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The General Hospital Character Descriptions Pages

Learn about your favorite General Hospital characters!

Ronnie Marmo

Played by Ronnie Dimestico

Ronnie grew up in the same Brookly neighborhood where Kate, Dante, Olivia, Lois, and Sonny lived.

He was a police lieutenant who has worked with Dante a long time. Both went undercover in Sonny's organization. Ronnie also was undercover in the Zacchara organization and had a past with Franco. Ronnie hates Sonny and wants to bring him down. He has always pointed out to Dante whenever he thinks Dante is playing favorites with his dad or has a conflict of interest. Ronnie was like a mentor to Dante.

Ronnie did have to reveal that before he was a cop, he allowed Franco to take the fall for him on a crime. Later, he released a suspect on another case, for Franco, not knowing that Franco is a serial killer.

Ronnie always seemed like a really good guy, on the side of law and justice, but now we know he is really a psycho. There was a hint to his character when he hid Johnny's gun after he was shot by Sonny (to make it look like Sonny shot the unarmed man). His hatred for Sonny started to corrupt him.  At some point, he just went over the edge.

In 2011, someone starts beating up strippers. At first it looks like it might be Detective Padilla's husband, but then Lulu starts to suspect that it might be Ronnie. Ronnie had planted evidence in Padilla's closet. Ronnie kidnaps Lulu and hides her in a motel room. He tries to frame Dante for the crimes. Ronnie runs into Sam and has to kidnap her, too. Dante slams Ronnie into a wall to get him to admit where Lulu is. Later, Ronnie ends up holding Sam and Lulu hostage at the Haunted Star casino. Jason, John McBain, and Dante follow the clues to find Ronnie and the girls. After a shoot-out, John McBain shot Ronnie, and he died.  It's pretty clear that Ronnie cracked up somewhere along the way.

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Page updated 5/11/12

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