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The General Hospital Character Descriptions Pages

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Starr Manning

Portrayed by Kristen Alderson

Starr was driving through town in 2012, with her boyfriend, Cole, and their daughter, Hope. Their plane was delayed, so they were driving home. They were run off the road by Anthony Zacchara. Cole and Hope died. Starr was very upset to learn that she was the only survivor. She was very angry and blamed Sonny. Anthony had accused Sonny of shooting out his tires and forcing him to run into Starrs' car. Sonny was found not guilty, but Starr is not sure whether he did it or not. In the meantime, she grew very close to his son, Michael, who had found them on the road and helped her afterwords.

Starr and her family are from Llanview, Pennsylvania. Her parents are the very rich Blair and Todd Manning. They came to Port Charles after the accident to help her. Todd almost shot Sonny, but they stopped him. Family friend Detective John McBain came to town to arrest Todd, who had jumped bail. The Mannings went back to Llanview. Starr returned or Sonny's trial. John stayed because he has unfinished business with Sonny. Starr is still trying to find out who killed her family. She doesn't know yet that Kate, or rather her alternate personality, Connie, is the one that shot at Anthony's tires.

Starr is a singer and was living in L.A. to get a record put out. Johnny is now helping her with her singing career. Starr was living there with Cole, Hope, and her good friends Langston and Markko.

Starr has mixed feelings about Sonny's criminal behavior, since her own father has done a lot of bad and illegal things. He is currently accused of murdering his brother, Victor (Starr's uncle, whom she thought for years was her father). Also, she likes Michael, who is Sonny's son and has helped her a lot. Starr tried to shoot Sonny, but Michael talked her out of it, but then he pressed charges against her for attempted murder.

The Mannings and John McBain were previously characters on "One Life to Live", which was canceled in 2011. John, Starr, and Todd, along with Starr's stepmother, Téa, are now on "General Hospital".

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Page updated 5/11/12

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