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The General Hospital Character Descriptions Pages

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Todd Manning

Played by Roger Howarth

Todd was raised by his rich stepfather, who beat him. Later, Todd was put on trial in Llanview, Pennsylvania (on the show "One Life to Live") for raping fellow college classmate Marty, along with some other fraternity boys. He was put in jail, but at some point he was released for good behavior after he rescued some kids. Although Todd regretted the rape, went to therapy, and became a slightly better person, he is not what anyone would call a good guy.

Todd found out that he was really the son of Victor Lord, which made him rich and powerful. He became a newspaper magnate, but he was not very happy for most of his life because of all of his problems due to being abused as a child and having a bad attitude. Todd married Blair, the love of his life, and they had two children, including Starr. Starr was always the light of his life, despite anything he did.

In 2011 after, after an eight year absence, Todd returned to town. He had been held captive and tortured by his evil mother, Irene. Everyone in Llanview, including his family thought that he had already returned years ago and now looked like a different person. This turned out to be his long-lost brother, Victor, who was brainwashed by Irene into thinking he was Todd, so that they could control the family's power and money. Victor was shot and killed, and Todd thinks he killed him. His brains were still not working very well at this point. He is in jail awaiting trial for that. However, Victor was really kidnapped and held captive by crazy Allison. Everyone, including Todd's family, thinks he is guilty.

Todd Manning came to Port Charles in 2012, following his daughter Starr's accident. Her boyfriend and child were killed when Anthony ran them off the road. His tires were shot out, and he blamed Sonny. Todd sought to shoot Sonny in revenge, but he was stopped by Detective John McBain. Since Todd was out on bail, he was taken back to Llanview and put back in jail. However, he is due to return to Port Charles sometime soon.

For the brief time that Todd was in town, he made friends with Carly. John and Todd don't get along because of all of Todd's criminal behavior and the way he treats people.

Todd has never been a great person, but he has moments when he can be a good person. He elicits sympathy due to his troubled past as a victim. He is a very complex character that frequently can be funny, warm, and tender. Mostly, Todd is a real jerk, and angry, and antisocial. However, he has saved people's lives, and his family is very important to him. Todd's daughter and sister in particular love him despite all of his flaws. In many ways, he has a lot in common with Sonny.

Todd has had a lot of problems with women, but he has been married to two women, Blair and Téa. Both were also married to his brother Victor, thinking that he was Todd. Téa will also be coming to Port Charles soon.

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Page updated 5/2/12

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