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The General Hospital Articles Pages

2007 General Hospital Opinion Articles and Essays!

November Sweeps
By Destiny P.
November 11, 2007

Well here it is the November Sweeps event that is supposed to have us tuning in every single day just to see what happens. However it has had the opposite effect on me. I find myself not caring anymore. Sure it started out nice, but now I find myself fast-forwarding through most days. We of course as always have Jason riding to the rescue. I swear, is there ever a time when this man isnít the hero? I mean, to me he is not all that. We of course have to have Carly front and center along with Lulu aka Helen of Troy wanna be.

So we have a fancy Black and White Ball in which almost everyone except the vets are invited to. How these people can afford to dress up and go to a fancy ball I will never know. Everything is going fine until dead bodies start turning up. Now you have a killer on the loose who is offing those in his or her path and then you have the stupidity. Lulu immediately rushes out to chase after Johnny Zacchara aka her new love interest as if she doesnít have enough men chasing after her already. BARF!

Even when he tells her that his father Anthony is on the loose and wants to kill her, she still throws herself out in the open. Then we have Carly who just has to be the center of attention and just has to go off in search of the killer. She claims she is doing it for her nanny who was murdered, but come on, I never really thought they were that buddies. Now she wants to avenge her death. Let's get real.

Now if I was at a party and a killer was on the loose killing those in his or her path would I be sneaking out on my own to investigate? Hell No! I would be hanging out with a crowd of people and making sure that I have a handy weapon in my hand. To go off on your own is just stupid but these characters just donít seem to care. The DA Ric Lansing has been stabbed and is now bleeding to death. His only hope for survival of course is Sonny who must donate some of his blood. Of course, Sonny has to ride in to the rescue as well. We then have Alexis who has appendicitis, which has come at the worst time because the doctors are already busy trying to keep Ric alive. Ric and Alexis make peace and it seems they still have feelings for one another, which leaves me asking why? They seemed to be so miserable together. He cheated on her and stepped on her. He belongs with Skye who clearly has the hots for him and Alexis needs to hook up with Jerry.

Jerry is actually acting decent and trying to be a hero in this mess. He is actually teaming up with Jax to find a way off the island and actually worked with Sam. That was a shocker since weeks ago he was threatening her. Nothing like a good killing spree to bring people closer. Anthony appears to be the big bad in this story with a sick obsession for his son. Its all rather confusing I mean does he want to kill the boy or just want the boy in his grasp? Of course he is trying to off Lulu who has been hanging around Johnny. I find myself saying kill her and be done with it. Sorry but Lulu is grating on my last nerve. I am sick and tired of watching almost every young guy on the show fight for her affections. As if Spinelli still lusting after her wasnít enough we now have Logan and Johnny fighting for her as well. She is also at the center of this storyline. Lucky is once again made to look stupid. Same old same old. God forbid, he should come out the hero in any storyline. We have Nikolas and these strange fits of rage he keeps having. Why he is freaking out a lot I have no idea. Of course, Emily must stick by her man no matter how aggressive and psychotic he becomes. She may be a victim to the killer or may not who knows. All I know is that she is in need of a brain transplant.

Luke is finally declaring his love for Tracy. Weíll see how long this last. We all know that man canít stay put and is always taking off all the time. Half the time itís to the rescue of his comatose love Laura. He and Scotty are still fighting over that woman, and I just roll my eyes. She is never waking up and even if she did, she would want Luke. Both men need to move on and let her go. After wandering around in the dark with a killer on the loose, Liz is now hiding out in the stables after being rescued by her precious Jason. YAWN!

Georgie who has been on this show for a couple of years is shoved off to the ballroom, while newbies Nadine and Leyla get more scenes and lines. I can see Georgie falling victim and I say good riddance. The actress deserves something better and staying on the show would be a huge mistake. Not only did her true love Dillon suddenly fall for Lulu and declare his love for Lulu instead, but also now her crush Spinelli is ignoring her in favor of new girl Nadine. However not even Nadine can hold his interest, because he is still in love with Lulu. Talk about a waste. It would have been nice to see Johnny fall for Georgie and turn her into a bit of a rebel, but no we canít have that.

Let's hope this Sweeps gets more interesting and that the writers will actually surprise us. As for the writers I am not surprised that they are going on strike. They need some respect. However I wonder what will become of daytime soaps. They seem to be nearing an end and I am not surprised. I find them becoming more and more boring, and I too am a writer. I can think of plenty of ways to make them more interesting but of course I am no paid soap writer so no one will listen. Let's hope that when the end does come, they do it right.

The opinions in these articles are those of the writer and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of The TV MegaSite or its other volunteers.

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Page updated 5/28/12

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