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The General Hospital Fan Events Pages

General Hospital Fan Descriptions and Photos!

GH and PC Weekend, July 1998

By Stacey

Hi all,   Here is the first update......   My 98 GH Weekend!!!!   First of all, we had an absolute blast! I've been attending for the past three years and this was the best! An on line friend has flown out for the last two years; she came in and we hung out for a couple of days, then went up to LA.   We stopped at the Beverly Hills Television and Radio Museum - it is awesome! There aren't exhibits but for $6 you have two hours to watch any of their classic tapes.  They had some very early GH, AMC, OLTL - I could have spent days in there! We watched the 96 GH event held there--great clips and was fun to see some of my GH favs at an event - set the tone for the weekend to come.   Met up with Joan Thursday night and the three of us poured over pictures, scrapbooks, and yacked!  

Friday am we went down to the soap boutique which is held every year in one of the pool side rooms. Great time to pick up GH merchandise and buy fan pictures.  I got a lot of great ones there! Around 3:00 Nolan (Chris Ramsey, PC) and Marshall (ex-GL) were by the pool. Nolan was wonderful; he was very very funny, very warm and charmed everyone! Marshall had pics that he autographed and handed out. I didn't know who he was but he is gorgeous and also very nice.   Friday night we attended the first every PC event. It was only 200 people and in a smaller, more intimate room than the GH luncheon. The actors were all very warm, Julie, Lisa, and Jay especially so! Lisa is very charismatic and was wonderful.  She found out we are from the same town and chatted for a moment.   Jay was there last.  He was wonderful, very warm and approachable. They seemed very interested in meeting the fans. Ron Hale is always a joy, a very classy guy - signed my Nurse's Ball shirt (while on my back!). Cari was also very kind - and it was very warm in this room.  

Saturday we went to our annual pilgrimage to the Hollywood Book and Poster shop on Hollywood Blvd, few blocks down from Grauman's Chinese Theatre. They have slides of old GH on the set, shots of Robert, Anna, Luke, Sean, etc. They have some OLTL, and AMC, and shots from shows like Full House, Melrose Place, movies, etc.   We attended Vanessa's TVC charity event to raise money for Sojourn (which provides services to battered woman and children). This event was very well done. Over $15,000 was raised for this organization. The food was excellent, pasta cooked for individual orders, and Q&A with Vanessa & Tyler...there was a professional photographer who took 5x7 pictures of the fans with V&T for a $5 donation to Sojourn. Having a professional take the pictures was an especially nice touch - anyone who has attended a fan event knows what it is like to hand your camera to the person behind you and then find your head cut off!   Vanessa was very gracious, very warm towards her fans, and very appreciative. This was the first time I had met her and she was very kind. Originally autographs were not going to be given due to time constraints. A beautiful autographed picture of Vanessa was included in the packets given out which was a nice touch - great idea to have it already autographed. A friend really really wanted to get an S&B jacket signed so she offered a $100 donation! I guess this brought out the "fish bowl" and from then on autographs were provided for a contribution to the fish bowl to benefit Sojourn (I heard that the fish bowl contained $5,000 by the end of the evening!).   The tape package with a set of 20 S&B tapes, 3 Brenda tapes, and with the beautiful 88 page book of S&B's history donated by Tammie Solar (worked on by Beth, Denise and Tammie), brought $600 in the silent auction! A special thanks to Dawn Magula for the beautiful tape labels that she provided. And a special thanks to Beth Guaura who spent hours doing extensive tape descriptions over the past couple of years, scoured mags for pics on S&B, scanned them and sent them to Tammie to choose the best ones to go with each tape description. To Jennifer Chamber and Denise La Rosa my appreciation for their assistance with the tape descriptions.   The tape package with the V&M tapes, GH video music tapes, High Incident, To Love, Honor & Deceive (donated by Ana Melo) and the description book with pictures (again created and donated by Tammie) raised $250 at auction. Again thanks to Dawn for the donation of the labels!   Tammie also printed a cover page for the Cassadine Return tapes. Combined with Sheri Evener's Tyler tapes they raised $50. Tammie also did a description page for the GH Anniversary tape and this anniversary package (with 35th anniversary mag and t-shirt) raised $75 (I think?). So this large group effort raised between $900-$1000! You guys are awesome!

But I digress, I left to travel back to the Sportsman's Lodge for the Wally & Rena event but heard that V&T stayed much longer than the scheduled 5:30-8:30.   I had given Vanessa the V&M #2 tape, Joan had given her S&B 4 & 5 - Vanessa said how much she enjoyed the tapes! I told her how fans from all over the US and Canada had contributed clips to the interview tapes.   I know many many people worked on the event.  I'm not familiar with all of them, Kathy Fisher the president of the TVC (The Vanessa Connection) organized the event and did a great job, everything ran amazingly smooth - this was the first major event done by the TVC. Other people who contributed: Lynn Younger - treasurer, Amy Coles, Laura....I know I'm missing many many names but to all of those TVC committee members, you rock! I had a great time, and even won a Nurse's Ball t-shirt! So fans had a chance to meet Vanessa, take pictures of Vanessa, obtain autographs, and everything was handle in a non-rushed atmosphere. The fans were split up into three different groups for photographs, which kept the lines to a minimum (so not all 200 people were in line at once!). Kathy was considerate to place people who had informed her they would be attending the W&R event in the first photo group. There was great food, a dessert table, coffee, yum! There were tables and tables full of stuff for the silent auctions items - plenty to look at while the photo sessions were going on. The time really flew by! V&T did the raffle themselves. Vanessa was very sweet about giving the winner the choice of items in the raffle basket.   The TVC had collected money from fans to give V&T a beautiful housewarming basket - it was HUGE, chock full of stuff! It has so heavy Tyler couldn't carry it out (or so I heard!).   I heard many glowing reports of this event, and fans seemed very pleased.

There was one fan in particular that came to my attention at Maurice's event. This young woman was in a wheelchair and told Maurice that she had saved for two years to come out to California. That every time she wanted to buy something she would hold off so she could save her money for this trip, and with tears in her eyes she commented on how it was worth every penny to meet him - then he came down and kissed her! And Michael Sutton did the same! Jim Warren (the coordinator of the events) actually took a picture of her with them - I know I had tears in my eyes! She also was able to meet Vanessa, who was wonderful with her as well. It's so nice to see that these actors are so kind and considerate, so willing to go out of their way. There wasn't a dry eye in the room at the MB event when he kissed her!

I hate to know scoops up front, and don't like to know or reveal the ending of a movie, in fact I won't even tell my friends too much detail about a film just whether I recommend it or whether it is good. So, I've made a choice not to reveal too much about scoops that I heard privately - figure they will come out soon enough. There are a couple of minor storyline items below but nothing that I don't think has already been widely reported.

Lets see, I left off after Vanessa's event on Saturday. I forgot to mention that Michael Logan attended the V&T event! His wife is evidently very involved in Sojourn so he was there on her behalf, Michael is also a renowned "Brenda Barrett" fan. At one point when most of the fan attention was on Vanessa I noticed that Michael didn't seem to mind when a fan went up to speak with him. So I introduced myself and told him how much I had enjoyed and missed Pure Soap (the show all about soaps that he used to do on E! with Shelly Taylor Morgan). I asked if I could have my picture taken with him and this was great fun! He was very charming. I told Michael that his on line chats were missed and that I really missed his TV Guide column, that as soon as I got it I opened to his page to see his scoops! (and I don't read scoops!). He assured me he had been on a month vacation but was back (hence his article in this week's TV Guide).  He also said hinted that he had a story coming up on Vanessa/Brenda in an upcoming issue! I asked whether there was any chance Maurice would be able to return to whisk S&B off for a happy ever after. He too lamented that there just wasn't time to write that story as GH had spent the past year sending Brenda into Jax's arms. We concurred that she will die with no body to be found keeping open a future possibility for Vanessa to return. (this also makes sense because if Maurice is available he could return at any time and not be tied to Brenda's storyline.  It would get complex were he to return while she was still committed to 90210).

So it doesn't look like a happy-ever-after for S&B right now.  Maurice said the same thing at his event on Sunday. A personal comment, I realize that Tyler was rather quiet at both the Saturday event and at the luncheon on Sunday. But I do not believe this was disinterest in the events but rather an inherent shyness or perhaps just feeling awkward talking to that many strangers. He has struck me as being on the quiet side and I think just naturally reserved. But he was at no time rude or snobbish or unkind in any way towards fans. He has an adorable shy smile--he really is very cute!

From Vanessa & Tyler's event we were off to see Wally & Rena back at the Sportsman's. This was a great event, and it was wonderful to see Rena again! She reported being in contract negotiations for a role - she said it was not daytime but assured the audience that should she ever choose to daytime again she wouldn't go anywhere outside of GH! They were warm and funny. Rosabel's nanny, Chris, was there and there was a lot of interaction between him and W&R. When someone from the audience asked if they would have more children and they answered that they would like to have another child at some point, Chris responded by asking for a raise! Rena noticed the "Ride of a Lifetime" tickets being sported in the front couple of rows by fans - supplied by the never tiring Amanda & Lauren. She commented how much she appreciated the continuing support and was amazed that fans were still asking about Lois 2 years later! But she did say that she has no plans to return to GH at this time. Wally was asked about his lack of storyline.  He believes one of the reasons that Ned & Alexis haven't caught on more is that there has been a lack of commitment to the storyline by the writer's/producer (I'm paraphrasing here). Seems that all the support for a Ned &Lois reunion may have Wendy doubting whether fans will accept Ned with someone besides Lois. The audience assured Wally that we were ready for Ned to move on (even though Lois will come first in our hearts!). One audience member pointed out that she was having difficulty accepting N&A as Nancy Lee looks older than Wally does. W&R pointed out that they are near the same age (that is NGL and Wally) but that youthful looks runs in Wally's family - evidently his father is 80 but you would never know it. So while he may look younger they are near the same age. Rena took great joy in sharing that Wally is going to be 40 on his birthday this month! (I was also sure to stop by Wendy Riche's table on Sunday and assure her that I was indeed ready for Wally to have a storyline - read romance! Many N&L fans are interested in seeing what chemistry will occur with V. Many of us liked his storyline with Lois due to the quirkiness of this character which lightened Ned - he can get rather stuffy and heavy with all the Q drama.) When asked about his staying on the show given his lack of an interesting, challenging storyline, he reported that someone in the family had to pay the bills! He also assured the audience that most likely he would be staying till sometime till year 2000 (only a year and a half but sounds like quite awhile!). He also reported that when Sarah Brown returns from her maternity leave and that some interesting storyline will occur that Ned and AJ will be involved in (there was a slight scoop revealed which I will keep to myself but as Wendy says keep watching! Sounds like fun!). The audience also lamented that what was missing in Ned's storyline is missing in much of the show, the humor, romance, and fantasy that was there during early N&L, S&B, R&S, and K&L in 94. I've heard audiences make similar comments at other fan events over the last couple of years. They were adorable together, obviously very much in love - it's always a pleasure. K&T played and they sounded great! They played a couple of new songs never before played before an audience. Since they live all over the country it's difficult for them to get together to rehearse.   The band made some comments about Wally's playing that night on a couple of the new songs (the audience sure didn't seem to notice!). They played a couple of my favorite songs from the Nashville CD, and some earlier stuff like "Road Less Traveled" and "End of the Road", and closed with the ever popular "7th Son". But the highlight was when they did the song he used to sing to Adrienne on Days! It is such a beautiful song, I've never heard them play it live before! Wally said one of his fans who goes to every performance she can threatened not to come anymore if he wouldn't do that song! :) So he agreed, great choice! I love that song, just can't recall the name right now.....

Afterwards, W&R and Christian stayed out and signed autographs - Rena was there till after 12:00 and I just got through to her as she was trying to get home. Wally was there till 1:00 am signing! Stayed up talking around the pool and once again Beth got me in trouble for being to loud, we got ejected from the pool area by the management and wound up in the lobby telling stories! More about Sunday's events to be written and posted later.....

GH Weekend Part 3

Just as I was mentioning that we were lamenting the lack of humor on GH - the very next episode I watched had Stefan playing with Lulu in the park, pretending he was eating ants to amuse her (and us)! Very cute......hope the lightness continues....  

One of the best parts of the weekend is the chance to meet with friends. Each year I get to see online friends that I've met previously, meet new online friends, and meet many new people at the events! By the end of the weekend you keep seeing the same people - from table seating, line standing, picture taking etc. It's great to spend several days with other fans who enjoy the show as I much as I do!   Kurth & Taylor were great as always. Wally stayed till 1:00 am signing autographs, taking pictures - Rena stayed quiet late as well around 12:00. Afterwards, we joined Beth & the gang by the pool - where once again we got in trouble for being too loud and got tossed! This is getting to be a yearly tradition, but don't worry, we adjourned to the lobby!   To bed at 2:00, up at 7:00am (no wonder I was wiped out when I got home Monday)!

We went down early to check in for the main event, and I bought my $30 worth of raffle tickets (really wanted that studio tour)! Jim Warren was there with a wide selection of gorgeous 8 x10 color photos of the actors he represents. At check-in there are many tables set up in the courtyard outside of the ballroom. It's a pretty location with trees, flowers, and a little brook trickling in the background. Different fan clubs are set up on different tables with merchandise, pics, t-shirts, etc. Then of course there are the raffle tables with items to be given away. There are two raffles - one for the studio tours this year. FOUR tours were given away. One of the tours was with Rebecca, one with Julian (wouldn't that have been fun!), two for a PC/GH combined set visit - 1/2 day on each set! When we checked in and got our packet we were all very surprised to find a BEAUTIFUL photo of the cast in the costumes for the Bacchanalia Ball, in a nice cover with the GH 35th Anniversary embossed on it - very classy!  

The luncheon began seating around 10:30 -11:30 (?); this seemed earlier than before. Jonathan and Elizabeth were down in the courtyard before the luncheon taking pics and signing autographs. I really really liked the set up for the luncheon this year - every effort was made to allow the maximum time to see the actors. We had lunch first while raffle tickets were called. This was a GREAT idea as gave us something to do while lunching, and it gave us a chance to visit and make new friends amongst our table mates. I won a GH t-shirt (was my year to win shirts)! I WAS ONE # AWAY FROM WINNING THE STUDIO TOUR WITH REBECCA! Can you believe it! I will forever wonder if I had bought another $10 worth of raffle tickets whether I would have won it! So close..... It was announced that the actors would not be having lunch, they were served snacks in a separate area to allow more time with fans. Then the introductions occurred, there was a brief Q&A, and each actor was asked one question previously submitted by fans to the fanclub. The favorite actor and couple categories were not announced at the event. The fanclub decided to present those in the next newsletter to allow more time for actors with fans.  

Stuart Damon ,was asked if his wife had a difficult time watching Alan's drug addiction storyline, he said yes that his family found watching Alan's descent painful and that his wife can't watch it anymore. I didn't tell him but I agree with her! Just too painful to watch my prince slink so low! Though I'm sure he enjoys the storyline. It was kinda funny when Stuart was commenting that his wife couldn't watch anymore that Wendy kicked him from behind! He laughed and then told us of course to keep watching!

From Liz, "Mary Beth was asked what she has been doing with her time away from the show. She said she has been been a mom, as well as spent more time with her friends. At someone else's prompting she added that she had been training for a triathlon that was coming up in two weeks. Stephen was asked what he does to keep in shape, and he mentioned he eats fats, carbs,...a well balanced meal and learns his lines on the "climber", as well as some weight training during the week. He said it was "all a pain" though. He also did this funny dance at one point saying he danced to keep fit...had us all rolling on the floor laughing! Not Stefan-like behavior at all"  

Very quickly we got to the main event. Tables were set up throughout the room with many of the more popular actors put in the main area of the ballroom with the high ceilings (this was very good thinking). Each actor had a single file line. The fans were amazingly well behaved, everyone was so polite, so sure to let you know they weren't trying to cut but just walking through to the next line - very courteous.   First on my list was John J. York - I had missed him last year and he is one of my favorites! He is such a sweet person! Next was Julian, he was incredibly charming - I'm even a bigger fan now! He seemed thrilled with the fan support. Rebecca was incredibly beautiful, and amazingly thin. At one point, Ingo came over and hugged her - cute photo moment which I didn't get. Stephen Nichols was really funny, he was great (he is in superb shape, didn't wear black but a oh so tight t-shirt, he looked great!) I told him I had recently found a tape with a harmonica jam session with his character Steve on Days at the Brady Fish Market - we laughed that its too bad Stefan won't be doing any harmonica playing (Steven is very good!).

Jackie Zeman had the LONGEST line, mostly cause she generously chatted with each fan (I never did make it up to see her - we didn't get in line for her till 3:30 and they had to be out of the ballroom by 4:00). She literally stayed until she was kicked out! Real was very warm and he had a steady line as well; Ron Hale was there also (I was surprised since he was at the PC event!), little Lucas (Justin Cooper) was giving out autographed pics (as did Jackie, and Mary Beth).   A friend told MBE how nice it was of her to come to the event considering Katherine had "died", she was quick to say she wasn't dead! Also from Liz "Wendy said that there was a story coming, that Mary Beth would start taping as Katherine again in August" John Ingle was very sweet but then he always is. Tyler and Jonathan were there - both seem very shy. And Vanessa stayed for hours, her line never seemed to dwindle either. Also forgot to mention, I believe Vanessa said that her last tape date was Aug. 16 but that her scenes would air into September. I really like Lisa, I'm rooting for her to get a storyline! Billy was gracious, and hammed it up with Rebecca for the camera. Have to say that the event was very well run, both the actors and the fans seemed relaxed, and they were all very approachable and friendly! Thanks to the Fan Club for a great event!

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Page updated 5/24/12

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