'm getting grief because I have a henna tattoo on my back. I'm trying to be Vanessa Marcil. No, it's not real. 

Constance - Do you think that Helena has any redeeming qualities? castlebe@stu 

I think she has a lot of redeeming qualities. Brad challenges her to name one! Constance defends, "She loves her grandson, loves him dearly, would do anything in the world for him." Brad zings "like a black widow spider". She continues, "No she really does, she protects him, loves him." When the audience groans, she adds "well I haven't hurt him yet, have I?" Her redeeming qualities are that she dresses well, she certainly knows how to spend money, she has all kinds of qualities. Brad adds, "She got my butt out of jail." Constance says, "And you don't know what she is going to do with your butt yet!" Brad comments, "There are rumors on the set all the time, I recently heard I was going to have an affair with Helena." Constance says, "I can't wait!". Brad continues, "Well when I told her that (Constance) this she said oh that is interesting since I'm going in a coma". He asks, "Was I suppose to put you in it?" 

Lisa V. - Would you like to see Hannah's background filled in and for her to associate with more characters than just Sonny and Tammy? Helena1902 

Yeah, sure. I think it is wonderful so far that she is connected with Mike, Tammy, Jason, and Carly (said with slight sarcasm), and Juan too. I like the interaction that Hannah has with him. So yeah, the more the merrier, its great. (someone asks how much do you love Maurice?) I love him alot. Brad advises: The problem is you start working with Sonny you get blown up. 

Billy Warlock: Why did it take so long for you to have scenes with Michael after you moved into the mansion? 

Have I still had any scenes with Michael? I've never seen my kid, I don't even know what he looks like, he looks like Opie right? (jokingly refering to Steve's earlier description). All I do is walk around saying, "He's mine!" but I don't do anything. (He then acts out Jason running up the stairs in slow motion, and throwing open the door - very funny). Some day I will have a really good scene with Michael, as soon as I know what he looks like I will be there. 

Jackie Zeman:What was favorite storyline, excluding your current one? 

Jackie questions, "How many ex ex's do I have here on this stage alone?" Brad asks, "Who was your fav husband?" Jackie smoothly declares, "Tony" (the audience ahhhs),...then she turns and says "Stefan". Jackie also comments, "A brief affair with Alan Quartermaine that was never actually consummated, but we wound up in a hotel in our underwear that has to count for something. And a dance bud, Ron Hale. I couldn't pick one storyline to tell you the truth because my allegiance and my fun, and my passion are for what is going on at the moment. I think it has to be that way in this business in order to keep in fresh, in order to keep it fun. But we have certainly explored a lot of wonderful things over the years. Most of my involvement has been involved with reality based storylines. So I would have to say the stuff that has to do with family, with BJ. And now of course the present and the future which I hope is a life of passion, and fun, and dating, and that kind of shows that li fe doesn't end when you pass 40. 

Maurice: Sonny's first real love scene with Hannah looked so real (did you guys tape it and go back and watch it)..was it as exciting to make as it was to watch? Lee Trueblood 

Love scenes, any scenes you have to put everything you can into it. It's got to be exciting or its not going to be exciting. Maurice I try to put a lot into it but it is not always like I do with my wife you have to hold back a little bit. 

Wendy Riche - Brad introduces, "One of the most involved producers ever on GH, she is the reason you are all here today having a good time. Seems like to me used to be these fan club luncheons were something sorted showed up for and went away early. I think she's been here we've been more involved, and you guys have been more involved. She has made this show the most winning show in the history of daytime. Question "When General Hospital won the Emmy this year your speech was cut short. Is there something you would like to say to the fans?" 

It was cut short for wonderful reasons because Susan won, she deserved it, she did wonderful work this year. She was truly taken by surprise and we saw one of the most sincere acceptance speeches by one of the most gracious women in daytime. They said to all the executive producers before they announced the best show that we know we have told you that you have 3 minutes. Because of where we are in time you now have 10 seconds. I'm not really convertable speaking in public as I'm sure some of you have probably notice certainly at the Emmy's, I tend to shake and have pages in front of me because I can't remember the names or all the thoughts. Though they are clear when I am writing them, its easy to think of all the people I work with the actors, the producers, and the crew. I wish I had enough time to thank all of them but there is never enough time. What I always want to get to is to thank all of you because when we win, you win. That is our greatest thrill, everybody up here, everybody at the studio really works hard for the pleasure of giving it back to you. The reward is your constancy with the show for which we are very very grateful for that.

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Page updated 5/24/12

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