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The General Hospital Character Descriptions Pages

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Franco AKA Robert Frank

Played by James Franco

Known by all as "Franco", he is really Robert Frank. He became an artist and thus went by the name Franco. His mother is Betsy, and she calls him "Bobby".

Although Franco is rich, gorgeous, charismatic, and a talented artist, he is also a sick and twisted villain, like something out of a comic book (reminds me of The Joker). He likes to play mind games, particularly with Jason.

Franco became a serial killer and then became obsessed with Jason. He wanted to impress Jason with his killings and his art, but then Jason rejected him, so he started targeting Jason and his family. Sam and Jason recently found out that Franco is really Jason's fraternal twin brother, another son of Alan Quartermaine and Susan Moore. Susan gave birth to Franco while she was passed out, so the nurse (Betsy) stole the baby, with Susan's cousin Heather's help. Heather sold the baby to Betsy, basically.

Franco first appear on the show in November, 2009. He has appeared now and then. He is supposedly dead, killed by Jason, but we don't know if that's true or not.

Franco saw Jason, Max and Milo get rid of Claudia's body after she was killed by Michael, so he sent photos to Jason of a re-enactment of the murder. Later, he spray-painted the word CO77X on a wall, dressed as a bum. Some mobsters were hired by Anthony to kill Dante and Sonny there. Later, Franco saw these same mobsters in a shoot-out with Jason, Max, Milo and Dante. Franco finished off one of the still-living mosters and then posed him in an odd position as "art".

Franco exhibited his photos of crime scene re-enactments in an exhibit. The exhibit was organized by Maxie and Kate for their magazine Crimson. Franco took weird photos of Maxie and then slept with her. Later, Jason finally met Jason and told him how much he idolized his work, calling it "art", which creeped Jason out. Franco sent Jason many threats.

Franco was revealed to have worked with Ronnie for a long time, but then Franco ran him over. Franco kidnapped Sam and Carly. Jason saved them, but Franco escaped. Later, Franco kidnapped Lulu and Maxie, placing them above some bombs so that Jason has to choose which one to save. Dante saved Lulu (Maxie's bomb was fake). Franco kept sending threats to Jason, who always was one step behind him.

Jason and Dante find out Franco's past and visit his mother to try to track him down. She is pretty weird, not quite right, it seems. Franco kidnapped Aiden in order give his mother the kind of son she always wanted, but Lucky rescued him.

Franco kept dropping by Crimson to terrorize Lulu and Maxie and leave notes for Jason.

Franco had a large exhibit at MoCA in L.A., so Jason and Dante went there to catch him. They found a DVD where Franco admits that he made prison inmate Carter to mess with Michael in order to annoy Jason, but he claims it was Carter that decided to beat and rape Michael. Jason and Franco got into a public fight, which the crowd thought was part of the performance art. Franco faked his death.

Franco phoned Jason after the explosion at Sonny and Brenda's wedding, to take credit for it (he is assumed to be in league with the Balkan). He kept taunting Jason by phone and video. He stole Sam's wedding dress and put cameras around the church where they were to be married, so he can watch their wedding reception and dance around with Sam's dress.

Franco followed Sam and Jason to their honeymoon in hawaii, where he set up more video cameras. Franco left a drugged beer for Jason, with a note that he thought is from Sam. He does the same thing to Sam. Jason awakens to a camera that shows Sam taking a shower in their carb. Then Franco grabbed Sam, who passed out. Franco undressed himself and carried Sam into the bedroom, and then he covers up the security camera, leaving Jason to think the worst. Jason escapes and finds Sam, who is alone. She had a vague memory of being in bed with someone, so they conclude that she was raped. Later, Franco taunted them with another video.

Jason learns from Spinelli in January 2012 that Franco has been hiding out at his studio. Jason goes there and Franco taunts his fianle will be worse for Jason. Jason shoots him, and Franco says that he will never know. Franco's studio caught fire, and he is thought to be dead.

Later, Sam was found to be pregnant. First they did a DNA test that concluded Jason was the father. However, after finding out that Franco is his twin, they do another test and find out that Franco is the father. This all creates a lot of strain on Jason and Sam's marriage.

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Page updated 5/8/12

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