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The General Hospital Articles Pages

2007 General Hospital Opinion Articles and Essays!

General Hospital Happenings by Wanda
Catching up on General Hospital

Jason Morgan ~ He has given up all ties to his baby mama (Elizabeth Spencer) and son. It was a touching scene when he realized his life is too dangerous, and they would be better off without him. Of course, this is just for the purpose of angst and drama for Lucky and Liz. In the meantime, he is all about protecting Carly and her kids from Anthony Zacchara. He is focused on work and keeping his mind off Liz and Jake. Unfortunately, he is too late to save Leticia from death by a telephone cord.

Sonny ~ He is not doing well since learning that Trevor Lansing is in town. First off he has to worry about a new mob boss taking over his territory. Then he has to deal with all the past drama that Trevor is reintroducing. Unfortunately, Sonny is drinking again. Hopefully, he does not get into a manic or depressive episode while in the middle of a mob war. On the romantic front, things seem to be heating up between him and Kate. It is obvious that he wants a relationship with her, but will she jeopardize her career to be with him. If she does lose Couture, she just needs to have the guts to put out her own magazine.

Samantha McCall ~ She is just flipping out. She is seducing Lucky, terrorizing Liz, and living her life for revenge. I haven't seen a happy moment in her life since she watched as little Jake was kidnapped. Where will her destruction end? I think she will be the one to lose out. Maybe Shady Brook is cleaning out a room for her at the moment. Recently, she was parading herself in front of Lucky in a bathing suit and turned down the opportunity to live with Nikolas for the sake of her independence.

The Teens ~ Logan really likes Lulu, and they have made love. Maxie cannot tolerate Logan, and he hates her just as much. However she is physically attracted to him, and they have sex after she informs him that she will reveal their little bet to Lulu. Logan has fallen for Lulu and does not want her to get hurt and eventually cut him out of her life by finding out that their relationship started out as a bet with Maxie. Cooper, who was once Maxie's man, does not want anything to do with her after catching her in a lip lock with Logan. I do not see them getting back together even though Maxie is trying to get him back, in between ruining Lulu's life. Cooper will be totally done with her after he learns that she and Logan have actually slept together. Spinelli is still crushing on Lulu even though she is upset with him because he does not support her relationship with Logan. He does not notice at all that Georgie flirts with him, compliments him, and gets upset whenever he talks about how much he likes Lulu and she does not return his affections. Personally, I would be tired for falling for guys who have already fallen for Lulu. Nevertheless, it would be sweet to see them together.

Elizabeth Spencer ~ She is trying to keep her marriage together (I wish she wouldn't) even though Lucky seems to be making every effort to send her running out of the house. He is not even meeting her half-way. If he was not ready to try and move on, he should have said so instead of running around, playing body guard to Samantha and kissing her as though she had some pills stuck in her mouth and he needed a fix. Elizabeth finally gave him an ultimatum- try to work on the marriage or she’ll take the kids and leave. He decides to try. What his version of trying is remains to be seen especially since he gets ticked off that Liz won’t sleep with him just yet.

Nikolas Cassadine ~ He and his cousin are having a lot in common right now because he seems to be losing it as well. The boy is getting angry, demanding and short tempered at the slightest provocation. At times, he stops himself but the struggle he is having controlling his anger is apparent. Tyler Christopher is doing a great job of navigating between the smooth Cassadine Prince and the angry, arrogant person that seems to be lying in wait inside of him, underneath the surface.

It will be interesting to see how all of these storylines and ground work come together over the next few weeks.  Things don’t seem to be getting better for Nikolas, especially since he found himself in a car and appeared totally confused as to how he got there or what he was doing there. A mystery is definitely brewing where he is concerned.

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Page updated 5/28/12

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