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The General Hospital Articles Pages

2008 General Hospital Opinion Articles and Essays!

By Destiny Eve P.
January 13, 2008

Let me first apologize for being so late with my article. I am pregnant and a few days past my due date. My pregnancy has been a rough one, so I have been trying to get a lot of rest. Now on to the show.

It seems as though the new craze is to kill off either the veterans of the show or whoever is considered the saints. Thanksgiving brought the funeral of Emily Quartermaine and on Christmas we once again had to suffer through another funeral. This time Georgie Jones. It sickens me how they feel the need to kill off the characters with history and keep on the newbies. They could have explored the character of Georgie, but instead they killed her off. First she had to watch as her husband Dillon chased after Lulu along with two other guys. Then she falls for Spinelli only to watch him lust after Lulu as well. Her life and Emily's are both ended by some Text Message Killer who decided to suddenly go on a killing spree. From what I hear it may be Coop and I have to wonder why?

Georgie's death brought Felicia back to town and brought out the vengeful side of Maxie. Maxie has always made things more interesting; however, it seems as though she is the punching bag on this show. She has a heart condition, lost her true love, Jessie, fell for Lucky only to have him use her and turn against her, now she has fallen in love with a killer. While Maxie suffers her worst enemy and one of the characters I loathe, Lulu is once again lusted after. Lulu seems to enjoy getting herself in trouble and right in the middle of a mob war. I guess her life is just so boring that she feels she needs a little danger or maybe it's pure stupidity. Either way it grates my nerves. She has Logan who is madly in love with her, and she has bad boy Johnny lusting after her as well. Gee, it must be nice to have men fall at your feet. If only we all had that kind of luck.

We have Jason and Liz and their so called tortured love story. I find it boring and couldn't care less. Yes he is Jake's father, but let's move on and quit dwelling on it. Now we have Sam telling Carly about the whole mess, and as always Carly has to stick her nose in someone else's business. She's another character I loathe. While her son Michael is showing signs of being a future psychopath, she is off in Jason's business. She should be getting Michael lots of therapy or sending him to military school. Anything to keep him from possibly hurting someone. Meanwhile, she and Jax are trying to have a baby, and I wonder why would you want to bring another child into the world when the one you have is so messed up? Sonny, of course, is no better when it comes to parenting. He is so obsessed with Kate that he can't be bothered about his own children. That's what makes me hate Skate. Yes, they are fresh and new instead of the same old Carson love story, but the guy has to think about his children first.

Skye left town and it was a sad end for what once was an exciting character. Skye has always had fire in her. She was excellent on All My Children and One Life to Live, but when it came to General Hospital, she was poorly used. Skye was also the punching bag who always got her heart ripped out. She fell for Jax only to have him marry then leave her for Brenda. She fell for Luke only to have him leave her for Tracy. She fell for Alcazar only to have him still obsessed with Carly and taking down Sonny/Jason. Then she fell for Ric only to have him more interested in Alexis and the mob. I hated to see her leave but really she had no other choice. I was happy to at least see her leave alive than in a body bag. It's just sad that she didn't get a happy ending.

Alexis and Jerry are still dancing around each other. A few kisses here and there getting my hopes up. However, Jerry has to, of course, be involved with the mob as well. God forbid, there be one single character who isn't involved with the mob. I hear we are finally getting a Scrubs baby, and all I can say is it's about time. Lets hope Anna and Robert pop up to see their grandkid be born. Let's also hope this story is done tastefully and realistically. Leyla is said to cause trouble for Patrick, and all I can say is please move on. Loving the Diane and Alexis scenes. Hoping for a Diane/Max love story.

The whole crap with Luke just bored me. He needs to have surgery on his heart yet he is trying to escape and light up a cigar. I just shook my head, because that was obviously selfish and shows that he never thinks of anyone but himself. However, Lulu finally got through to him only to in return go off and get herself kidnapped. Now we have some poor guy whose wife is in desperate need of medical care getting turned away because of no insurance. What a horrible hospital that is. So, of course, the poor guy straps a bomb to himself and will be holding people hostage. Do I blame him? Nope. However it does make me wonder about the Quartermaines and their position in the hospital. Hopefully, this will be a wake-up call for them to finally use their pull for good. Changing that stupid policy will save some lives. I am hoping to see the snotty Ms. Sneed and Dr. Ford go down during the hostage storyline, because they are two very ruthless and snotty characters. Of course, Jason will come out as the hero because apparently he is Batman or Superman in human form who must save the day in every storyline and have women lusting after him. BARF!!!! It would be nice to for once see Lucky or Nikolas or some other character as the hero.

Ah, yes, then there is the big news that Sarah Brown is returning to General Hospital as a new character. She was the original Carly and, in my opinion, one of the best. However, it will be weird to see her as a new character. Supposedly, she is coming on as Johnny's big sister and the new big bad in town. She'll have a love affair with Ric; but, of course, we know that down the line, she'll fall for Sonny or Jason. Almost every new female who enters the scene seems to lust after Sonny and Jason. Why, I have no clue? Let's hope she brings some excitement. What would be nice would be to see less of the mob and more of the hospital. More adventure and lots of romance. However, I am not holding my breath. This show is so obsessed with violence and death that it's sickening. Let's hope things change for the better.

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Page updated 5/27/12

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