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The General Hospital Articles Pages

2009 General Hospital Opinion Articles and Essays!

G.H. Commentary by Rachel

It Never Happened

There have been several storylines in the past that were thoroughly enjoyable. After an eight-year wait, Elizabeth and Jason had their night of passion, which was all I ever hoped for. I never expected, though enjoyed the angst-filled love affair and baby Jake that soon followed. Also, their storyline brought the end of Jason and Sam. It was by far, my most favorite storyline, and I know it got incredible feedback, so why has it disappeared?

In a matter of months, all of this has been rewritten, forgotten and apparently never to be revisited again. The love affair between Elizabeth and Jason ended before it really began, again. After years of push-pull stalling tactics, it was just over. This was very reminiscent of their lack of relationship in the past. Giving avid watchers and Liason fans hope and then dashing them. Now, they donít have any scenes together. If by a miracle they do have a scene, we get distant longing stares and no words. And as far as their son, Lucky is the father of record. In fact, Jason hasnít even seen his son in months. Itís like TPTB would like us to forget that Jason is Jakeís father.

After a bad ending that turned Sam into a vengeful lunatic, she proceeded to reap havoc on Elizabethís life. She deemed Elizabeth the reason behind her breakup with Jason and decided to destroy her life. She succeeded, but also received Jasonís (and Elizabethís) detestation for allowing an unstable woman to kidnap his son and staging a fake mob scene in the park. In the infamous scene, Jason told Sam that he would kill her if she ever caused Elizabeth and her sons pain. Apparently all has been forgiven, since they are friends now, similar to how they were before the got involved. Again, the TPTB shouldíve been true to Jasonís history and have Sam banished from his realm for many years. One couldnít speak Robinís name to Jason for years after her betrayal.

This brings me back to my initial question: why did the results of this particular storyline dissolve into nothingness? The next thing you know, Jake will turn out to be Luckyís biological son and Jason takes Sam back Ė romantically. That would be a sad day in GH history. It will also be the day I turn GH off forever.

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Page updated 5/27/12

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