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The General Hospital Articles Pages

2007 General Hospital Opinion Articles and Essays!

General Madness
By Destiny Eve Pifer
April 4, 2007

Is it me or has the show gotten a bit dull. The hostage crisis is over and done with and I have to admit that was the only time I was glued to the screen. Now the only storyline that interests me is the Craig/Alexis/Nic/Robin/Patrick/Emily storyline. I like the Mr. Craig character because he is a good villain who hopefully changes into a good man. Lets face it he made the hostage storyline pretty interesting.

Not to mention that the actor who portrays him is pretty yummy and that French accent makes him even yummier. I am looking forward to a Craig/Alexis romance because she may be the one to redeem him and he may just come to her rescue a few times. Especially when it comes to Ric wanting to bully her around. Everyone has a weakness and Craigís weakness may be Alexis. Who knows maybe we might get a look into his past and see why he turned out the way that he did. Like Alcazar losing the love of his life Sophia. I am guessing that maybe either Mr. Craig lost a ladylove who something truly horrible happened.

Sure I am a Scrubs fan and not to happy to see them split apart however it is giving both Robin and Nicholas a story. Itís nice to see Patrick having to try and fight for Robin. No matter what happens I have a feeling Scrubs will go off together hopefully with a baby in tow. As for Nicholas itís nice to see him in an interesting storyline instead of the same old boring stuff involving Helena and Emily. I like how he stands up to Craig but at the same time is helpless because he wants to protect the ones he loves.

Now the boring and dull storylines that are currently grating my nerves. The whole Rick Webber crap needs to end soon before I start pulling out my hair. At one time I liked Lulu and thought she had the potential to be a great character but as of lately she had turned into a whiney brat. Good grief all this woe as me boo hoo crap is making me seriously hate that character. Not to mention that she suddenly has not just three guys but now four guys panting after her. Give me a break. Like we want to see some young girl having to chose which guy to go out with. I sure donít.  I like the Maxie and Lulu fights because they prove to be pretty interesting. Maxie is a soap opera vixen and a good one.

The whole Sonny/Carly/Jax crap is fast forward material to me. It is sad to see Jax who at one time was a hero who swept women off their feet pining after a woman like Carly. I seriously hate the new Carly because she is just so nasty and stuck-up. All of this high and mighty crap and not to mention the bed hopping. She canít seem to make up her mind which man she wants and sleeps with both then dumps both. Its like come on make up your damn mind. I think Jax needs to go off and find Brenda ASAP. Sorry but I believe that he and Brenda were soul mates and how they ended things just wasnít right.

The Jason/Liz/Lucky crap also is fast forward material as well as Sam the hero/diva. Boring Very Boring.

The Tracy and Alan scenes are pretty funny and its nice to see Stuart Damon having some fun but I really wish they would have treated him a lot better. He was a great character and itís a shame that he was wasted. Now it appears that Monica may already be moving on. I am seeing a Monica/Noah romance on the horizon. Their interaction with each other tells me that sparks may fly between them. Wow and I thought that surely Bobbie would be getting some action soon. It would have been nice to see a Bobbie/Scotty romance but Scotty is being painted into a Villain.

Ah yes and my poor Lorenzo Alcazar who I adored and had hoped would have rode off in the sunset with Skye and Lila Rae may very well be killed during May Sweeps. I canít blame Ted Kind for wanting off the show. TPTB successfully ruined his character. A character that softened after meeting the nice version of Carly. I liked him and Skye together and was happy to see them have a daughter but then came the obsession with Sonny and Jason and that destroyed him. Now once again another character will be sacrificed for the sake of those two. I have a feeling that down the road Ric may very well bite the dust as well. Mr. Craig who is currently my fave will of course develop an obsession with Sonny and Jason as well. Knowing the TPTB and their favoritism of Sonny/Jason/Carly characters must be sacrificed so that they are made out to be heroes. Who knows they may have poor Craig falling at Carlyís feet declaring his love for him and right there will be the very end. Hey it happened to Alcazar and Jax. That woman just sucked the toughness right out of them and made them into horn dogs lusting after her every move. Very sad.

I also think its very sad that Robert Scorpio is nowhere to be found. TPTB donít seem to feel the need for Tristian Rogers and that just sucks because he is so awesome. Lets face it if Robert knew what was happening with his daughter he would kick the crap out of Craig and straighten things real fast. God I miss that character and also the potential of an Anna/Lorenzo romance, which would have been a lot better. Its sad when good characters and good storylines are dropped for really sucky ones.

The opinions in these articles are those of the writer and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of The TV MegaSite or its other volunteers.

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Page updated 5/28/12

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