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General Hospital Fan Descriptions and Photos!

The GH and PC Fanclub weekend
Saturday, July 28, 2001
by Suzanne Lanoue

Saturday morning we went over to the Quartermaine brunch, which was held at the Universal Hilton, as usual.  We were a bit early so my husband waited around with me beforehand.  I knew that my friends were over at Amber's breakfast so they would be there at the last minute.  I tried to see if I could get to meet Anna Lee beforehand, since we do her official web page, and I know that she usually leaves the events early because of her health.  That didn't work out, unfortunately.  There was a long line to buy raffle tickets and photos, but it didn't stay long so I was able to get enough without having to stand in line.  They had good prices on pictures.  I went to our table, which was very close to the front where the actors were sitting.  I met a nice couple from Arizona who had been to the brunch before but unfortunately for them, they didn't know about all of the other events occurring that weekend.  We were happy to fill them in so that in the future they could attend the others, if they wanted.  We exchanged email addresses and my web site address.  The funny thing was, the husband was much more into the soaps than the wife!  I did end up meeting a few couples like that during the weekend.  Of course the majority of the attendees were still female, but there seemed to be more guys than I saw in 99.

The food at the brunch was very good (it was the only fan event food all weekend that wasn't chicken!).  I last went in 99 when they had the anniversary of Alan and Monica, so that one was much fancier and the food more elegant.  Not that I was disappointed this time or anything.  They always do a good job at the brunch.  Most of the Quartermaines showed up--Lila, Edward, Alan, Monica, Ned, A.J., Reginald, and Emily; also Chloe and Gail.  Anna Lee's son, Jeffrey Byron, was also there (he played Dr. Boardman on PC).  The only Q that wasn't there was Robin Christopher (Skye).  Too bad, I would have liked to have seen her.  They were all entertaining, as usual.  There was a lot of joking around.  Leslie Charleson (Monica) has a great sense of humor.  There was joking about incest because of she and Ned having an affair.  Billy Warlock (A.J.) joked that the hot babe on the show was Skye, his sister.  There was some poignancy because of Amber Tamblyn (Emily) leaving the show.  The dessert was a going-away cake they had made for her.  She seemed very touched.  Leslie hosted the raffle and there was a lot of laughing.  I actualy won something for a change: one of Edward's ties!  It was a nice designer tie, too.  Stacey videotaped the whole event for the GH fan club.  Oh, I did get to meet Anna Lee.  I went up there right before lunch and introduced myself.  I didn't want to bother her by staying long, so I just introduced myself and shook her hand.  Later, when it came time to take pictures/get autographs, they had her pose for a few pictures before she left.  I managed to introduce myself to her son Jeffrey, too.  He was very nice.  I asked him about the movie being produced, based on his late father's book.  He said it was still in production (Drew Barrymore was producing it, last I heard).  I was also happy to be able to take Wally Kurth and Stephen T. Kay's pictures before they snuck out early.

Usually at the brunch, they have everyone stay in their seats while the actors come around and sign autographs and get pictures.  I think this was the best way to do it because it meant we didn't have to lug all our stuff around to the various long lines.  But for some reason they decided not to do that this year and had us stand in lines.  Argh! I was tired so I only stood in Billy Warlock's line.  I went around to the other tables and took pictures of the actors while they signed autographs.  Unfortunately, I think that I may have lost this particular roll of film, or it was stolen (I'll find out as soon as I get my pictures back).  I did chat with lots of nice people that I met.  That is one of the best things about the weekend--meeting other fans!

After that, I seem to recall that I took a nap for a while and get something else to eat.  Brunch was good but there wasn't enough of it.  I didn't go to the next two events.  One was hosted by Nancy Lee Grahn and the other one was hosted by Tava Smiley, Marisa Ramirez, and Lisa Vultaggio.  Hey, I came to these events to see hunky guys! :)  Just teasing.  Later I went to Real Andrews' event.  I like him okay but the main reason I bought the ticket was to see Maurice Benard, who was supposed to show up.  Apparently he had tickets to the big boxing match that night.  I could have sat up front with my friends but they were all sitting in different places, so I just moved to the back. It was a lot cooler back there, anyway. A lot of people turned out for Real's event, including Chad Brannon, Marisa Ramirez, Lynn Moody, and Coltin Scott, so it turned out much better than I expected. I even sneaked up to take a bunch of pictures. There was some complaining about the fact that they haven't done much with Taggert's family, especially his mom. There was a lot of joking around with Chad and Coltin. I left early because I was afraid I wouldn't get good seats for Wally Kurth's concert (it said that checkin time was 6:30 even though the concert was supposed to start at 8). I gave my raffle tickets to my friend Lynn to check. I was pretty tired, anyway, so after I got my checkin number, I hung out at the pool with my husband. As it turned out, the Wally Kurth concert didn't start until long after the other event ended. Oh, well! Anyway I got two seats in the fifth row, right on the end so that Stacey could set up her videocamera. They were great seats.

I bought some raffle tickets (I bought many tickets at every event!) and said hi to some people. When Stacey arrived, she told me that I had won one of the silent auctions at Real's event (I totally forgot I had entered them!). I won an autographed script of GH with the nurses' ball! I have always wanted one of these. Wally's concert was awesome. I expected to enjoy it but it was even better than I expected. Not only did I have a great view of the three hunky guys but the people in front of me all had video or digital cameras with their viewfinders on big CLOSE-UPS of Wally! I really enjoyed all the music. I have heard some of Kurth and Taylor's music before, but I think they're even better live. And Wally is not the only cute guy in the band! Poor Stacey, her tape got stuck in the videocamera, so she missed about half the concert. After the concert, they drew the raffle ticket for the studio tour (I didn't win, boo hoo) and then Wally did a Q&A with Billy Warlock, Lisa Vultaggio, and Tava Smiley. tava,wally,lisa&wally.jpg (476943 bytes) It was very funny because Billy was making a lot of caustic comments about the show. Tava talked about her possible future if she leaves the show. Lisa mentioned the many offers she already has. Wally also phoned Nancy Lee Grahn, who wanted to be there but couldn't get a babysitter, live on stage. After the show, I bought Wally's CD but I didn't feel like standing in the long line to get it autographed. I met my husband and our friends out by the pool and we all sat around chatting for a while, then we went up to their room so I could get my script and some other stuff. I went to bed pretty early....I knew Sunday would be an early day!

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