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The General Hospital Articles Pages

2007 General Hospital Opinion Articles and Essays!

G.H. Commentary by Rachel

Justified or Jealous?

There have been many debates in cyberspace to whether or not Samís fury is justified or just jealousy.  Message board after message board, its Liz fans verse Sam fans, each interpreting the facts to support their cause.  I too have been furiously typing on such boards, trying to represent the facts and nothing but the facts.  The facts donít lie, unlike Sam who tries to justify everything she does when in actuality, sheís just jealous.

If you can see, then it should be obvious to you that Sam is jealous of Elizabeth.  Even before Jake was born, and the eventful blackout, Sam was jealous of the fact that Jason cared for Liz.  For some reason, she felt threaten by Liz, even when it was clear that Liz was nothing more than a friend to Jason.

Fast forward to the blackout, Sam gets down and dirty with Rick and Jason spends the night with Liz.  This is where Samís jealousy was kicked into high gear.  Unlike Sam, Jason didnít regret being with Liz.  Sam couldnít accept that fact, it drove her crazy.  Also, despite their night together, Jason and Elizabeth remained friends.  Jason didnít despise Liz, but instead, still saw her as a confidant.

When Elizabeth became pregnant and wasnít sure who the father was, Sam flipped.  She instantly became jealous of the idea that Liz could be carrying Jasonís baby.  While Jason was secretly hoping that was the case, he kept his mouth shut.  Sam made it her business to get in Elizabethís face, once again showing anger induced by jealousy.

With Jakeís arrival and the truth about his paternity, Sam once again became increasingly jealous of Elizabeth for being the mother of Jasonís child.  She manipulated situations and went off on Jason, trying to get him to confess the truth.  It didnít work.  She even began to obsess about Jake and stalk him.  She witnessed Jakeís kidnapping and did nothing to stop it.  Plus, she taunted Liz by saying that they both lost a child, implying that Jake was dead.

Being true to only Sam, she justified her actions by insinuating that she was hurt that Jason didnít trust her enough to tell her the truth.  She was also hurt that Jason and Elizabeth decided to conceal the fact that he was Jakeís father from everybody.  Hence, not allowing Sam to try and convince him to seek sole custody, so that she could play ďmommy,Ē which is what Sam wanted the most.

Now with the demise of Jason and Sam, sheís even more angry and bitter towards Liz.  Am I the only one who sees it as jealousy?  Sam knows that she messed up.  She also knows that the probability of Jason making a family with Elizabeth, Jake and Cameron, is inevitable.  She knows that she will never have that with Jason, which makes her blinded with jealousy when it comes to Liz. Those are the facts, take them or leave them. 

The opinions in these articles are those of the writer and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of The TV MegaSite or its other volunteers.

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Page updated 5/28/12

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