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The General Hospital Character Descriptions Pages

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John McBain

Played by Michael Easton

John arrived in Port Charles in 2012 to track down fugitive Todd Manning, and to help Todd's daughter, Starr. Starr's boyfriend, Cole, and daughter, Hope, were killed in a car accident. John used to date Cole's mother, Marty, and was like a big brother or father figure to him for a while. They were all characters on "One Life to Live" before it was canceled in 2011.

John is a police detective in Llanview, Pennsylvania, but he used to work for the FBI. He shares a history with Sonny Corinthos. John blames Sonny for the death of his sister. John has a girlfriend, Natalie, whom he loves. They share a son, Liam.

Since John's arrival in Port Charles, he has run into Sam many times. They seem familiar to each other, although neither has ever met the other. Sam has confided her personal problems with her husband, Jason, to John. Jason works for Sonny.

John knows Anna from his days in the FBI. Anna has gotten him Federal power while he's in Port Charles to investigate Sonny. Sonny was blamed for the car accident but was found not guilty. However, he is a mob boss, so John plans to find evidence to put him behind bars.

John used to be quite dour, moody, and not very talkative. He has changed a bit and now smiles, jokes, and speaks more than he used to. He is a tough cop and relentless in the pursuit of justice. He is often very heroic, especially when it comes to rescuing women in danger.

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Page updated 5/2/12

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