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The General Hospital Fan Events Pages

General Hospital Fan Descriptions and Photos!

Suzanne's GH Fan Weekend Account

Day 3, Sunday, July 25, 1999

This has been a great weekend and a fantastic day!!! I went to bed a little late last it was rough getting up before 9. There were people buying stuff from the GH fan club at 8:30 when they opened, but I just didn't care. I was afraid I would have to stand in a long line to get in the area (it was outside of where the luncheon was being held), but it was no problem at all getting in. I didn't have a lot of cash, again, and most didn't take credit cards. But it's just as well, I would have probably spent too much. I bought more raffle tickets and a couple of other things (A Vanessa Marcil pen, & an "I <heart> Jerry" button). They were raffling off some really nice things, too....of course I didn't win! I chatted with my friends and some other people I had met there, then we went in to the room with the luncheon. I also heard the president of Lisa Cerusoli's fan club say that the actor who was with Lisa on Friday was her new boyfriend (he's in a sitcom with Rena Sofer, and V. is in the pilot). They also speculated that the show might kill off Lois, but it's pure speculation. They had been to the Wally and Rena concert the previous night, where he said Brook Lyn would be coming for a visit, so that set people's thoughts on wondering if Lois might die so Brook Lyn can come back to Ned. But it's NOT A REAL RUMOR SO DON'T PASS IT ON AS TRUTH!!! Just people speculating.

It was a huge room; I think someone said there were about 500 people. We got tickets really early so we were at table 5, right up front (second row but still very close). They were banquet tables, naturally. The food was fine, nothing special. This time the actors didn't eat with us, they fed them in a separate area. Then John Ingle came out and introduced the actors one by one. They went on a little stage area where there were two rows of chairs. Most of the cast that comes to these things was there (I'll say their character names, it's easier): Juan, Ned, Edward, Jason, Emily, Alan (he had to leave early), Monica, AJ, Bobbie, Stefan, the new Nikolas, Kevin, Elizabeth, Sonny (he came a little late), Mike, Taggert, Dara, Tony, Reginald, Jerry, Katherine, Alexis, V., Carly, Amanda, Hannah, and Chloe...The notable missing ones were Jax and Mac. :( I really wanted to see Ingo, too....I heard he is having his own fan club event in November, a cruise to Cancun. I don't know why.

It was great to see them all, of course. They did a question and answer session, hosted by Brad Maule (Tony). He was so funny! Also very funny were Steve Burton, Billy Warlock, and Jon Lindstrom. You can tell who the cards are! I'll try to remember any notable things they said...

Real (Taggert) talked about his brother who is disabled or has some disabling disease (I forget). To be honest, I didn't really think he was very friendly when I got my autograph from him (he was the exception rather than the rule). He seemed kinda shy, though, but he was talking to someone else off to the side the whole time I got my autograph and picture, and he barely even looked me. He had virtually no line (I got him first because I like his character and he was close to the front), so I was surprised that he wasn't nicer. Vanita Harbour (Data), who was sitting next to him, was much sweeter. She just got back from maternity leave. She was wearing and maternity dress (but still looked skinny) and beaming. She talked about her daughter and she's anxious to return to work.

Steve Burton (Jason) joked about how Michael (the baby) doesn't look like any of them, he looked like Opie. I can't recall what else he said, but he was very funny. He was never my favorite, but he was really fun and nice in person. He was asked if he and Maurice had trouble in scenes because they were always cracking each other up (yes, he admitted) Later, when I had stood in a lot of lines, but not his, and I saw Brad Maule standing in the middle of the room with only a few people around, looking like maybe he would leave, and while I was waiting for him to sign my book, Steve Burton came up and said "Do you want an autograph?" Naturally, I said, "Sure!" He was getting ready to leave for his own event so he was going around getting people in lines who hadn't had a chance to get his autograph or picture yet. He also came by a few minutes later when I was in another line--first time I've had a celebrity ask me (let alone TWICE) if I wanted his autograph, LOL!!!

Sarah Brown (Carly) was asked who Carly really loves, and she joked back that she still loves Tony, so Brad Maule was giving her the business about that (yeah, right). She joked also with AJ and Jason, but said seriously that Carly only loves herself. That's for sure! She looks so different in person, more than any of them. She wears glasses (not sure if she needs to or she's just being trendy), wears her hair differently, and just looks eons different than Carly. She's very nice and friendly. I appreciated that she was good at moving her line along quickly so everyone in line could get a chance, since it was very long. Her mom was there helping her, too! Funny note, I sat next to her on a chair to get my picture taken, I had my purse on her side, and so when I got up it got hooked on her arm. So I joked that she was stealing my purse and she said something like, "See what Carly will do!" !!!

Lisa Cerusoli (V) talked about a screenplay she wrote. Rebecca Herbst (Elizabeth) revealed that her middle name is "liberty" and that's what her parents call her, and that she likes to bring in injured squirrels and nurse them back to health, but even though she's supposed to release them back in the wild, she doesn't like. A little while later, Leslie Charleson accepted a check from her fan club, who had raised money for her favorite charity, some local wildlife organization. She had found a deer in jured in her yard and called all around to find someone to help it, but mostly found organizations that would come SHOOT it, but she found this one that nurses wild animals back to health and introduces them back into the wild. She said that they help out when "stupid people try to keep wild animals as pets" and Rebecca Herbst hid her face in her hands. Everyone laughed while Leslie explains that she didn't mean squirrels, but big animals like mountain lions, etc. Ann Jeffries (Amanda)'s cell phone went off in the middle of Leslie's speech so there were jokes about that, too.

Wally Kurth talked about how Ned doesn't visit his daughter much on the show, but assured us that Ned does visit and call her often. Executive Producer Wendy Riche apologized for not having more references to Brook Lynn and confirmed that she would be visiting for a week and aged just a few years (like to age 5). Nancy Lee Grahn (Alexis) was asked, she has a lot of chemistry with Sonny, would she like more scenes with him? She said some diplomatic answer, like she has chemistry with many of the men on the show and sure, she would love more scenes with him. I think she joked that she was planning to work her way through the entire male cast of the show! Later, both of them were very nice when I got their pictures and her autograph (I got a nice signed picture of him when I joined his fan club). I babbled that I really wanted to go to his event/concert the previous night but I had to go to my reunion instead. He nicely asked, "Really? How was it?" as if he was really interested (maybe he was bored sitting there, LOL!) and I said it wasn't that great, I wish I had been to see him instead. Nancy said she had some friend who was also having their reunion that weekend, but it wasn't mine. They were sweet. Many of the actors will chat with the fans, it's really great.

Anne Jeffries (Amanda) was asked what her favorite movie was (she had a long movie and TV career before GH), and she said probably "Topper" (I loved her in that, too). She had NO LINE for autographs, poor lady. The fans tend to neglect the older and backburner characters, sadly. I love them all, and especially ones who have been on for so long. She was signing and giving out free, nice black and white pics while she sat there, so that was great. I chatted with her for a few seconds, told her I loved her in Topper and I wish she had a good storyline again like in the mid-80's. She said, "Me, too. Go tell the producer!" I also saw her in the ladies room later and commented on how much cooler it was there than in the big room. It was HOT because so many people were crowded in there.

Shell Kepler (Amy) was asked about the stuff she designs and sells. She also had no line, so I was a bit surprised. She was nice enough but not as nice as most of the others, kinda stand-offish. She's very pretty and has a great figure, though--I wonder how she stays so young-looking! Leslie Charleson (Monica) was asked if she wanted to stay chief of staff or let Alan come back to the job, but I didn't hear her answer. She made lots of jokes during the event. She and Ron Hale (Mike) joked about having an affair on the show. Ron (who's a VERY funny guy) was asked what kind of woman Mike likes, and he replied, "warm, alive, breathing...." and he looked around like, any of them there would be fine. I didn't get him there but I did see him later, which I will describe in a separate post.

Billy Warlock joked around about how AJ never sees Michael much (they don't share many scenes together) but is always yelling, "He's mine!" I had gotten his signature yesterday but saw a lot of him again today because he was sitting next to Sarah Brown and she had a very long line. Sometimes the lines would merge when there was more than one actor at a table, so I think that line was partly for him as well.

I don't remember much of what the guy Michael said (who plays Juan), but I saw him more later. The guy who plays the new Nikolas, is very gorgeous in person. This is funny, he has a night job as a restaurant manager, and he promised his boss he wouldn't quit right away, so he is still working there!!! Funny, huh? He gave out the name and address but I don't recall it. So fans can go there and talk to him, I guess. I was in line at his table, to see Becky Herbst and Amber Tamblyn, and him (why not :), and there was a camera crew there interviewing him for something. The guy asked me, "What do you think of him? Is he going to do well on the show?" but I had to admit I am two months behind in watching the show, so I haven't seen him yet! "You're useless", the interviewer joked. But I said, "He's very cute!" and I turned to him and said, "I'm sure you'll do just fine!!" It was funny.

Jackie Zeman was asked who her favorite character was (I think, or maybe her favorite romantic lead?) but she said she always is passionated about the one she is currently with (being "in the moment"). She flirted on stage with Stefan and Tony, though. Brad Maule was asked whether he would ever give up on Bobbie, and he yelled, "Never!" LOL. He was bouncing all over the place so I was lucky to get an autograph and pic of him. He is thinner in person but otherwise looks pretty much the same (wears glasses). He was saying he has two little girls and they were having two or three other little girls over that weekend, and he was happily waving goodbye to his wife this morning, who was sobbing on his leg as he left. :) He said, "I can't imagine why she was upset". Jackie always wears such pretty dresses, she had on gorgeous outfits both days.

Steven Nichols (Stefan) was asked about this play he's doing, something Knife. I saw him later in his own event, so I'll put that in another post. He also wears glasses. Jon Lindstrom (Kevin) is EXACTLY like he is on the show, only a bit more funny and charming (and so gorgeous!). He was asked about his band, the High Lonesome, which has broken up. :( He was very nice when I got my picture taken with him and autograph. One of my friend's friends is very into him; she is an older lady who goes to many events here and has thousands of pictures of him. I had to take some extras for her. :)

John Ingle (Edward) was asked if he could name all of Edward's children...he needed a little help from the audience, though! He was cute. Edward has four, John has five, but I'm sure all of John's are legitimate!!

Maurice Benard (Sonny) was asked something embarrassing, but right now I can't remember what....I saw him later, too, yay! Stephen T. Kay (Reginald), who directed movies including "The Mod Squad", was asked about his latest movie project (Brad Maule said, "he has more career than anyone I know"), and he revealed he was doing a film with Sylvester Stallone. All weekend they all made cracks about the way he dresses, since he was dressed very casually (in a kind of funky way with a hat), and he's supposed to be the butler. I missed getting his autograph and picture again, oh, well...

Julian Stone (Jerry) was asked about his role on Lois and Clark, and he had a comedic reply about how he got to beat up Superman for a while. Mary Beth Evans (Katherine) was asked when she might try to wreak revenge on Stefan; she gave some joking reply. She looked much smaller in person, too. They made a lot of jokes during the weekend about her falling off balconies. I missed her because I thought I was would see her later at Stephen Nichols event, but they started early on me, she was only there for a few minutes, so I just missed her. Fooey!

Tava Smiley (Chloe) doesn't sound ANYthing like she does on the show; she talks like a normal person. :) She is SO tiny and seemed very nice. Her line was long so she must be very popular, since she hasn't been on that long. Lisa Vultaggio (Hannah) also seemed very sweet. Some fan had given her a big vase of flowers that she was carrying around, and I got lucky that she walked by me while I was getting a soda at the bar, so I got her autograph and picture before she left. A lot of the fans don't like her, whether it's because she's with Sonny, or whatever...but the actress seems really nice. She put down her flowers and had no problem giving me both the photo and autograph. I felt bad for her because, before they brought out the actors, when they were raffling off stuff, it included a large picture of her and Maurice, and there were many BOO's from the audience. I was crossing my fingers that they didn't boo her when she walked out, and thankfully they weren't that classless. But it was kinda lukewarm applause, maybe...anyway, I made a point of telling her I think she's doing a great job. I like her and I don't blame her for the lousy storyline, it's not her fault they threw her together with Sonny, and so quickly.

Well, that's about it....the lines mostly weren't too bad (thankfully I had gotten a lot of the popular people in other events), and it wouldn't have been bad if it hadn't been so darn hot in the room. I met many nice people while standing in line, so hey, it was worth it. I put my Maurice web page picture on a t-shirt (I tried to do my GH web page, too, but it didn't work) and wore that today, and got a lot of nice comments about it. I met a few people this weekend that I had talked to via email (not enough, though) and some people recognized my page, or URL. So that was cool! I wish I could meet all you guys, as well.

After the GH Luncheon, I went to the Stephen Nichols (Stefan Cassadine) event. It was supposed to start at 4:30 and end at 5:45, but they started at 4 and I missed some of the beginning. Which meant I also missed Mary Beth Evans (Katherine), who was only there for about 10 minutes to accept some check for her charity. But other than that it went well. They had a nice dessert buffet, which I liked (great chocolate chip cookies and pastries!). It was a small room since there were less than 50 people. They had two banquet tables put together like a T, with us at one table and Nichols and the people running it at the other. I had number 25 so I was close to the opposite end of him, but it wasn't too far away.

He was very funny! Mostly he complained about the writing on the show, and that he wasn't on much. But he did it in a humorous way. They had a question and answer session, and he got some fun questions. He made them funny if they weren't. Many of the questions about the stories showed his frustration. Let's see what I can remember that he specifically said.

1) There is no truth to any rumors that he or Mary Beth are going to Days of Our Lives, or that they have even been asked. He said he turned the show on a few times and couldn't believe how bad it had become, and wondered how it must be for the actors to put up with it.

2) He said he had no plans to leave the show, but he did find it frustrating that the writing was not adequate. When he re-signed his contract, he said they promised him lots of stuff but he's not seeing evidence of it. When they do write for him, it's one-dimensional, nothing for him to work with as an actor. He gave several examples of things that they do that are inexplicable. Such as Nikolas finding out he was his father, and then moving out and not having much contact with him any more. Or one day Laura was telling him that she might have sex with him in the near future, and a few weeks later he's telling her that they should have sex soon. He said they build up into these big things, then they drop them and go on to the next big thing, rather than continuing the first thing along some, for continuity and to keep your interest. He suggested to the writers that it would be great if Stefan turned out to be the first-born son of Helena after all, but the writers for a while were heading toward making Nikolas be Stavros' son after all, although they did drop that. And he and Laura had to postpone their romance since she was going through the grief from Lucky's death. He said he's been getting a lot of work done building on a whole room to his house, anyway...and he's also in this play that's coming up. He said he told them that they should either use him a lot or pay him more. But he doesn't sound like he's leaving any time soon because he does appreciate the job and likes the cast and crew. He just wishes Stefan had more to do and wasn't just a one-dimensional character recently. He also explains why he doesn't call Laura "Lasha" any more, something about that their characters have moved on, beyond the past, and he told the writers that now he won't call her that.

3) He has two children who have moved out, and I can't believe he's old enough for that! He found out one lady is from Springfield, IL and joked about how he couldn't find a decent chicken breast when he was there visiting once (welcome to the Midwest!). Apparently he only eats chicken, turkey, and occasional fish (probably why he's so thin). He said his little girl said to him, "Why did the chicken cross the road, daddy? To get away from you!" I thought that was so cute. He also discussed some places to which he'd traveled, including his recent vacation to Sweden. A fan asked him about what music he listened to and he said he had eclectic tastes; he named several different groups and artists of all different types.

They also had a raffle and one lady won a huge picture of him that was very nice. He was so funny through-out the event, that I can't really convey. We were in a room by the pool, and there was some guy out there singing loudly, and we heard it occasionally, so he would stop and start singing, too (he had a mike so he was trying to annoy the other guy by the pool, too). One woman asked him to sing happy birthday to her daughter, so he did. He was just so great.

Then we got to get his autograph and have our picture taken with him. That was great, and he was so sweet (and cute!!!). He left early, which was a shame. As gifts we got a nice little pencil with his fan club name on it, and a magnet or keychain with his face.

On the way up to the room, I dropped my camera and the door to the film came open so I don't know if those pictures came out :( We'll see. If not then I know one person who was there and I will try to get pictures from her (but she won't have one of me and him).

About an hour later I went to Maurice Benard's event. Down by the pool, Ron Hale was sitting with some people, doing an interview of some kind, so I didn't go over to say hi or get an autograph, even though I had missed his earlier.

I went early, and that was good because there was already a line. I should have rushed up to get a seat since I was fairly close, but I stupidly lingered at the tables with the pictures, so I only got in the 4th row, which wasn't that close. But I got a nice color 8 x 10 of him.

I didn't know too many people there but I did strike up a conversation with a pregnant woman who was from the area. The fans at this event seemed WAY more rabidly enthusiastic than at any of the other events. When he came out, it was great. He is just as wonderful in person, only he smiles a whole lot more than Sonny (most of the actors smile more than their characters). He didn't seem to know what to say at first, but we didn't mind since we were all content to just gawk at him. They had a question and answer thing, and for once they took them right from us rather than from premade questions. I got to ask him whether he still kept in touch with any of the AMC cast. He said he thought he was friends with Michael Knight, but he hasn't been returning his calls lately (he was probably joking kinda). He hinted that there was some big story between him and Lauren Holly (ex-Julie) but wouldn't go into it (darn!).

He said Sonny is having some major story in the next two weeks, sort of a breakdown. He wants Sonny to have a manic-depressive story that mirrors his own history, but this is not quite that, just maybe a beginning. He said his contract is up in 4 months and he hopes to be able to re-sign for one more year, but he's not sure yet. He said August 10 is a great scene between him and Mike. He also has a great scene with Carly.

He told a bittersweet story about meeting his wife. He began by saying she was 16 and he was 21 when he saw her working at a mall. She was too young so he didn't ask her out, but then when she turned 17 a few months later, he did. Then when they were dating, she would never let him go to her home, she would always have him pick her up at a store or on the corner. One day he decided to go to her home anyway, and someone with no teeth opened the door, and there people smoking and stuff all over the place, many people crammed into one tiny little house. She came out and was very embarrassed. She revealed that most of her relatives were low-lifes and drug addicts, so she was ashamed to let him see them. Later on, he came home to find his parents and her crying, and his mother said, "Mauricio, Paula's moving in with us". He was a little skittish he said, because he wasn't ready for a serious relationship yet, but his parents insisted that she move out of her awful family's place. He said when he went to pick her up, she had this huge grin on her face. The way he told it was very moving and you could tell many of us wanted to cry.

A latina woman asked him about the lack of latino and other minority actors on the soaps, so he spoke about that a little. He said that with the success of Ricky Martin and Jennifer Lopez, the networks were now being forced to hire more latinos. She spoke to him in Spanish a little, too. They talked also about some scenes that he and Ricky did on GH, where they were cursing each other in Spanish. They were very dirty, apparently, and he figured they must have cut some of it, but she swears no, they didn't, so I guess the ABC censors didn't bother to translate it. He was singing part of La Vida Loca all night as a joke, too, and that was fun. He said that Ricky is an awesome singer and that they were all very pleased with his success. He said he blew him away when he heard him perform a few times while he was on GH. But his acting...well....

He talked a bit about his acting; he has been let in a famous group called the Actors' Studio, where some big actors like Marlon Brando (one of his idols) have been in the past. You have to audition twice, he said. First he did a scene and he got in, then he had to do another one so he went with Ron Hale (Mike) to the second one, and "we kicked ass" he said. So he goes regularly but Ron never went back, for some reason. He mostly watches the other actors and directors, hasn't gotten around to doing any scenes of his own yet. He's a little fearful of the criticism because the other actors really critique you, and he wants to learn more first. He thought he was a method actor before, he said, but he found out he really hadn't been much of one.

Unlike Nichols, he didnt complain about the writing, he just did that one comment about how he might leave if he didn't get the manic-depressive storyline.

This event was the most organized one that I went to the whole weekend. Jim Warren, the guy who runs it (he's a professional photographer whose pictures are in many soap magazines), really had things moving well. Apparently last year he yelled at a lot of people and offended many fans, but this year he was calm and friendly.

Ron Hale joined Maurice and it was fun. You can tell they enjoy working together. Hale is very funny. Maurice is funnier when he has someone else to play off of. Then Michael Saulcito (sp?) came out (he plays Juan) and it's clear that they delight in giving the new boy a hard time. He mostly talked about coming on the show, since he is young and this is his first big job. But he was a fun guy and there were a lot of jokes between him and Maurice, especially. Apparently Steve Burton also gives him a hard time, and they call him names like "Monkey Boy".

Maurice was asked whether he missed working with Jonathan Jackson, and he started to say, "Well, you know, Jonathan is out there now, he's kind of got a big head..." and I thought, wow, that's too bad, and then who should run in but Jonathan Jackson! It was a funny entrance and I fell for it. I was glad to see him since he hadn't come to the other events. Unlike what I said before, he doesn't smile much more than Lucky did. But he seemed nice. There were some more questions but none of them were too terribly interesting....Jackson did say he wouldn't rule out returning to GH.

They had a raffle (I hadn't bought any this time, tired of losing!) and some fun stuff was given out for that. Oh, speaking of giving out, I got a nice pre-autographed picture of Maurice with my name on it, & a Sonny pen (it says, SONNY CORINTHOS, and then no phone * no address, and then WHO WANTS TO KNOW? LOL!)....

We got to have our pictures taken with Maurice and then to get pictures and autographs of the other guys. I had ordered from this place on the web, two t-shirts to wear to the events, one with my GH web page, and one with my Maurice web page. They screwed up and sent me two with the Maurice page, only the background color was green instead of blue. I told them about it and they said they were sending the replacements Monday by priority mail, but I didn't get it before I left :( But I did buy some transfer paper and tried to make my own with the computer. However, the transfer kept sticking to the paper. So I got another Maurice one done (this time with the right color) but the GH page still wouldn't work. So I wore one of the green Maurice ones on Saturday, and wore the blue one on Sunday. Guess who I gave the other green one to? Maurice! He said it was cool (others gave him some gifts, too). I hope he goes to my page if he gets online (it had the URL on the back, see). I did get many compliments about the shirts over the weekend, and some people I talked to recognized my page.

What can I say, it was bliss to be able to have Maurice put his arm around me for the picture, SIGH!!! :) Those dimples....

I then got the autographs from Ron Hale, Jonathan Jackson, and the Michael kid. Jackson signed two for me, which was nice (I have an email pal in Canada that loves him and Becky). I told Ron Hale it was great to finally get him because I had missed him at the PC party and the GH luncheon. While I was waiting, a woman had him sign her GH Scrapbook so I commented it looked like he was signing a high school yearbook. We all started making jokes about what you say, like "see you next year", "have a great summer", etc. including Ron. Michael said, "Do you remember back then, Ron?" So it's clear he gets back at them when he can for all the teasing. I jokingly almost-swatted him on the head with my photo page and called him a "brat" so he jokingly ducked. They were fun! I was sad that this was my last event for the weekend.

Right after that was the Becky Herbst event, which I foolishly didn't go to. About two hours later I realized I had wanted this autographed picture of her that I had seen earlier, for my friend (I had her autograph already from the luncheon). So I opened the door to the back part of the room and asked a woman there who was helping to run it, if I could just pop in and buy this one picture. See, they didn't take credit cards earlier but said they would have it set up by the evening for her event. She said sure, but I would have to wait a few minutes for the auction to be over. A few minutes turned into a half hour, but I passed the time talking to people who were hanging around outside. Guess who popped out, but Becky Herbst! She was wearing a strapless gown (beautiful dress!) and she felt like she was kind of falling out of it, if you know what I mean, so she left the crowd to adjust herself. Those few of us outside were all women, so we understood perfectly. It was very humorous and kinda surreal. Anyway, when I finally got in, I had to wait a little more, but I still didn't mind. I was happy they were going to let me in even though I hadn't paid to go to the event. Then they couldn't find any left of the pre-autographed pictures, so one of the women running it got me a regular pic (only $5 instead of $20!) and let me stand in line with the others getting Becky's picture and autograph. I was supremely grateful at just how kind and accommodating they were being. They tried to get me an autograph right away but there was a line so she said, "Do you have time to wait?" Wow, how nice!!! Amber Tamblyn was also there so I got to see her again.

Anyway, that was most of it...I pretty much went back to the room for the rest of the night and typed up the main events...I took 9 rolls of film so I should have plenty of pictures! And I have a beautiful album of autographed pictures! This morning when we were having breakfast in the coffee shop, someone said they saw someone familiar (and famous). I looked and I recognized William Campbell, who played a couple of great Star Trek guest-starring roles over the years! I was one of our group went over to bug him and the guy he was sitting with (some older actor I'd never heard of), and she came back with a flyer for a scifi convention in Florida, and two autographs! So I went over after they finished eating to hi to Campbell and tell him I was a big fan. But he was talking to ANOTHER guy in a baseball cap, and when I said "excuse me..." he turned and it was Walter Koenig (Chekov!)!!! I was VERY excited then, but I managed to stammer out that I was a big fan and loved their work, shook hands and left. Campbell was VERY nice and seemed friendly but Koenig looked like, "Oh God, another Trekkie..." :)

Anyway, it was a fantastic weekend and I made a lot of new friends....

Suzanne's Exclusive pictures for the 1999 GH Fan Weekend

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