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The General Hospital Character Descriptions Pages

Learn about your favorite General Hospital characters!

Cooper Barrett
Played by Jason Gerhardt
Written by Laurie

When we first met Cooper (Coop), he was one of the masked gunmen that took over the Metro Court.   He was named “Three” by hostage ringmaster, James Craig (later revealed to be Jerry Jacks).  Coop was soon trapped in the safe with Maxie Jones.  When his mask finally came off, we could see that Coop was a young and handsome guy.  Maxie was able to break through Coop’s “tough guy” demeanor.

After the hostage crisis ended, Maxie helped Coop get out of the hotel without being noticed.  She even let him hide at the Scorpio house.  At that point, we could see that Coop was sweet and well meaning.  He wasn’t a bad guy; he was just a guy who made a bad decision for money.  Maxie got Coop a room at Kelly’s.  Soon the two became more than friends.  

When it was revealed to Sonny Corinthos that Coop was one of the gunmen, he was brought in to Sonny.  Coop was forced to join the PCPD on Sonny’s orders.  Maxie stole a copy of the exam that Coop had to pass.  He entered the academy at the top of the class.  

Coop had become a very likeable character.  He was always there when he was needed.  Coop was a true friend to Logan, Lulu, and Maxie.  He worried about Maxie’s self esteem issues.  He genuinely liked Maxie and tries to look out for her.  Coop always protected the people he cares about.   He tried to protect Lulu from Logan’s temper and his secrets. He helped out his old army friend Cody, who had PTSD.

Later, Georgie suspected Coop of being the Text Message Killer, so she had Spinelli investigate him. He was found dead in his room, an apparent suicide. We found out later that Diego was the real killer, but we never did find out who killed Cooper or if he really did commit suicide (which seems unlikely).

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Page updated 5/1/12

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