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The General Hospital Articles Pages

2007 General Hospital Opinion Articles and Essays!

G.H. Commentary by Rachel

Number One

Over the years, we the viewers have had our fair share of villains.  Faith Roscoe, the widow of a no body low-ranked mob associate, came to be one of the most lethal women on General Hospital.  The woman poisoned her own grandmother for crying out loud.  Then there was Manny Ruiz, who came to PC on behalf of Alcazar’s request.  He was to take care of the Sonny problem, only he got obsessed with Sam.  Like Faith, he also killed a member of his family for standing in his way. 

Although both Faith and Manny were notorious when it came to evil doings, they both took everything too personal.  Instead of doing their jobs, they sought revenge.  To be a true diabolical villain, you can’t have a heart.  Revenge doesn’t even register in your conscious.  You’re there to do a job and once it’s done, you leave.

Mr. James Craig (also known as “Number One”) is the perfect villain.  He’s in PC to do a job.  He has no personal attachments or concerns for the residents of PC.  Unlike so many other villains, he doesn’t plan to make any relationships while in town.  In fact, he doesn’t even have relationships with his fellow gunmen.  When Mateo killed Number 7, Mr. Craig didn’t even blink.  There was no remorse or revenge on his mind, in fact, he made it known that he decided who lived and who died when Number 5 wanted Father Mateo dead.

Mr. Craig shot Robin and Max, not for retribution, but to merely establish his authority.  It’s true that he took great pleasure in terrorizing the hostages, but after all, he’s a villain.  He’s supposed to be devious and dangerous.  In fact, Mr. Craig is the ideal villain with his “every man (woman) for him (her) self” mentality.  Unfortunately, all of his villainous qualities have secured his demise.  A true villain never stays alive for too long, unless he has a reason, and Mr. Craig does not.  So once the job is done…so is he.  Too bad, he’s one worth keeping.

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Page updated 5/28/12

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