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The General Hospital Fan Events Pages

General Hospital Fan Descriptions and Photos!

SSW 2003

Disney CA, Super Soap Weekend, 2003 by Kamarie

This was a better weekend for me.  The weather could not have been more cooperative.  The day was very cloudy and cool.  This helped many of us tolerate the long lines for our favorite stars.

Natalia Livingston (Emily) is an absolute doll.  Her line was very short and I was able to breeze in there in the middle of a long afternoon. I told her I thought GH had done a great job in recasting the role of Emily and she thanked me for that.  Got some pictures and an autograph and decided to sit down for awhile. I began talking to the lady on the bench with me and she asked me who I seen so far that day.  I told her I had just saw Emily and she asked me if I liked the new Emily.  I told her yes, that I felt GH had done a good job in recasting the role.  Didn't like the cancer storyline too much.  That I would like to see more of her and Zander and I didn't want her with Nikolas.  I asked her if she liked the new Emily and she said she was biased .. that Natalia was her cousin.  WOW!  Was I surprised and thankful I had not said anything negative about the actress.  That would have been so embarrassing.  She asked me if I thought GH was going to kill off Emily and I told her to tell Natalia to rest easy.  GH wouldn't have been searching for 2 years for a recast just to kill her off.

Chad Brannon (Zander) is just too cute for words. I found him very approachable.

Steve Burton's (Jason) line was by far the hardest to get into. Saturday he had 2 autographed sessions and by 10:30 a.m. both were filled. Sunday, Steve only had one autograph session and Disney in their divine wisdom decided at the last minute to have a separate area for Steve's fans to line up in.  The problem with that was, everyone made a mad dash the moment the doors opened and didn't realize there was a separate area. I do have to say though that Steve went beyond the call of duty that Sunday.  There were well over 100 people in the line and Steve was more than 20 minutes late to his next appointment, which I believe was Coffee Talk. 

Saturday my master plan of attack was Steve, Cynthia & Rick.  I was able to accomplish all.

Cynthia Preston (Faith) is more beautiful in person than on screen. I had done a comparison between Faith & Helena not long ago and told her that in Faith's short 7 month period she has accomplished every dirty deed that Helena managed to do in 7 years with the exception of one. Cyndy, said "Really!  That's amazing.  What do I still need to do?"  "Raise the Dead!", I told her. Her manager or publicist was standing there and she told him to make a note of that. By the way, if any of you have gone to and saw the mug of the fan with Faith, that is yours truly!

Rick Hearst (Ric) all I can say is hubba hubba!  Now I know this man is gorgeous on camera, but believe me when I say, the camera does not do this man justice. In talking to Rick, I told him to stop being un"Faith"ful to Liz. He asked if I liked Ric/Liz, I told him yes, but I also saw a lot of sexual chemistry between Ric & Faith as well. He said Faith has a way of getting to him when he is at his lowest points. I told him it was about time to snap out of those "low points" and stop kidnapping pregnant ladies. Tsk! Tsk!

Nancy L. Grahn (Alexis) what can I say about Nancy.  She is my queen.  I have loved both the actress and the character for a very long time. I've met Nancy on many occasions and it was very nice that she remembered me.

After Nancy, Robin Christopher (Skye) is my second favorite actress and character. Robin also remembered me.  It really surprises me that these actors and actresses can remember their fans. 

When Robin came to her line she was with her husband.  I only know him by Matt Crane.  I'm not sure if that is his soap name from Another World or if that is the character name.  He was kind enough to stop for this quick photo.

Billy Warlock (AJ) I was just able to make it in his line.  I told him I had saw him last year when he had this fabulous storyline with Courtney and was sad to see that storyline end.  He said he was sad to see it end too.  I told him I was aware that he had re-signed his contract and I hoped that meant we would be seeing a new storyline for AJ in the near future.  He joked and said, he would like that too.

I was excited to meet Greg Vaughan (Lucky).  I told him I knew him from Charmed and hated when Charmed wrote him out, but am so glad to see him on GH.  I asked him what storyline was in store for Lucky now that Summer is leaving.  He said more brotherly bonding.  Personally, I was hoping for more than that.

I had missed meeting Rebecca Herbst (Liz) during last years SSW, so on Sunday she was one of my ultimate goals.  I told Becci that I really enjoyed LiRic but wondered if there was any chance of Jason & Liz down the road.  She said anything is possible. Husband, Michael Saucedo arrived with Becci and I asked Michael if I could have a photo of them together, they were gracious enough to pose for this photo.

John Ingle what a nice man.  I told him I loved Edward and asked how Anna Lee was.  Anna is doing fine he stated.

I was a little apprehensive to meet Kin Shriner. I had met him at the GH Weekend last year and was not impressed with how he acted.  But I do have to say I was not disappointed in the least.  In talking with Kin, I told him I would like to see Scott one day arrest someone and make it stick.  Also, to bring Serena over to GH, and here are my reasons why.  First, she's got a crush on a vampire rock n roller, and second and more importantly, her mother is now involved with a vampire. Serena needs her father.

I almost did not make it in line to see Tamara Braun.  I have been a big fan of Tamara's since she was recast as Carly.  The Disney people rushed me through the line and I even forgot to give them my camera to take a photo of Tamara & myself.  I asked her if the baby was going to be a boy or a girl and she said.  "Carly says its going to be a boy and Carly knows everything."  Something tells me Carly might get a little pink surprise.


Kamarie's OLTL Super Soap

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Page updated 5/24/12

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