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Lady Jane Jacks

Played by Barbara Tarbuck

Jane is the mother of Jax and Jerry. By all accounts, she was a great mom. Her husband was John Jacks. He died in 2003 after his "lucky cards" were stolen. Jax got them back for him, after a long search, but John died just as Jax gave them to him. These were the cards Wild Bill Hickock used, known as the "Dead Man's Hand", so they were very lucky.

Jane first appeared in 1996 with her husband John. Her nickname is "Lady Jane". She is very smart and can always tell what's going on, even if her sons don't always tell her the truth. She always supports them, however.

Jane and John had a wonderful and adventurous marriage and family. They had a lot of money and moved to Alaska to raise their two sons with adventure. Jax turned out to be mostly a good guy, for a corporate raider. Jerry, sadly, became very bad. At first he was just a ne'er-do-well who got into a lot of trouble, but eventually, after being held captive and tortured, he became evil, as he delved into blackmail, kidnapping, and murder.

Jane often came to Port Charles over the years to visit Jax and his family, or Jax came to visit her. She thought Jax and Carly made a great couple and was sad to see them get divorced.

Not much is known about Jane's own life beyond her marriage and children, or other family she might have. She lives in Australia and is not seen very often.

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Page updated 5/8/12

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