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The General Hospital Fan Events Pages

General Hospital Fan Descriptions and Photos!

SSW 2003

By Stacey, who tapes the events and sells the tapes.  Contact her at

Here is the write up for the SSW 2003 Anaheim events for GH and PC. I have four tapes total. I taped all the events on SP, and did all the editing on SP. I'm actually happy with the quality, they turned out pretty good. I was very familiar with the event arena, where good taping spots are and because it wasn't as crowded it was easier to get the areas I prefer. These aren't professional edits, just a fan's home video.

I was able to tape all 8 of the coffee talks with Linda Dano - which run about 35 minutes usually. These are Q&A sessions with Linda and the audience. The Casting Calls involve 3 fans doing an audition with Walt Wiley and the audience then picks 1 fan to do a scene with the guest actor. These are hysterically funny and the actors really got into it and seemed to have a great time, and the fans loved it. I was able to tape 7 out of 10 of these...pretty amazing that I was able to get this many events as I only had one video camera as my hubby wasn't able to go with me this weekend. I couldn't have done this if there had been more people as I ran back and forth between events often just making it. I also taped both parades on both days. I decided to put a parade on the end of each of the four tapes so for instance the two tapes that have PC events I put a different parade on each tape, so there is duplication as there were only two parades but for those who are only purchasing one or two tapes I wanted to be able to offer a parade on each tape.

I have company in and nephews graduation, hubby's vacation from June 14-23 so won't be doing any taping/emailing during that time as I'm taking that entire week off. So I won't be able to start doing these tapes till after June 23rd so there will be a slight delay on these SSW tape orders.

SSW Anaheim 2003 - June 7th & 8th - GH & PC

GH SSW Anaheim 2003 Tape #20 - 2 hrs 15 mins
Saturday Coffee Talk - Tamara Braun, Rick Hearst, Alicia Willis, Steve Burton, Becky Herbst, Cynthia Preston 35 mins
Becky & Michael Saucedo signing autographs
Sunday Coffee Talk - Tamara Braun, Rick Hearst, Alicia Willis, Steve Burton, Becky Herbst, Cynthia Preston 38 mins
Saturday Casting Call - Rick Hearst 30 mins
Sunday Casting Call - Rick Hearst 20 mins
Cynthia autographs
Sunday Parade - note Steve checking out my tripod as he goes by (LOL!)

Steve received a huge response at the Coffee Talks, reaching Maurice levels of fan adoration. The friendship between Tamara and Alicia is obvious. It was fun to see how close Tamara and Rick are, and what a sweetheart he is! Cynthia also was great with fans and very sweet. Steve and Rick teased each other a lot and were very funny! Rick is a dancer and Steve teased him into dancing, Linda volunteered to be his partner. Michael Saucedo (ex-Juan) is in the audience. Tamara shares that she originally auditioned for the role of Sarah. Rick is asked if he ever refuses to do anything in the script? He says no and says there hasn't been anything really hideous, Steve teases that he hasn't watched the show lately! LOL! Steve promises that there is some good storyline coming up and that Jason and Ric will continue to interact. Cynthia (Faith) jokes about what a tough character she plays and all the other girls take turns slapping her! Steve teases Alicia that Courtney is beating everyone up lately! Becky talks about being a former competitive ice skater.

On Sunday, Steve announces that his wife is having a baby girl and they are going to name her McKenna. He introduces his wife and jokes about how much she resembles Courtney. Rick (who is also a black belt) did a karate kick demonstration and joked about how often his character is getting beat up. There is a lot of joking about how upset Sonny got about Jason seeing Courtney, teasing that Jason is Sonny's girlfriend. Steve does his Sonny impersonation which is hysterical! He also did this in the Fan Feb Fantasy episode, a must see! Becky shares how much she is enjoying working with Rick H. and is looking forward to Liz finding out her hubby is a psycho! Cute moment as Tam touches her stomach when talking about Carly's baby, she thinks the baby will live to be born.

The Casting Calls were very funny and among my favorite events. Three fans are selected from the audience and they each act out a scene from GH with Walt Wiley the host of the show. The audience then selects a winner to do a scene with the guest actor. In the first Casting Call with Rick, one of the ladies chosen admitted to not watching GH and the audience turned on her! They insisted that the show do a fourth contestant and they broke all the rules and did!

GH SSW Anaheim 2003 Tape #21 - 2 hrs 18 minutes
Saturday Coffee Talk - Natalia, Chad Brannon, Stuart Damon, Leslie Charleson, Greg Vaughn, Tyler Christopher
Sunday Coffee Talk - Natalia, Chad Brannon, Stuart Damon, Leslie Charleson, Greg Vaughn, Tyler Christopher
Saturday Casting Call - Tyler
Sunday Casting Call - Greg Vaughan
Sunday Parade

Stuart and Leslie talk about the early days of GH, previous acting work, they all share embarrassing moments (Greg had just split his pants!). Natalia talks very eloquently about her current breast cancer storyline and her own experience with a lump, Tyler on his recent return to the show, Chad talks about the AIDS day of remembrance. In a very funny moment, Linda asks them who could play them in a movie and for Tyler a fan shouts out "Coltin Scott"! Leslie and Stuart are teased about what boarding school they send their kids to where they come back all grown up a couple of years later and are amazed when a fan remembers where the school is located (Switzerland). Both Greg and Chad rave about Natalia, who shares that her mother is from Guadalajara, Mexico and her previous job was working at Home Depot when she got the role of Emily! Natalia shared, that Chad had a kissing scene with another actress and he had trouble getting his lines right after and she teased him that he was never speechless after he kissed her! Chad was rather speechless (LOL!) and didn't have much of a comeback but Stuart Damon said who? I think I heard Chad mumble Gia but I couldn't be sure.

It was great fun to see Tyler at the Casting Call. I remember him as this shy guy and he seems VERY comfortable with all of the fan attention, happy to be there, and did a great job in the Casting Call! A young woman on her honeymoon was selected. Her new husband was in the and there was a lot of joking back and forth between him and Walt, and later Tyler. At one point, Walt puts his feet up on the table (suggestive as he has rather LARGE feet) so when Tyler comes out he puts his feet up on the table! After the show, Tyler laughs that his wife is seated in front of the fan's hubby!

GH/PC SSW Anaheim 2003 Tape #22 - 2 hrs 39 minutes
Saturday Coffee Talk - 42 mins- Nancy Lee Grahn, John Ingle, Lane Davis, Robin Christopher, Kin Shriner, Billy Warlock
Sunday Coffee Talk - 38 mins - Nancy Lee Grahn, John Ingle, Lane Davis, Robin Christopher, Kin Shriner, Billy Warlock
Saturday Breakfast Q&A - 1 hr - Stuart Damon, Leslie Charleson, Steve Burton, Alicia Willis, Erin Hershey & Brian Presley, Kelly Monaco, Kiko Ellsworth. This started off with a 15 minute GH trivia contest so test your memory!
First session is Kiko, Kelly, Steve and Alicia and that lasts about 25 minutes, then the second session is Stuart, Leslie, Brian, and Erin and that lasts about 27 minutes.
Saturday Parade
Nancy Lee autographs

There is an obvious camarderie amongst the Quartermaines and Linda and Robin are very close. Kin and Billy are long time friends and tease each other mercilessly. Kin jokes about all the people Scotty arrests that are never convicted, Kin is very funny. A lot of teasing about Nancy's Dobson character. Billy as always is warm and charming and great with fans. Lane jokes about wanting his character to go to bed with someone, Billy goes off as its been how long for AJ? Same for Scotty! Nancy says she thinks it would be interesting if Alexis has issues with the NRA due to the amount of guns on the show (but clarifies this is from a character standpoint not her own views). Nancy does her Dobson voice. Billy jokes about each time he gets a script where he is going up against Sonny or Jason he just knows AJ will lose!

On Sunday, Nancy, Robin and Linda all joke about losing the Emmy. Kin is very funny as all the other actors mention classic movie roles in response to a question, his favorite is Jaws! Billy jokes that Kin can recite dialog and Kin begins doing so! LOL! Kin jokes about Serena being raised by vampires. In a very sweet moment, John gets choked up and he tells about a young marine's wife whose letter is printed in the LA Times - he had written to her that he missed her and the children and watching GH! So John had the cast sign pictures for him and sent it to them and they arranged a set visit for the couple when he returns from Iraq in July. Robin talks about her brother who is also a marine. She is going back east to meet his ship when he returns home. There is some teasing about the GHers not knowing there are vampires in Port Charles.

At the breakfast Stuart & Leslie talk about Dobson, Tracy, Dillon, nuEmily, Reginald, Anna Lee, working together. Brian & Erin talk about working together, their time off, Brian's new project, working with Ian Buchanan, Nolan North.

PC SSW Anaehim 2003 Tape #23 - 2 hrs 38 minutes
Saturday Coffee Talk - 42 mins -Kiko Ellsworth, Kelly Monaco, Brian Gaskill, Erin & Brian Hershey, Eddie Mattos, Lynn Herring, Thorsten Kaye Saturday Parade - (Lynn is cute as she takes pictures of the crowd from her parade car)
Sunday Coffee Talk - Kiko Ellsworth, Kelly Monaco, Erin Hershey & Brian Presley, Eddie Mattos, Lynn Herring, Thorsten Kaye
Saturday Casting Call - Brian Gaskill
Saturday Casting Call - Brian Presley
Sunday Casting Call - Eddie Mattos

It is always a pleasure watching the PC cast interact. Since it is a small cast, they seem unusually close and tease each other constantly. Kiko talks about his role Bad Boys 2, Brian Presley talks about his Hiatus project and the beard he has grown for it. When Brian later teases Thorsten about his OLTL time Fabio do, Thorsten quips back, "okay Grizzly Adams little sister!" Eddie serenades a fan in the audience, Erin shows another fan her wedding ring. Lynn laughs how she went from being loose on GH to being a vampire slayer on PC. When a fan raves about how cute Thorsten is, Eddie invites her up to touch him! The same fan also wonders why no one on GH knows there are vampires in Port Charles. Erin tells about her latest falls, including during the Millionaire show. Both Erin and Kelly talk about how often they get the giggles when working together and sometimes in order to get through a serious scene they can't look at each other. Lynn tells a rather racy story about an unclothed Thorsten covered by a blanket and where Lynn placed her hand during the scene. Kelly talks about doing the dual characters. Brian P. did the centipede while Eddie rapped as Kiko provided the drum beat, Erin did her catwalk.

I've seen all of these actors before at the PC fan events, but have to say how impressed I was with Eddie. He was so funny during the casting call and really got into it. He was very charming and a hit with the ladies. Brian and Erin were warm and genuine and so sweet. I just love them, I could listen to Erin tell stories all day. Thorsten is a doll, and his line was THE line to get in as he reportedly did not sit up on the chair but stood and gave everyone who came up to him a HUG! That would be worth braving his line! Kiko is quick and funny as always, Kelly very thoughtful and took time to answer each question. Brian G. wasn't able to attend on Sunday so he is only at the Saturday events.

The Casting Calls are always very funny. The shy Brian G. looked a bit flustered as one fan observed during his Casting Call (when asked about it at the Coffee Talk he played it off as trying to be in character). Brian Presley was very warm and had fun with his Casting Call, but hands down the hit was Eddie Mattos. He was hysterical! He wasn't originally scheduled to do one of these, he took Brian G.'s place on Sunday when Brian wasn't able to make it. Eddie comes out and does the scene in Spanish (translation provided below). The crowd went nuts.

He says: "Hola, mi Amor!" (hello my love). "Como estas?" (How are you) (something....) "Papacito Grande" (Big Daddy referring to his nickname on the set from his cast members. "Besame" (kiss me)..."Uno momento" (one moment as he goes behind the palm tree). He says in Spanish how could you do that to me? Then something about the Miami Dolphins. Funny thing is he sounds terribly romantic and sexy! LOL! Walt interjects, "Welcome to Telemundo?"

Then Ricky says, in Spanish, "Do you like the Anaheim Mighty Ducks?" (they had a great game Saturday night and were going for the Stanley Cup). He ends the scene with one of those real close up soap opera moments when the lips are about an inch apart for an eternity and then he plants a kiss on this fan and the crowd really went wild! I have to say I think he got more into doing the Casting Calls than anyone! What a guy, he had to fill in at the last moment and was probably scheduled to do a Rafe scene so instead came out and totally winged it and tore the place up!

Kamarie's Super Soap write-up (with pics!)

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Page updated 5/24/12

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