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The General Hospital Character Descriptions Pages

Learn about your favorite General Hospital characters!

Dr. Maggie Wurth

Played by Kodi Kitchen

Not too much is known about Maggie Wirth, the pediatrician. She came on the show in 2011, dressed as a clown at the hospital. We were supposed think it was Lisa, skulking around to do something crazy. She was at Emma's birthday day party as the clown.

Maggie was previously on staff in Memphis with Steve. She is his ex-girlfriend. He confided to Olivia that he was once engaged to her, but things got "messy". It is very clear that Maggie still wanted to be with Steve, but he was no longer interested.

Maggie is a good doctor and works with children. She diagnosed Aiden's blood disease. Robin didn't like Maggie because she broke the rules when she felt it was necessary, to save lives. She made Olivia, Steve's new girlfriend, think they were having an affair.

In reality, Maggie helped Steve keep a big secret, that he had killed a convict who was in a coma, in order to take one of his organs for a dying child.

Steve's kooky mother, Heather, also does not like Maggie. Maggie caught her snooping around in private hospital records and called her "crazy". Heather persuaded Maggie to take her home, so she did. She gave Maggie some iced tea laced with strong drugs she stole from the hospital, and Maggie passed out on the couch. Heather left a fake suicide note. Memphis police found Maggie half-dead and the note. In the note, she confessed to the murder that Steve committed, so they let Steve out of jail.

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Page updated 5/12/12

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