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The General Hospital Articles Pages

2008 General Hospital Opinion Articles and Essays!

By Destiny Eve P.
July 6, 2008

I will fully admit I have been losing interest and patience with this soap. I have been bored and disappointed by the recent storylines. I was surfing through YouTube and stumbled upon many great clips of what was once a great soap. The beloved Quartermaines were front burner and respected. I saw the arrival of Emily Quartermaine and remembered that at one time I actually liked the character. I saw potential and looked forward to her winning Nikolas Cassadine. I saw Elizabeth Webber's arrival and saw that at one time she was a bad girl who made things interesting and had a nice love story with Lucky Spencer. She too was a character I once liked. I was entranced by Stone and Robin's heartbreaking storyline. I was lured into the Brenda/Jagger/Karen storyline and wondering who to root for. I actually found Sonny's early appearances interesting. I liked Lois/Ned, Lucy/Kevin, Sean/Tiffany. It reminded me of better times and how this soap has fallen into a dark abyss. Now onto that abyss.

Sonny and Carly are once again dancing around each other. Their oldest son is lying in a coma and yet those two decide to have comfort sex. Sick and disgusting if you ask me. I will never understand the whole comfort sex thing. Now she is pregnant and instead of hoping and praying it's her husband's baby, she is lying and saying its Jason's. Now Jax will be hurt, because the guy has been wanting a baby for quite sometime, and apparently the writers believe that only Sonny should make babies. Jason is stupidly going along with the scheme all the while ignoring his own son, Jake.

Sonny and Kate are getting married, and I am still trying to see the great love between the two. I often wonder what would happen if Brenda returned. Would Kate stand a chance? Kate irritates me with her high and mighty attitude. I find it hard to root for her. Of course, she and Jax do have chemistry and do seem to be equally matched. Maybe they should ride off into the sunset and have many babies? It would be better than being stomped on by Sonny and Carly. because it's obvious the writers intend to revisit that pair for the hundredth time. Boring!

I finally get a Jerry and Alexis romance only to have their love scene be done off screen. However, those two do know how to kiss, and the actors have great chemistry. Jerry is back to his evil ways which I know will eventually ruin his relationship with Alexis. Why they can't somehow redeem him and bring him back to the good side and away from the mob is beyond me.

Robin and Patrick are a great couple being wasted in a stupid storyline. Don't get me wrong, I love that Robin is pregnant and hoping that she has a girl, but I am irked that she is pushing Patrick away. Now seeing it from her point of view, I would imagine she fears that she may die and leave Patrick a single father. Maybe she fears him turning into Noah and throwing his life away. Either way, those two will have to work things out and deal with it before us viewers begin tossing tomatoes at the screen.

The whole Lulu and Johnny romance bores me. He is hot and has potential, but she is irritating and annoying. Do I want him with Maxie? No! However it would be nice for Serena Baldwin to return or even Brooklynn Ashton and give Lulu a run for her money. Now we have Logan going off the deep end and soon facing the grim reaper. What a waste if you ask me. Sure the actor was difficult to work with, but he could have been dealt with a little better than ruining his character and killing him off. Now poor Scott Baldwin will not only have lost his daughter Karen Wexler, but also his son Logan. Once again the writers are crapping on a veteran character.

Now I am excited about the upcoming Night Shift Season 2, because not only will a better written Robert Scorpio return, but also the hunky Jagger Cates. Jagger returns with his autistic son Stone and catches up with his old friend Robin. I am dying to see how Patrick reacts as well as Robert. It is rumored that if Jagger does indeed stay in Port Charles, then Brenda may very well return as well and hook up with Jagger. Just as long as they keep him as far away from Carly and Sam as possible. Looking forward to Robert and Robin reconnecting. Till next time.

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Page updated 5/27/12

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