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The General Hospital Articles Pages

2007 General Hospital Opinion Articles and Essays!

G.H. Commentary by Rachel


If anyone was questioning whether Jason and Samís relationship would weather this storm, you already know the answer.  This relationship is currently on life support and from the looks of it, the plug is about to be pulled.  Itís about time. 

Itís evident that that I am not a fan of Sam (just read my previous articles).  So, of course, I detest the Jason-Sam pairing.  Fortunately, I am not alone.  Unfortunately, the anti Jasam fans had to tolerate these two for the past two and a half years.  (They were definitely FF (fast forward) material.)  But I digressÖ

It became apparent to me the night Jason slept with Elizabeth, that it was over between him and Sam.  If youíre a die hard Jason fan, then you would know that Jason would never be unfaithful, even if the relationship was over.  When Robin and Jason broke up the first time, she went to Paris and he pined for her.  He repeatedly stopped Carlyís advances and continued to want only Robin.  If this was the case with Sam, he would have never gone to bed with Elizabeth. 

Another example of how this relationship is already over, Jason lied to Sam.  Everyone knows that Jason doesnít lie.  He would rather say nothing at all than lie.  Yet, here he was, keeping Jakeís true paternity a secret.  The only reason Sam knows the truth is because she over heard it.  Otherwise, she would still be in the dark. 

And the final clue that this relationship is dead, Jason believed that Sam could have kidnapped Jake.  If that doesnít say ďitís overĒ then I donít know what does.  Especially, since it didnít take him long to come to that realization.  If I recall correctly, it was a matter of hours. 

Jason knows itís over.  Itís written all over his face.  He might not have openly admitted, but heís definitely not in denial.  Now all he really has to do is say the words.  Then say them again and again, until Sam gets it.  Since we all know, from their last break up, she has trouble grasping the concept of ďitís over.Ē

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Page updated 5/28/12

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