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The General Hospital Articles Pages

2009 General Hospital Opinion Articles and Essays!

Hollywood Happenings in the Television World
by Soap Publicist Tommy Garrett
March 29, 2009

Jack Wagner, The Actor, The Man, The Giant

Actor, soulful singer Jack Wagner who portrays Nick Marone on the most watched show on the planet, “The Bold and the Beautiful,” took time to give me an exclusive interview about his work on “B&B” and a charity that is very close to the superstar’s heart. Wagner was the hottest star in the ‘80s while starring on ABC’s General Hospital as Frisco Jones. During that time he also launched a hit musical career. Then, during the ‘90s, Wagner starred in Aaron Spelling’s mega hit “Melrose Place.”

The actor who could have landed a movie career or continued on primetime if he wanted was smart enough to head back to daytime with an offer from Bradley P. Bell on the CBS daytime drama “The Bold and the Beautiful.” Wagner has since given nothing short of an incredible performance in the role that is now unable to be played by anyone other than the great star himself. Jack’s Nick Marone is a standup guy, much like his alter ego. Nick is one of the most eligible bachelors in Beverly Hills who currently is involved with Katie Logan. Wait a minute: wasn’t he married to Katie’s niece Bridget Forrester? Sure. But not before and after he was involved with Bridget’s super-hot sexy mom Brooke Logan, played by Katherine Kelly Lang.

Photo Courtesy: Gilles Toucas, Bell Phillip TV Productions

Fans are still split over whether they want Nick and Brooke together. The chemistry that Jack Wagner shares on screen with his leading ladies is incredible. Wagner is one of those stars that you just cannot take your eyes off while he’s acting. Wagner’s style is very intimate with the audience. He’s able to convey Nick’s feelings of love, passion, anger or despair.

Recently, Nick Marone started facing problems much like everyone in the world. Nick has become a casualty of the global economic decline. Wagner could play it in an unrealistic way but he doesn’t. There is nothing unrealistic about Wagner’s acting. He’s the Spencer Tracy of the daytime industry. Wagner has the ease that Tracy was known for. He simply lives the role. No method acting on his part. Wagner is too talented to need such trickery. However, Spencer Tracy never was the handsome leading man like Jack Wagner.

Wagner, however, is a lot more than just a handsome face with amazing talent; he’s a man of real depth, a man of great character. Jack Wagner has become increasingly involved with a charity that is close to his heart. Wagner has founded the Jack Wagner Celebrity Golf Classic. And this year the actor will be hosting his third annual golf event on Saturday, April 21. We will be announcing details later in Canyon News about the charity that means so much to the icon.

Speaking exclusively with Canyon News, Jack Wagner explained why this charity means so much to him. “My brother Dennis has been battling leukemia for 10 years now. He received a full bone marrow in July of 2007 and his survival is based upon the research and combination of new treatments which is what my annual golf event raises money for,” he said. Family is very important to Jack Wagner, who is a hands-on father as well. But it takes a special kind of person to create a charity in order to selflessly raise funds to help with crucial and needed research that not only benefits his brother, a cancer battler, but everyone else suffering from Leukemia as well. That’s the kind of man he is.

When asked how he’s able to bring such a fresh approach to each episode, making the character as exciting today as the first day we saw him, Wagner said, “I treat every day as a new play and a new performance. One scene at a time and try to make the most interesting choices I can.” Interesting choices he makes. Not since John Barrymore have fans seen a man with such intense and strong presence on the screen that is fresh and exciting each time you see him. Many in television become stale and have the same approach to every scene, every storyline they are given. Not Wagner. Just as many curve balls as Bradley Bell is known for throwing to his actors, Wagner hits each pitch out of the park. You can always know that when Wagner is on the screen and Bell’s writing that you are headed for real entertainment. Wagner is too modest to realize that his work is Emmy-worthy every day with the most style and panache of any other actor in television today.

But Wagner is not all about serious issues. When I asked him how he feels about working with the most beautiful actresses in the industry on his show. He laughed and summed it up in one word: “Good!” Wagner has a great sense of humor and it was showcased recently when he crashed the set of “The Price is Right,” which is filmed next door to “B&B.” Wagner went over to the set and told Drew Carey to keep the racket down, he was filming a love scene next door. Well fans in the audience screamed as if they had just seen Elvis.

They actually did see someone who has just as much musical talent as the late great Elvis. Wagner is well known worldwide as a singer and songwriter. Wagner’s entertainment skills and talent are boundless. Luckily for us, Bradley Bell’s are as well. He keeps Nick on the front burner as far as storyline goes. Fans can’t get enough of Nick Marone.

My attention has recently been piqued by one of the storylines Wagner is playing out now. Nick is battling financial problems just like every other businessman in the world. He is trying to salvage his mother’s design company Jackie M. while trying to make choices that will save the livelihoods of his hundreds of employees while still looking out for the bottom line on the Marone ledger book. When I asked the star who came up with the brilliant plot to have Marone Industries struggle similar to firms like AIG and other Wall Street titans. Wagner said, “I’m very excited about this story. I think it’s time Nick got his edge back. He spent too much time dealing with bosoms and babies and now he can focus on bosoms and budgets. The economy part of the storyline was Brad Bell’s idea and I’m glad we are dealing with current crisis that everyone in the world is facing. I hope that Nick can lead by example of how patience and a clear head can lead to positive results.” If anyone can keep a clear head about this matter and save the company and learn something from the economic crisis, it’s Nick Marone.

Wagner as Nick Marone have no limit of leading ladies, whether it’s the Logan women or even getting Stephanie’s attention. Nick is a man who with one word or the look in his eye captures the attention and interest of every lady in Beverly Hills and on the show. But the one he gets to work the most with is Lesley Anne Down, who is one of the most beautiful women on the planet. But for the character of Nick, it’s probably the woman he loves the most, the one he respects, admires and can be totally honest with. Lesley’s Jackie Marone is Nick’s mother. The two characters share a rich history of love and affection. Jackie and Nick truly do have each other’s backs. They seem to be more like Siamese Twins than mother son these days. And it’s only going to become more so in the coming weeks.

When asked how he and Lesley are able to have so much chemistry on air, Wagner smiled, then with utter sincerity and sensitivity said, “Lesley-Anne and I do share the same interests… laughter. I’d say we each have a realistic attitude towards life as well as a bit of a twisted attitude towards life. The best part of working with Lesley is that we collaborate together and have mutual respect for each others opinion and both want what’s best for the show.”

A day at CBS is always exciting. But a day in the presence of greatness is rare. Jack Wagner, thank you for giving me such a day. Spending time with Wagner and hearing such intelligent and inspiring words coming from someone I admire and respect was very uplifting. Wagner goes up with the greats in entertainment: yes, Spencer Tracy, Humphrey Bogart and Clark Gable. Surely Wagner’s work cements his place in history along with the other icons who have their names, faces and even hand prints along Hollywood Boulevard. Jack Wagner however has tried to make his life mean something for others. He gives meaning with his amazing charity, his loving paternal relationship with his children and his respect for not only his costars but his fellow man. All of these things are what makes a man, a legend. And in Wagner’s case, a giant.

The opinions in these articles are those of the writer and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of The TV MegaSite or its other volunteers.

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Page updated 5/27/12

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