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The General Hospital Articles Pages

2008 General Hospital Opinion Articles and Essays!

By Destiny Eve P.
April 27, 2008

Let me apologize for the long delay, but as a new mom to a now 3-month-old little boy, finding some spare time isn't an easy task. Now on to the show.

Once again the extreme violence on this show has escalated to the point of little Michael Corinthos being shot in the head. The foolish writers, of course, think this is a ratings boost and entertaining; however, I find it disgusting. What happened to the wild adventures and romance? It's a shame, and sadly I find myself hoping this show will be put out of its misery. Carly is, of course, in denial and what mother wouldn't be? Fueling her anger further was Sonny admitting he pushed Kate out of the way instead of Michael. Of course, I don't like Sonny, because let's face it, when Michael ran away from home, where was he? Sitting by Kate's bedside, of course. It was up to Jason and Spinelli to try and track him down. In the end, Michael came home on his own.

I don't like Kate either, because she seems to have forgotten how to act decent. Instead she struts around with her nose up in the air and barks orders. She acts like she is better then everyone else and is always defending Sonny. I would rather see her with Jax, because they are both peas in a pod. As for Carly, I have never been a fan of hers either, but this storyline has her acting a little human. Though I didn't enjoy her spouting off to Robin, because Robin helped raise Michael for a brief while. The whole thing has been a poor excuse to push actor Dylan Cash off the canvas, so Michael can be rapidly aged.

The one who pulled the trigger was Dr. Ian Devlin who came on with great potential and I found myself wanting to know his background. Why did he become so bad? Did we get an answer? Nope. There was a bit of remorse at first, but then they officially made him unredeemable, and he and his talented portrayer Seamus Dever will be exiting shortly. What a waste! Sarah Brown returned to the canvas after much hype only to suffer at the hands of untalented writers. Her character Claudia was originally supposed to be a tough mob chick, but instead turned out to be a loose drama queen. First she beds Sonny, then becomes obsessed with him, and now it's on to Jason. Quick question. What is the appeal of either one of those guys? I don't see any. I mean, one guy is quick tempered and demanding, throws temper tantrums like a little kid, and demands that everyone kiss his behind. The other one lacks emotion, has no sense of humor, and barely smiles. He kills without blinking an eye and yet women seem to flock to him. I really don't understand it.

Claudia's brother is smitten with Lulu, and once again I ask why? There is nothing appealing about her either. She is selfish, always getting herself in trouble, mouths off to everyone, wants everything to revolve around her. I think it's time for Serena Baldwin to come in to town and steal Johnny away. Maxie and Spinelli are interesting and funny, but I suspect the writers will ruin it just like they ruined the whole Georgie and Spinelli story. Yes, I mean killing off poor Georgie and firing her poor portrayer. We saw a little spark with Maxie and Johnny; but, of course, he still pants after Lulu.

Slowly getting my J-Lex pairing. However, it's just been a few very hot kisses then nothing. They are supposed to finally make love but not until the end of May Sweeps. I am starting to lose patience, and from what I have heard so are their portrayers. I enjoy Sebastian Roché! He's handsome and sexy! Oh yeah, and one of my myspace buddies which makes me swoon even more. Of course, they had to toss Jerry into the whole Michael storyline, which in the end will result in everyone turning against him and Claudia. Alexis will probably be turned against when she steps in to protect him. Why can't they have a nice adventure and steamy romance? Let's just hope we get a love scene soon.

Robin is pregnant and reminds us of it every time she is on. Now I was pregnant not too long ago but didn't go around telling everyone about it. I did, however, have horrible and I mean horrible morning sickness, cravings and insecurity about my body. Anna isn't too happy about being a grandma, but what does she expect? Robin is 30 years old and a grown woman. It was bound to happen. Of course, Anna likes to go on adventures and be a spy, so she doesn't want anything to make her uncool. I wonder how Robert would react? But I am reminded of the horrible way he was portrayed the last time he was on. How cold and uncaring he was! It makes me shudder to think of how the writers would screw up his return again. Patrick is happy one moment and scared the next. As long as he sticks by Robin and takes responsibility as a father, I will be a happy camper.

Sam and Lucky are broken up and taking forever to get back together. I am hearing Liz will try and get him back; and if that happens, I will hate Liz even more. She dumped good guy Lucky for Jason, and now that Jason has backed off, she wants Lucky. Well I personally like Sam and Lucky and want them together. If anything, stick Liz back with Ric, since he obviously still loves her, and maybe she could knock some sense into him. Ric is defending Anthony Zacchara who, of course, is using him and really in cahoots with his dad Trevor. So once again Ric will be stepped on. I think it's time for him to come out on top again.

Nikolas will be moving on from Emily, and I can't wait. Personally they dragged the whole tumor/ghost story on way too long. Now Nikolas will be hanging around with Nadine, and I may be one of the few who likes the idea of a Nikolas/Nadine pairing, because she is different from Emily. I would like to see a dark side to Nadine and find out about her sister and past. If well written, they could have good potential. The Quartermaines have been pushed off the canvas except when it's convenient and that irritates me.

Well, the mob will continue to take control of this show, and so will the violence. Who knows what the future will hold. Til next time.

The opinions in these articles are those of the writer and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of The TV MegaSite or its other volunteers.

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Page updated 5/27/12

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