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The General Hospital Character Descriptions Pages

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Logan Hayes
Played by Josh Duhon
Written by

Logan came on the scene shortly after the Metro Court hostage situation ended.  We know that Logan served in Iraq with Cooper Barrett.  The two of them shared some hidden secret about their time in Iraq.  We also know that Logan was originally from Texas. 

Logan’s mood was usually dark and brooding.  Spinelli accurately (and humorously) named Logan “the unworthy one” and “the crabby commando.”  Logan had a very short temper.  This guy would turn on his best friend at the drop of a hat (and had).  He was secretive and not very friendly.  However, when he did smile, he lit up the screen.  We found out that Logan was the son of Scott Baldwin, who came back to town.  In fact, the real reason that Logan came to Port Charles was because of his connection to Scott.  Logan hated his father, and Scott refuses to believe that Logan was his son.  Logan resented Scott for not stepping up as his father.  The two of them had some heated conversations. Eventually, they had a better relationship.

Thanks to his good friend Coop, Logan got a job as a security guard at the Metro Court Hotel.  He then left the hotel to work for Sonny Corinthos. Logan saved Sonny’s life, not once but twice.  The first time was during the Alcazar ambush of Sonny and Jason at the Cellar.  Then Logan saved Sonny from a poisoned espresso at the coffee house. Later, Logan went to work pushing Anthony's wheelchair. He did this to keep an eye on Lulu as well as to try to advance in his organization.

Logan liked blonde women and was especially captivated by Lulu and Maxie. Lulu only saw him as a friend. He became a bit obsessed with her, especially after she took up with Johnny. He started blaming Maxie for Lulu's rejection of him. At one point, Lulu thought Logan was the Text Message Killer, so she hit him over the head with a pipe when she felt that he was threatening her.  She stayed by his bedside until he woke up, and she apologized. He was dismayed to learn that she still did not like him as more than a friend.  He eventually went over the edge when he got into an argument with Maxie and tried to kill her. Lulu saw them and tried to rescue Maxie. Lulu picked up a knife to defend herself, and Logan ran into it.

Proofread by Laura on 1/3/11

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Page updated 4/28/12

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