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The General Hospital Character Descriptions Pages

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Noah Drake
Played by Rick Springfield
Terry C.

Handsome, brilliant, vulnerable Dr. Noah Drake first arrived in Port Charles in the early eighties. Noah was an only child from a prominent family in Long Island. His uncle, New York Senator Martin Drake, visited his nephew in Port Charles from time to time. Noah is a surgeon at General Hospital. In addition to his hospital work, he has volunteered at the Waterfront Health Clinic, and helped out at the Community Sports Center.

In his youth, Noah was a ladies’ man. He was involved with Bobbie Spencer, Tiffany Hill, and Anne Logan. Noah was unable to make a commitment to one woman, which caused all his relationships to fail. It was not until he left town to join a hospital in Atlanta that he met the love of his life, Mattie. Noah and Mattie were married and had one child, a son, Patrick.

Finding love turned out to be his downfall because when Mattie became ill, Noah never forgave himself for not being able to save her on the operating table. He quit medicine after losing her. He turned his back on Patrick and began drinking.

Many years later, Dr. Robin Scorpio found Noah drunk in a bar and brought him back to Port Charles to perform brain surgery on Jason Morgan. In his condition, he was not able to operate, so he brought his son Patrick in to perform the surgery.

It was apparent that father and son were not on good terms. Despite their tumultuous history, an angry Patrick convinced Noah to go to rehab, and he has been sober ever since. But it was too late - his many years of drinking had severely damaged his liver. He needed a transplant, but since he caused the damage by drinking, he refused to put himself on the donor list.

Patrick, who already lost his mom, was not about to lose his father as well. He was a donor match, but Noah refused his help. While Noah was unconscious, Patrick gave him a part of his liver. When he awoke, Noah was furious with Patrick for putting his life in danger. He threatened to sue General Hospital, until he realized Patrick donated his liver because he loves his father and does not want to lose him. Noah continued to stay sober and worked to regain his reputation as a valuable doctor at General Hospital.

Noah has another son, Matt, from a brief affair, but they are not close. At one point, Noah had a brief relationship with Robin's mother, Anna.  He is a kind and generous man when he is sober. When he drinks, he becomes self-pitying and self-destructive. Noah now dotes on his son Patrick and worries about him, trying to make up for the lost years. Noah doesn't live in Port Charles but visits occasionally. He returned to town briefly in 2012 to console Patrick for Robin's death.

Proofread by Laura on 1/5/11

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