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The General Hospital Articles Pages

2009 General Hospital Opinion Articles and Essays!

G.H. Commentary by Rachel


I have to admit that I’m a true Sonny fan. I have been once since he stepped into Port Charles and had Luke’s back. I loved him with Brenda and managed to grow to like him with Carly. I even developed a bizarre appreciation for Sonny and Emily. I also loved his friendships with Stone, Robin and Jason. Did I mention that I love Sonny? Even though this is true, how self-centered can one person be? I thought only one-dimensional characters like Carly, Sam, Lucky, Maxie and Lulu were the ones self-centered. Then there came Sonny.

For the past year and a half, Sonny has been a cheater, a rageoholic and has treated Jason like his personal whipping boy. Some of you might claim that Sonny has always been these three (among others), and I would agree to a certain extent. My only excuse is that I must’ve been in some serious denial. Now, it seems impossible to deny Sonny’s unsavory behavior.

With his latest love Kate, he managed to cheat on her with Claudia and Carly. He excused his one night stand with Claudia by stating that Kate didn’t accept his first marriage proposal, and he “thought” they were over. After being forgiven, months later he has limo sex with Carly after taking a comatose Michael to a long term care facility. He excused that by saying it was grief sex, he was turning to Carly for comfort. Kate took him back again.

Sonny’s blind rage has been seen over the years, but the last few storylines, he’s been beyond crazy. Kate has been shot twice, both times Sonny acted before thinking. The first time he was sure Johnny Zacchara was beyond it, but it wasn’t the Zaccharas. Jason, who made sure there was peace between the two “families,” told Sonny to “think” about it. In fact, Jason refused to take action against Johnny, since he had extreme doubts. Sonny took matters into his own hands by kidnapping Johnny and torturing him for information regarding Kate’s shooting and Michael’s disappearance. It was Jason who realized that Michael was the one who shot Kate and ran away. After the damage was done, Sonny saw the possibility it was Michael, which was later confirmed by the boy himself.

Kate’s latest shooting had Sonny after a Russian mobster named Karpov. Once again Jason told him that Karpov wasn’t involved and once again Sonny berated him for not taking action. Now, weeks later, and after Sonny killed Karpov himself, he’s starting to believe that maybe Karpov didn’t shoot Kate, therefore, Jason was right (again).

Now Sonny has married into the Zaccharas by way of Claudia, to take control of their organization. Only, he secretly insists that he’s doing it to prove that Anthony ordered the hit on Kate. Yet, all his actions suggest that he’s doing it to use his new found power to force Jason’s hand. Hence, becoming Jason’s “enemy.” That was a real smart move.

Does anyone see a pattern here or do I need to continue? Sonny can’t keep his pants on nor keep his anger in check long enough to “think” the current situation through. Each time he causes more harm than good yet never truly accepts responsibility for his actions. Very rarely has he apologized to Jason for not listening to him, yet seems to dismiss Jason’s instincts every chance he gets.

The opinions in these articles are those of the writer and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of The TV MegaSite or its other volunteers.

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Page updated 5/27/12

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