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The General Hospital Articles Pages

2007 General Hospital Opinion Articles and Essays!

GH Commentary by Destiny Eve Pifer

"The Loss of an Icon"

I imagine I am not the only angry fan out there who was furious with the death of Alan Quartermaine. Not only was his suffering dragged out but also his death scene was a huge disappointment. We were treated to a one-day funeral that of course had to feature the boring Jason and Liz talk, which infuriates me. I don’t think its right that she is asking him to give up his rights as the father. However that’s my opinion.

The Quartermaine family will never be the same and neither will their classic fights. Without Alan there it’s going to be dull. He was a good fighter against Tracy. I think killing off such a classic character was a huge mistake and my prediction is that Monica may be next. Dare I hope that Alan’s death will somehow change Jason like maybe get him to leave the mob world? After all he is going to have a kid who may one day learn that Jason is his/her father.

Having Alan come back as a ghost just won’t be the same. It’s a poor excuse in my opinion to please the fans. We wanted Alan to stay alive and have a storyline and not that crappy “Who Killed Rick Webber” borefest. That storyline has made me hate Lulu Spencer as well as Dillon Quartermaine. The fact that those two decided to read the revelation letter during Alan’s funeral was pretty disrespectful.

I was however pleased to see Noah Drake show up and wonder if we will ever get a story for him. I was hoping for a Noah/Bobbie/Scott triangle or maybe a Noah/Alexis story. Heck I wouldn’t mind seeing him with Skye since they have a few things in common. As for Skye I am getting this horrible feeling that the writers may try to pair her with Sonny, which would turn my stomach. I was hoping that Skye and Alcazar would stay together and he would leave the mob but of course that won’t happen. I suspect with all the Sophie talk that maybe Sophie might make an appearance, which may be a bit interesting. Of course it would be even better if Alky who is such a yummy man were paired with Anna Devane.

After the hostage story the show has got boring with all this Sonny/Carly/Jax crap which makes me wish Brenda would somehow return and knock Carly off her pedestal. We need more balance on this show and less focus on the mob. I enjoy the Quartermaines and especially their fights but will forever miss poor Alan. Lets hope Mr. Stuart Damon moves on to better and brighter things. He deserves more respect then what was given.  Lets hope that maybe just maybe we might get some more Vets screen time.

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Page updated 5/28/12

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