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The General Hospital Articles Pages

2008 General Hospital Opinion Articles and Essays!

G.H. Commentary by Rachel

The Truth

When it was spoiled that Lucky would finally know the truth about Sam’s misdeeds towards Liz and the boys, I eagerly waited, like a hungry vulture stalking its prey.  Weeks turned into days, hours into minutes, until the day finally was here.  Sam would be “outed” in the same fashion she felt necessary to out Liz and Jason’s paternity secret.  Unfortunately, the truth lacked climactic appeal, without any real gut-wrenching, stomach-turning admissions. 

First off, Elizabeth with all of her poise and grace, even after being called every name in the book by Lucky and Sam, tried to dissuade Lucky from learning the truth.  She wanted to protect him from the truth, since Sam made him happy.  She even made excuses for Sam, saying how desperate she was to hold on to Jason.  If Lucky didn’t push her, she probably would have never told him. 

Secondly, once Lucky knew the truth, he didn’t immediately confront Sam. He spent the day contemplating what to do, realizing how much of a fool he was and how he got played.  He also realized how he allowed himself to get played, just to get back at Liz and Jason.  Yet still, no Sam confrontation. 

When Lucky did confront her, he was mad, but not mad enough to yell, to make me feel his pain.  The confrontation felt like more of a lovers’ quarrel that would be quickly resolved.  I wanted more from Lucky, especially after months of saying how “honest” Sam was and how she owned up to her feelings, was caught doing the very thing he berated Liz for…lying.  

In all honesty, I didn’t expect some drag out beat down argument that would have me talking about it for days.  I did expect more than what I saw.  I assumed that Sam would use her usual excuses, therefore I never expected more from her.  This was all Lucky. It was his anger, his hurt and him finally learning the whole truth that I was after.  And what I got didn’t compare to what should have been. 

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Page updated 5/27/12

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