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The General Hospital Articles Pages

2008 General Hospital Opinion Articles and Essays!

G.H. Commentary by Rachel

Betrayed! ... Yet Again"

Show of hands. Who was waiting for Sonny to utter his famous words to Kate when the Devlin payoff came to light? For those who didn’t raise their hands, did you honestly think Sonny wasn’t going to pull the “betrayal” card? Let's face it, through the years, that has been the most recycled “Sonnyism” the viewers have been forced to relive.

We were first introduced to Sonny’s “you betrayed me” in the now infamous scene when Sonny ripped Brenda’s blouse, exposing the wire. In all dramatic flair, Sonny and Brenda were over. Yet, it didn’t stick. For the next few years, they did the “love/hate” dance, where he even proposed to her. One can safely say that he forgave her.

Speaking of forgiving, how many times did Sonny forgive Carly for her betrayals?  It seemed like every year she betrayed him one way or another. She turned him into the Feds.  She kept Alexis’ secret, that Kristina was Sonny’s child. She kissed Lorenzo Alcazar, his enemy.  Is there anything that I left out? I’m sure a true fan can think of something else.

Then there were two incidental relationships. First there was Hannah Scott, the undercover FBI agent, whose job was to cozy up to Sonny, only to fall in love with him.  Her betrayal was lying to him about who she was. Then there was Reese Marshall. She too was an FBI agent.  She was brought to PC to find his kidnapped children.  So her profession wasn’t the betrayal.  Her secret true identity of being the presumed friend of Caroline Benson, the true Carly Roberts, wasn’t a betrayal.  The betrayal came when Sonny found out that she had a one-night stand with his enemy/brother Rick.

Finally, we come to Sonny’s latest chapter of betrayal, with Kate.  She foolishly aided the disappearance of Dr. Devlin, after the doctor by day and drug smuggler by night admitted to shooting Michael.  When he divulged the truth to Kate, he gave her two options: one million dollars or the assassination of Sonny.  She chose the first option, and that is where her betrayal lies.

Although I love (love) Sonny, he becomes increasingly hypocritical every time he labels the women in his life as betrayers.  Keep in mind, that he’s not a hypocrite for taking these women back (Brenda, Carly and probably Kate); he’s a hypocrite because of his own betrayals.  He cheated on Hannah with Carly, on Carly with Alexis, on Carly (again) with Sam, and on Kate with Claudia.  Three of those affairs (Carly, Alexis, and Sam) produced a child.  He left Brenda at the altar.  He gained full custody of Morgan and Michael and had a restraining order placed on Carly, not allowing her anywhere near the boys. 

With the majority of his betrayals occurring before his counterparts’ betrayal, you would think Sonny would accept an apology and move on.  Remarkably, Sonny forgets his own betrayal, yet concentrates on theirs.  He makes himself the victim and plays that role for all it’s worth.  One would think Sonny would learn his lesson and stop repeating the same mistake.  Then again, this is the almighty Sonny Corinthos we’re talking about here, the perpetual hypocritical victim.  I’m counting the days until he’s “betrayed” yet again.

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Page updated 5/27/12

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