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The General Hospital Fan Events Pages

General Hospital Fan Descriptions and Photos!

  GH and PC Photos
Fan Club Events 1999

Friday 7/23/99

Port Charles Party and Pool Signing

a choice of pics with Suzanne and without Suzanne :)

Click on the Thumbnail to see the larger pic

Page 1 --Any pictures on this page that are not marked with a * you may use freely!

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These first ones are of Lisa Cerusoli (V.) and her boyfriend John, then the PC Party is after that.

lisacerusoli.jpg (18142 bytes)suz1.jpg (9906 bytes) suz1.jpg (9906 bytes)lisa&john.jpg (23111 bytes)
lisaclaughing.jpg (10788 bytes)

davidgail.jpg (12354 bytes)
me&davidgail.jpg (26340 bytes)

David Gail (Joe)

lisann&jay.jpg (13556 bytes)Lisa Ann Hadley (Julie) and Jay Pickett (Frank) lisann.jpg (22614 bytes)

Lisa Ann Hadley (Julie)
jayp.jpg (57004 bytes)
me&jay.jpg (24191 bytes)

Jay Picket (Frank)

anders.jpg (15782 bytes)me&anders.jpg (30955 bytes) 

Anders Hove (Cesar)  

carlys.jpg (17043 bytes)

Carly Shroeder (Serena)

leebaldwin.jpg (9230 bytes)

Fuzzy pic of Peter Hansen (Lee)
grenville.jpg (5577 bytes)me&grenville.jpg (18375 bytes)

Granville Van Deusen (DV)

kin.jpg (14774 bytes)
me&kin.jpg (34225 bytes)

Kin Shriner (Scott)

kinkimberlin.jpg (12500 bytes)

Kin and Kimberlin Brown
(Scott and Rachel)
nolan.jpg (7748 bytes)Nolan North (Chris) suzan5.jpg (11032 bytes)nolan3.jpg (6324 bytes)


nolan2.jpg (6957 bytes)
me&nolan.jpg (21506 bytes)

marie&who.jpg (14879 bytes)

Amy Weber (Lark) and Marie Wilson (Karen)
suz2.jpg (5939 bytes)kimberlin.jpg (3946 bytes)

Kimberlin Brown (Rachel)

pcpartydark.jpg (14771 bytes)

Crowd shot, pretty dark

sarahaldrich.jpg (15316 bytes)

Sarah Aldrich (Courtney)
susanbrown.jpg (7981 bytes)susannme.jpg (21258 bytes)

Susan Brown (Gail)

julie.jpg (14453 bytes)Julie Pinson (Eve)
me&nicholas.jpg (21549 bytes)nicholas.jpg (8341 bytes)

Nicholas Pryor (Victor)

nicholas2.jpg (4147 bytes)  

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Page updated 5/24/12

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