GH Best Lines Tuesday 8/14/12


Provided By Wanda

Heather: Todd Manning. And I thought you were avoiding me.

Todd: What ever gave you that idea?

Heather: You don't return my calls. I leave you messages.

Todd: Do you? Really? Oh. Yeah, you're right. There's only 97 of them, though.

Heather: It's not healthy, you know.

Todd: What? Being away from you? Helps my well-being.

Heather: I was referring to your state of denial. We talk about it often in group. You can never get rid of your problems by sticking your head in the sand.

Todd: So where do you stick your head? I'm sorry. Where were we?

Heather: I wouldn't be so cavalier if I were you. I may be locked up in this hell hole, but I can still ruin your life.

Todd: All right. What is it that you want?

Heather: My terms remain the same.

Todd: You want me to get you out of here.

Heather: If you don't, you give me no choice. I'll have to call Samantha and tell her that that baby of hers is alive and well and living in Llanview. Alice the cat is about to explore.

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